Healthy Vegan Options To Junk Food

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By Amanda Froelich

Over the years, more and more people are leaning towards a healthier lifestyle. By healthier lifestyle means you substitute all your cravings such as burgers, pizzas, fries for a much healthier one. However, most of them start to lose the battle, but with the recent surge about these healthy vegan options to junk food, more people are becoming less likely to defeat the purpose of their healthy lifestyle.

If you are one of those people who is already starting to lose that battle, we’ve come up with a plan. Junk foods, as the name suggests, are junk. However, there are healthy vegan options to do if you feel like you are craving junk food. To further learn about these recipes, check it down below!

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Easy to Cook Vegan Options to Junk Food

There will always be an alternative to junk foods in a lot of ways and in a healthier way. Healthy vegan options to junk food may not resemble the taste to that of the real deal, but it is more than enough to satisfy your cravings rather than be defeated with your diet. Luckily, vegan food is quite easy to cook and prepare and turns into tasty junk food that you crave for. Here are some of the simple recipes for beginners to make at home.

Vegan Mushroom Burger

Who doesn’t like burgers? Everybody loves burgers! Thankfully, burgers are one of the best and sought-after vegan food people resort to. In this recipe, you must be surprised how using vegan ingredients can resemble a traditional burger.

All you have to do is sauté your onions and garlic along with your mushrooms and mix them onto your pinto beans. This recipe is extremely healthy and packs the necessary nutrients. Get your mushrooms patties, pan fry it with best stainless steel frying pan and put some herbs and spices to incorporate all the intricate flavors.

The presentation is crucial as well. Put some lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and pile it up with your bun, and everything good will follow. Great textures, a delectable mix of flavors, and a junk food turned to vegan that will surely get your appetite going.

Credit: Pexels

Vegan-style Tacos

Healthy vegan options to junk food like vegan tacos are quickly becoming the craze for vegans; not only do they pack the required nutrients, but you can also enjoy the different types of flavors that explode in the mouth. You will love this recipe because you can do it according to your preference, from the number of veggies you put into or any other healthy alternative that can satisfy your cravings.

To do the vegan-style tacos, the start of this recipe is the cauliflower; we all know what cauliflower brings to the table when it comes to nutrients, right? Sprinkle some spices into your cauliflower and oven toast it for about 2 to 3 mins.

Get your pita bread and put in your oven-toasted cauliflower, accessorize it with different leafy goodies such as lettuce, spring onions, cilantro, and a dash of thinly-sliced tomatoes. Serve it up with some lemon juice to fill those cravings up!

Benefits of Turning Junk Food to Healthy Vegan Options

Aside from the taste, turning your healthy vegan options into junk food has its advantages too. Here are some of its benefits that you should learn and give you that inside motivation to continue that healthy lifestyle.

  • Promotes weight loss. As you may know, veganism promotes weight loss as you will be eating healthier types of food in the process. From transforming burgers to vegan burgers, you can still be salivated with different types and unique recipes to a vegan burger. Although you may not be dealing with meat, there are better healthy alternatives and promote weight loss.
  • Lower Chances of getting cancer. As you keep on eating vegetables and fruits, the effect on your body is incredible. This means you get to take various healthy herbs, vegetables that are good enough to fight off any potential risks towards cancer.
  • Reduces Risks of having diabetes. By eating healthy and nutritious foods, it lowers down your cholesterol level, reducing the risk of having certain types of heart diseases.


Turning healthy vegan options to junk food is the best way to go about it, especially during these times of pandemic in which we should be healthy and able at all times. With some recipes already listed above, we hope you have a tastier time substituting your favorite oily burgers for a healthier and vegan one.

However, you must also remember to take these vegan junk foods moderately; you must also know your limitations. That said, may you able to satisfy your craving in a very healthy way.

Source: Life in Bloom

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