The 5G Earth Day 2021 Countdown Series Summary

By Patricia Burke

Eco-feminist Marti Kheel wrote, “When you are standing at the edge of a cliff, progress is walking backward.”

In April, we counted down the dates to Earth Day with a series of articles about the question of whether or not increased adoption of 5G and wireless technology, (increasingly mandated by force) is the “solution” to nearly every societal challenge. The series is a collaboration between Natural Blaze,[i]  and Patricia Burke[ii] with drawings and research contributions by artist Flo Freshman.

Thank you for tuning into perspectives not available (i.e. censored, shadow banned, de-listed, disappeared by Google, and “unable to access”) through mainstream and social media.  And many thanks to our editor at Natural Blaze for his efforts, and for providing a platform for this work.

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This EARTH DAY SERIES follows the first series, [iii] which was a countdown to the Spring Equinox and protest against SpaceX, emphasizing satellites and space issues.

Upcoming articles will continue to raise questions regarding 5G and wireless pollution.  Look for our next series May Day or Mayday Mayday Mayday!!!!!!!! at the end of April.

Hold the Date: The next Global Protest Day will be held coinciding with the June 2021 Solstice.

Be on the right side of history.


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The Countdown

4/1 5G Earth Day, 2021, April Fool’s Day! The pollution of earth and space does not pose a threat to human civilization, as 5G provides infinite solutions.  We see 5G on earth and in space as a business opportunity. (Think interconnected adult diapers and energy drinks for addicted inter-planetary gamers en route to Mars!)  April Fools!

4/5 5G And EARTH DAY 2021: Discernment Required — Introduction  The wireless paradigm not only does NOT serve as a solution, but serves as a force multiplier for every other engaged, informed, activism concern.

4/6 5G And EARTH DAY 2021: Oh Turd, What Is OTARD? This is OTARD:  Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule, Preemption of Restrictions on Placement of Direct Broadcast Satellite, Broadband Radio Service, and Television Broadcast Antennas. Translation: No property rights, and no rights to protect health or the environment. Sustainable Business Model? Yes! Overrun all rights!

4/7 5G And Earth Day: Corporate Takeover Of Light Poles And Brain Function In CA And Near You! One of the best ways for corporations to run rampant over municipalities (and human health) is to have “helpful” legi$lator$ pas$$ bill$ that over-ride community rights and local control. Like the smart meter roll-out, abuses of power are tested in pilot runs in state$ with cooperative public official$, (who receive “gift$$$$$” from the industry). The power abuses then extend like a California wildfire to other states.

4/8 5G EARTH DAY Countdown: Transportation And Navigation, In What World Is This Sustainable? Many environmental groups equate technological innovation with progress and sustainability. Consumers have embraced the convenience of not having to pay attention to where they are going or how to get there. We plow ahead with the foot on the accelerator, not paying attention to where we are headed, or recognize that it is time to hit the brakes. Scrutiny is required.

4/9 5G EARTH DAY Countdown Discernment Required: Space Wars NOT Sustainable  Space battles are at the core of countless science fiction stories—yet recent technological and political developments make the prospect a more likely reality with the rollout of fifth generation (5G) wireless technology, powered by tens of thousands of satellites approved by the FCC and planned to be launched in space without health or environmental oversight.

4/12 5G And EARTH DAY Countdown: Is Tech Cooking The Planet? Many environmental groups continue to support grid modernization, smart meters, smart cities, and wide-scale wireless applications to support data harvesting, under the guise of sustainability and energy efficiency, and climate concerns. Fortunately, some groups have begun to challenge the 5G narrative, for example, the California Green Party, and Ecologistas en Acción, one of the most important environmental groups in Spain. After almost two years of investigating the issue, they have issued an official position opposing 5G technology.

4/13 5G And Earth Day Countdown: Pondering Plans For Precision Agriculture In a distant corner of the solar system – TEACHER/WISE ONE:  Did you hear what happened on that planet where they kept putting poison on their food? And then, got the idea for “Precision Agriculture” to monitor farmland from satellites, thinking that the farmer would want to work inside in front of a computer screen, controlling an autonomous tractor?

4/14: 5G EARTH DAY Countdown: Debunking Conspiracies About 5G Conspiracies, and OTARD Luddites will often ask if something has been proven safe.  Industry will claim that nothing can be proven absolutely safe. That’s your first red flag when leading experts claim that 5G guidelines fall within acceptable limits. It’s easy to think of things more dangerous than we once realized, –  like new technologies such as flammable pajamas, nonflammable flame retardant pajamas, Heroin cough syrup developed by Bayer Laboratories in 1898, or radio-active drinks.

4/15 5G EARTH DAY, OTARD’s Trojan Horse; Bribe Neighbors To Radiate Neighbors! Using something like the drug dealer model (try a little for free, become an addict, them become a distributor for my drug dealing network), internet providers have reportedly begun going door to door asking customers to allow them to mount a small cell on their rooftop in exchange to free wifi.

4/16 5G Earth Day Countdown 5G Music Video And Theatre Playlist Along with growing numbers of videos of citizen testimonies, scientific research findings, hearings, and appeals, there are many earnest sincere citizens creating videos that both entertain and inform. Here is a playlist that also includes some cellphone parodies too….Please enjoy, like, and share!

4/19 5G Earth Day Countdown: The Environmental Impact Laypersons have become involved, worldwide, in questioning the 5G narrative. Here, a “Campaigner”* from the UK outlines some of the concerns under consideration

4/20 5G EARTH DAY COUNTDOWN: The 5G/Smart Meter Shriek-O-Meter  For assistance in justifying actions addressing health and environmental concerns while actually NOT addressing health and the environment, legislators can refer to the shriek-o-meter!!!!

4/21 5G Earth Day Countdown, More Wireless! How Do The Bees Vote?  How do bees feel about 5G?  – a dozen thoughts…

4/22 5G EARTHDAY COUNTDOWN: CHILDREN: Amelia’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Celltower Days Being ignored by a city that you love was hard. Getting sick when the tower was turned on was even worse. My sister felt it first. She was dizzy, headachy and had a buzzing feeling in her head. That was the day the tower was “fired up.” Neighbors came by complaining of insomnia, dizziness, palpitations, headaches. One had tinnitus so bad he was thinking of moving. One was so dizzy he couldn’t drive his car. People thought the tower must be on now because they felt differently. No one announced the tower going on. They didn’t have to. By December, we knew of at least 13 people who were sick. One had cancer.

There are plenty of reasons not to like 5G.

Collages courtesy: Global Action to Stop 5G

Dorotea Radoš Čulina and Tanya Katrina Rebel

See Patricia Burke’s article archive for the rest of this 5G Earth Day series.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].



[ii] Archive of articles by Patricia Burke

[iii] Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th, 2021 Global Protest – Part 1 trashcans in space

Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th, 2021 Global Protest – Part 2 low earth orbit

Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th, 2021 Global Protest – Part 3 Global Electric Circuit

Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th 2021 Global Protest – Part 4 of space

Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th 2021 Global Protest – Part 5 In Part 5, we take a deeper dive into the idea of space battles, including the distractions of narratives about competition between various players, (China, Russia, U.S.; Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos; 5G. vs. Starlink) in a “colossal chess game of immense consequences.”

Why Question 42,000 SpaceX Satellites? Lots Of Reasons! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Countdown To March 19/20th 2021 Global Protest – BLAST-OFF – Summary and video:

The Protest- Time to Rise Up? Amber Yang, working with the team at Stop5GInternational, created a short informational video explaining the need to raise awareness about the risks associated with 5G’s reach into space.

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