5G: “Roger Federer, Pope Francis, and David Attenborough are at the Door, and Elon Musk Arrives … in a Rocket”

By Patricia Burke

In his deep dive video “What Happened Last Year” Dr. Zach Bush notes, “We are in a unique tipping point in human history, that requires a massive shift in consciousness, that comparable to the discovery that the Earth is round, or that the Sun is the center of our solar system.”

Against the backdrop of the planetary response to covid, he makes a scientifically supported case for his belief that we are facing the demand for a necessary “cataclysmic paradigm shift in science.”

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Dr. Bush explains that part of the challenge is mistaking science as a body of knowledge that is finished, rather than recognizing that science is an activity – an exercise of intellect and methodology applied to advancing understanding.

“Anybody who resists change of our understanding of the world we are in should be suspect. We should expect our science to change.”  “Our purpose is to be curious. and ‘stay after it.’”

Questioning the Human Health and Environmental Impact of Wireless Exposures  – Is the Law of Averages Scientific Dogma?

As Dr. Bush notes, the current danger is not covid; it is the danger that fixed “scientific dogma” is dominating over the evolution of science.

Is this the case, worldwide, regarding telecommunications policy?

For example, there is fixed dogma about how to measure the transmissions from telecommunications infrastructure, using averages.

In France, Rappaz Christian writes, “It’s like limiting the average speed on a highway but not the maximum speed. This would allow you to travel at 300 km/h if you do not exceed 120 km/h at average speed.”[1]

It would also be like eating half of a chocolate cake, and one carrot, and a piece of lettuce, and using the average of the caloric intake to assess the dietary impact. As Rappaz Christian explains, current regulations also apply a formula to account for the time when the antenna is not transmitting. This is like also skewing the caloric average by factoring in the time when a person is not eating.

Scientific dogma has also resulted in the regulatory practice of measuring the temperature of an adult-sized plastic dummy filled with the equivalent of Jell-o, known as “SAM,” to assess safety of proximal devices.  As children adopt the use of wireless devices, does this replicate the medical error of not properly dosing medications for body weight, age, and sex?

Change-makers in History, An Example, U.S. Surgeon General C Everett Koop

Against the tide of entrenched beliefs, individual change-makers have influenced societal norms.

The U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop corrected the course of human history when he went against the corrupt tobacco lobby. He provided Americans with independent, scientific data about the dangers of cigarette smoking. With accurate information, consumers chose to protect their health, and smoking rates dropped. Regulations were also passed protecting the public from ubiquitous, involuntary second-hand exposures.

He also evolved the science and took on mass hysteria, societal terror, and the resulting prejudices, regarding AIDS/HIV,[2] putting an end to unjustified discrimination, based on inaccurate science and unfounded belief systems.

Telecom Experts: Crucial Change-makers Questioning Telecommunications Science Dogma

One group of individuals who are “staying after it,”are professionals who have worked for the telecommunications industry.

  1. CANADA”S FRANK CLEGG Frank Clegg worked for Microsoft Canada for 14 years, including as President and Vice President. Frank is the co- founder of Canadians For Safe Technology (C4ST) and currently serves on the business advisory group of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT). Learn why he is concerned about 5G in a 9-minute video here:
  1. DENMARK’S FLEMMING BLICHER Telecom Engineer Flemming Blicher of Denmark explains:

He has also produced a series of 5 short, accessible videos (in English) explaining how the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection were created and have been sustained, despite scientific evidence that they are unsafe. He outlines the domination of scientific dogma (explained by Dr. Bush), and how it is being sustained, worldwide.

1 – The story of the ICNIRP Radiation Guidelines

2 – ICNIRP Guidelines are NOT Safety Guidelines!

3 – Thermal vs. Biological harmful effects

4 – A Quick Tour of 5G

5 – 5G and ICNIRP 1998/2020 Guidelines.

His Youtube channel is Safe Electrowaves

  1. SCOTTIE’s TECH: Scottie’s tech is a YouTube Channel offered by Scott Orgin.
  1. AUSTRALIA’s We Are Not Sam’s Renat Stralhofer, is a former marketing specialist for a $1B 3G roll-out, disillusioned by lack of industry regulation, whose inspiring, informative work is found at https://wearenotsam.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/wearenotsam

On the Other Side of the Unequal Equation: (Unknowingly?) Promoting the Present Paradigm of Unscientific Scientific Dogma

Jeremy Baskin asks, “…. what if technofix and Armageddon are not options but conjoined twins? What if our current trajectory has us heading towards both hubristic techno-fix and ecological Armageddon?”[3]

The promotion of restricted, dogma-driven science is dominating the mass media, advertising, political decisions, and policy making.

For example, many countries, including the U.S., are establishing regulations to override local zoning protections to install new antennas, without health and environmental consideration, including the “taking” of private property.

Meanwhile, growing numbers of private citizens and groups are recognizing the emergency demand to evolve the science regarding radio frequency exposures. This includes the issues presented by the rapid expansion of 5G telecommunications.

