5G EMF/RF Memorial Day 2021: “Havana” Stories: Invisible, Uncounted Microwave Injured Civilians and Vets Conclusion: Part 1 of 2

By Patricia Burke

This week, the New Yorker on-line published an article “Are U.S. Officials Under Silent Attack? The Havana Syndrome first affected spies and diplomats in Cuba. Now it has spread to the White House.” (Published in the print edition of the May 31, 2021, issue, with the headline “Stealth Mode.”)


The Counted and the Uncounted; Civilians, Soldiers, and Others Who Don’t Matter

The article reminded me of an experience I had about 8 years ago, when a colleague invited me to an award ceremony.  Groups were seated at many tables around the room, when two state legislators arrived late, made a perfunctory appearance, and left because they were attending another, seemingly more important event.

But as they entered the room, they scanned the crowd for “important people” and “power brokers.”  They were literally not even seeing anyone else in the room; it was as if everyone else was just part of the décor.

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My friend and I were watching the debacle from the back of the event hall. At the time, we were pouring our guts into a very volatile fight opposing a wireless utility meter “pilot program.”  We assumed that legislators would be alarmed by a corrupt utility “experiment”  built on dishonesty, abuse of community and human rights, and exploitation.

But that evening, witnessing the dynamic of power hunger, I looked at her and noted, “We are SO screwed.”

Our rude awakening continued when we learned that utility “regulators” were actually driving the smart meter bus. When my friend attended an industry event, a “green” energy proponent/consultant promoting time-of-use billing exclaimed, “The rats have to smell the cheese.” Efforts to reach legislators were demoralizing, for example, when one legislator referred to our group as “the crazies.” A decade later, the smart meter paradigm is still treating ratepayers as rats, and energy consultants, data engineers, utilities, tobacco scientists, and environmentalists are still being highly paid to spin the smart meter story.

The paradigm of control and power hunger games involving wireless applications, behavior modification, and exploitation of resources and people, is now operating at a legislative frenzy, worldwide. Some portion of the power broker league, incredulously, believes that they are saving the planet from careless consumers and fossil fuels. The longer the ruse continues, the bigger the mess that will be left for future generations to address.

The delusions are more dangerous than the ‘smart’ meters themselves.

Marguerite in Maine

Back when we started investigating smart meters, Marguerite called us. She was elderly, soft-spoken – and, when the smart meter was installed on her home in Maine, she starting collapsing in her kitchen. She was kind and gracious; we loved her. Her son also reached out to us, angry that no one in Maine was paying attention to a serious risk to her well-being.  How could an individual be subjected to something unnecessary and unwanted in their own home that knocked them off their feet?

The industry, utility, regulators, and policy makers including most environmentalists and legislators did not feel any imperative to take action. Instead, the pro-meter movement secured the services of willing mercenary liars to attest to safety, and to portray those experiencing injury as crazy. In the face of obvious “danger,” demonstrated by Hurricane Sandy, urgent action was necessary. The planet had to be saved from the Marguerites of the world. She was ecologically irresponsible, and irrelevant.

Back in Maine, in an extraordinary act of kindness, Marguerite’s neighbors chose to opt-out of the wireless smart utility meters, to keep Marguerite safe in her own home. It reminded me of the Underground Railroad, when citizens needed to  take action in the face of immoral laws.  Her neighbors did not dismiss her, they cared, and took action.  However, this act of compassion is the exception rather than rule. Another wave of informed ethics and action is needed.

Worcester Wireless Woes

Around the same time, one afternoon, my colleague and I were lost in the hills of Worcester. A woman was working in her beautiful  garden when we asked for directions. We told her that we were looking for the utility substation and the smart meter antennas, and why we were concerned.

She had recently been transported to the hospital by ambulance when she unexpectedly collapsed at home. The hospital staff could find nothing wrong with her. When we explained to her that it might have been related to her smart meter, she pulled out her bill. The date of her terrifying unexplained collapse and loss of control corresponded with the smart meter installation.

She had the meter removed, and hard wired her devices. She not only recovered her health – she released the fear and anxiety about another random collapse, because it was not at all random. She was able to make choices to reduce her exposures, within the parameters of the pilot program, but increasingly in many jurisdictions, the option is no longer available, or comes with a punitive surcharge.

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Like Marguerite, the meters and infrastructure threatened to knock her out of her habitat – her own home.  Dismissive regulators and utilities portray the “opt-out” discussion as based on “fear,” implying irrationality. There has never been any premarket testing, monitoring, or investigation of health and environmental effects.

