Called to Inner-Action: 5G Earth Day Postscript

By Kate Kheel

Unbeknownst to many, 5G/satellites/CubeSats/big data/AI/machine learning, and the internet of things are infiltrating and permeating the earth and skies and finding their way to the military as well. These new technologies weave together a network that profoundly alters our lives, homes, and communities. How these technologies will be integrated and used on the “battlefield”, in the skies, and in cyber space, is as yet unknown, but new applications and uses are being explored and experimented with at a speed of change never before experienced on earth.

Against the backdrop of 5G on earth and in space, is an increasingly unstable world with nations vying for power, profit, and dominion over earth and space. Dramatic shifts in power are taking place as unstable situations erupt around the globe that seem to call for immediate attention.

As far as “rules of the road” there are few. Although attempts have been made, since the 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST), there have been no internationally agreed upon regulations for the peaceful and shared use of space. Space is up for grabs by whomever gets there first and places themselves at advantage for commercial gain and dominion.

With an eye for potentially tens of trillions of dollars to be had from mining for resources in space, nations take up residence in an ambiguous zone somewhere between defense, offense and commercial gain. Some countries are developing cutting edge supersonic aircrafts, missiles and other weapons which they position strategically around the world for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Nuclear energy is increasingly being used to power vehicles and space missions to the moon, Mars and beyond. In short, driven by human greed and the quest for dominion and profit, the possibility of dismantling all life through war and/or environmental devastation is now front and center.

Add to this instability, the global pandemic which along with mainstream media has placed much of the world in a state of fear and alienation from our very own species and mother earth. Repeated lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and children corralled online for the bulk of their childhood, have taken the life out of living.

Increasingly, electromagnetic smog from all the digital infrastructure, satellites, machines, “things” and devices is interfering with the natural frequencies of earth’s intricately designed and fine-tuned subtle web of communication that regulates our physiology, mind, and indeed consciousness.

And as if all this weren’t enough for us to grapple with, there is also a dismantling and disintegration of the fundamental bridge we have relied upon since the beginning of known time, that helps connect one human being to another: Language. We are separate beings – islands of consciousness – and we rely on language to get a glimpse at what’s in the minds and hearts of others. The increasing levels of “info-pollution” from the sheer quantity of data traversing the airwaves and entering our tech-infested lives, leaves us starving for true connection – like ingesting empty calories of data that provide information and stimulation, but little in the way of true nourishment. And the current deluge of misinformation, disinformation and outright censorship does little to build back confidence in the ability of language to connect us.

In short, the global “engine of progress” is running full throttle into an unknown.

Enter center stage, Mother Earth:

Dear children. Your excitement is palpable. Progress touching the stars and beyond. Legions have come and gone before you, but no one yet has succeeded in escorting the seeming magical powers of technology from fantasy to reality. Remote communication, interplanetary travel, the possibility of merging with technology, and even changing DNA to create new beings. It feels as though you can accomplish nearly anything with the combined power of your inventive minds, technology, and AI. The vast realms of possibility are wide open before you…unless, that is, you inadvertently shut them down forever.

I don’t know if you can perceive me in my entirety, but perhaps through the veneer of all your excitement you can sense something has gone awry. I will share: 

I, Mother Earth, am ailing. Deeply so. I know you mean no harm and I know you care for me. I am neither angry nor do I hold resentment, for I understand you. But the time has come to set aside the passions and dreams of yesteryear and to tend now to me. To Earth. To us.

I need nourishment. Quiet. Peace. And much time to heal. And you do as well…for we are connected and have a shared destiny. We are one. 

There are guideposts along the way you must follow to stay within the limits of nature, for as you well know, I am not infinite.

Your rush now to fill the skies with tens of thousands of satellites and the earth with millions of new antennas weighs heavily upon me. Seemingly oblivious to the space debris that is increasingly polluting the skies, more satellites are being launched nearly daily. The ozone layer that protects us all from the UV rays of the sun is being threatened by the increasing number of rockets launched into space and the decaying rockets leaving trails of toxic dust as they die and deorbit the sky.  

Tribal nations that still live in intimacy with me, and some of my most pristine nature reserves are now under threat from the introduction of spaceports. This will only worsen over time, as over 80 countries currently have satellite programs.

Am I expected to continue to provide energy, resources, and hazardous waste cleanup from trillions of internet-connected things? Do you really want to risk severing our connection to one another as you increasingly take up residence in the Cloud?  

What about your children who are becoming ill from this vast Tsunami of frequencies, and who long for time with you and with me for bonding, laughter and love? And what will become of pollinators, other insects, and migratory birds from all the radiation that’s flooding our atmosphere?  

Do you not remember the sweetness of satiety? When we lived together, each giving and partaking of one another’s treasures, but never taking a drop more than what we needed. Do you not recall the notion of “contentment with just enough”? …When we could sit together by a quiet brook and you could sense the winds of my soul caress the back of your neck leaving an angel kiss upon your forehead. 

“Sit by my side. Come as close as the air.”[i]  Allow the moments of time to expand and to fill our hearts with gratitude for the present, and cherished memories and wisdom from the past.

And from this intimate place of pause, silence and re-union, let us envision what our next steps will be. Together.

Draw close to me, my beloved children, and let us walk side by side into a future of Tikkun Olam.[ii]


[i] Text from Phil Och’s song, Changes from the 60s.

[ii] Tikkun Olam: In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created.



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Image: Pixabay

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