What is even more remarkable is that physicians working at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas Texas have developed protocols to determine if an individual is reacting adversely to radio frequencies. Dr. Magda Havas has demonstrated that RF exposures can directly alter the heart rate in some individuals.  Researchers in other countries have also found biomarkers, and developed treatment protocols.  Successful treatment requires reducing exposures.

The Worcester story demonstrates that there is no epidemiology being gathered about injuries caused by wireless exposures, because medical providers are not informed.  Even though the smart meter pilot program was the largest and most expensive to date in the country, and even though there had been health complaints wherever the meters and infrastructure were installed, the pilot was operating as decision-based evidence making, to manufacture both consent and results.  There was no health or environmental monitoring.

Researcher Dr. Beatrice Golumb and Microwave Injury

Dr. Beatrice Golumb is a researcher who postulated that the embassy diplomats were injured by microwaves. She compared the symptoms reported by diplomats to those reported by individuals experiencing what has been termed “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,” but understood to be microwave poisoning. Dr. Golumb found that the installation of a wireless utility meter was one of the most frequently reported variables associated with the acute onset of poor health, in some cases disabling.

 “Abstract  Importance: A mystery illness striking U.S. and Canadian diplomats to Cuba (and now China) “has confounded the FBI, the State Department and US intelligence agencies” (Lederman, Weissenstein, & Lee, 2017). Sonic explanations for the so-called health attacks have long dominated media reports, propelled by peculiar sounds heard and auditory symptoms experienced. Sonic mediation was justly rejected by experts. We assessed whether pulsed radiofrequency/microwave radiation (RF/MW) exposure can accommodate reported facts in diplomats, including unusual ones. Observations: (1) Noises: Many diplomats heard chirping, ringing or grinding noises at night during episodes reportedly triggering health problems. Some reported that noises were localized with laser-like precision or said the sounds seemed to follow them (within the territory in which they were perceived). Pulsed RF/MW engenders just these apparent “sounds” via the Frey effect. Perceived “sounds” differ by head dimensions and pulse characteristics and can be perceived as located behind in or above the head. Ability to hear the “sounds” depends on high-frequency hearing and low ambient noise. (2) Signs/symptoms: Hearing loss and tinnitus are prominent in affected diplomats and in RF/MW-affected individuals. Each of the protean symptoms that diplomats report also affect persons reporting symptoms from RF/MW: sleep problems, headaches, and cognitive problems dominate in both groups. Sensations of pressure or vibration figure in each. Both encompass vision, balance, and speech problems and nosebleeds. Brain injury and brain swelling are reported in both. (3) Mechanisms: Oxidative stress provides a documented mechanism of RF/MW injury compatible with reported signs and symptoms; sequelae of endothelial dysfunction (yielding blood flow compromise), membrane damage, blood-brain barrier disruption, mitochondrial injury, apoptosis, and autoimmune triggering afford downstream mechanisms, of varying persistence, that merit investigation. (4) Of note, microwaving of the U.S. embassy in Moscow is historically documented. Conclusions and relevance: Reported facts appear consistent with pulsed RF/MW as the source of injury in affected diplomats. Nondiplomats citing symptoms from RF/MW, often with an inciting pulsed-RF/MW exposure, report compatible health conditions. Under the RF/MW hypothesis, lessons learned for diplomats and for RF/MW-affected civilians may each aid the other.”

Dr. Golumb also played a role in establishing the legitimacy of Gulf War Syndrome. The U.S. government initially denied that military men and women had been injured as the result of exposures during active service; Dr Golumb provided the data and the evidence that allowed for the servicemen to receive services.

Only a Few Hundred Diplomats Count

As I read the stories and the statistics of the diplomats experiencing “attacks,” I cannot comprehend why the United States is only paying heed to the diplomats reporting injury, and ignoring all of the Marguerites, including men, women and children, as well as military personnel, who are experiencing dramatic disruption to their physiological well-being.

For example, if the narrative that the Russians are most likely responsible for the attacks is true, are the Russians also targeting civilians?  Then I remember, in the chess board involving power brokers and their pawns, the public is no longer even in the game.

Every news story about the diplomats is a marginalization, amplifying the separation between the haves and the have-nots, between those who count, and those who don’t.

Sentimentality aside, historically, one of the populations that “doesn’t count” is injured military personnel.

Article continues in part 2.

This is part of a Memorial Day 5G series which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

Top image: Flo Freshman

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