Engaged activists have reached out to individuals who have the opportunity to play a larger role in the necessary course correction.  Among the individuals who have been approached, who have played a part in promotion of the wireless industry are tennis expert Roger Federer, religious leader Pope Francis, and beloved UK environmentalist David Attenborough.

Roger Federer: “By praising the future mobile phone network, our national Roger Federer is playing on a slippery slope. The new technology is far from generating as much enthusiasm among the population. Petition, mobilization of the Greens, the concern is very real. The mother of a young electrosensitive even wrote a letter to the champion. So, Roger, second serve?” https://www.illustre.ch/magazine/5g-une-mere-courage-interpelle-federer

David Attenborough:  “Green Planet Augmented Reality App and 5G – What are the Environmental Costs? An Open Letter to Sir David Attenborough. At age 94, after a lifetime dedicated to awakening humanity to the awe that surrounds us and alerting us to the devastating changes our planet is undergoing, Sir David Attenborough has been chosen to be the “poster child” for the BBC’s 5G enabled augmented reality app to accompany their new series, Green Planet.” https://stop5ginternational.org/green-planet-augmented-reality-app-and-5g-what-are-the-environmental-costs-an-open-letter-to-sir-david-attenborough/

Pope Francis: “Declare Moratorium on Antennas in Churches, Investigate Environmental and Health Impacts of Wireless Exposures The petition notes the extensive history of the Church bringing issues of social injustice to the attention of the world community… we are grateful to the Church for drawing attention to the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence, and for recently addressing rampant cellphone use and its impact on society. But the world needs you to do more. We ask that the Church, under your leadership, take urgent and immediate action regarding lack of safety, security, and sustainability of wireless technologies. By hosting cellphone towers in steeples, the Church is participating in, and benefiting financially from, the burgeoning wireless paradigm. This places the Church in a position of responsibility to ensure that the Church itself is not exploiting, or endangering others.” https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/pope-francis-declare-moratorium-on-antennas-in-churches-investigate-environmental-and-health-impacts-of-wireless-exposures.html

Next Up To Bat: Elon Musk’s SpaceX, March 19, 2021


The whole world is on lockdown at this very moment. As the 5G rollout continues worldwide… We do NOT consent.

Join us at a national protest rally at the headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA. The event will take place on Friday, March 19th, 2021, and will kick-off, and be the centerpiece of the 5G Global Protest Day, which is scheduled for the following day, March 20th.

The rally will protest the satellites SpaceX is deploying to provide wireless internet to every corner of the globe using 5G technology. To date, SpaceX has submitted applications to the FCC for 42,000 satellites. As of today, the company has over 1000 satellites orbiting in the earth’s ionosphere, and public beta testing started in October 2019. [4]

 “Roger Federer, Pope Francis, and David Attenborough are at Door, and Elon Musk Arrives in a Rocket…”

There is a doorway here. The first step is noting that there is a door. But it is not on the rocket that takes us to Mars. It is much larger, and involves everyone currently immersed in the consumer wireless paradigm. It’s not a war against the digital divide; we need to address the science divide.

Zack Bush notes, “We have so sold ourselves short, by this myopic kind of manifest destiny of the human belief that we were the most important and most advanced biology on the planet.” Now, manifest destiny is extending far beyond the confines of a planet in crisis.

“If we reduce the pollution, we reduce the pandemic possibility.” This includes wireless technologies unnecessarily increasing radio frequency static, biological interference, and environmental pollution. We can be judicious, when we have the option for safer, more secure wired applications.

We do not have to repeat the history of wanton and frivolous chemical use, by unwisely commoditizing the electromagnetic spectrum. We can assess the burgeoning energy consumption, the emerging risks, and the outdated science.  We can discern.

As Dr Bush says “We need to wake up and consider perhaps – what is the beauty we’re going to participate in.”[5]

For more information:


Global Action to Stop 5G: https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423/


Video -Arthur Firstenberg discusses 5G with Paul Seils ‘What’s the potential impact of tampering with the earth’s electromagnetic field? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFC0agjqRX0

How 5G Changes Everything, Astronomy, Human & Insect Impacts, Crowded Orbits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYUrUCc1rC8&feature=youtu.be

A report by Ben Levi and Paul Héroux concludes that information presented from SpaceX does not accurately portray the radio frequency radiation (RFR) emissions from its CP terminals. These show that emissions are likely to exceed even the FCC’s MPE levels – set over 20 years ago and which it refused to reduce to lower limits just last December.  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Exhibit-2-Declaration-by-Ben-Levi-and-Paul-He%CC%81roux-In-regard-to-the-SpaceX-Starlink-network-May-10-2020.pdf


[1] https://www.illustre.ch/magazine/5g-on-ment-consequences

[2] https://www.naturalblaze.com/2020/05/if-surgeon-general-c-everett-koop-were-pope-would-antennas-be-installed-in-church-steeples.html

[3] https://greattransition.org/gti-forum/anthropocene-baskin

[4] https://stop5ginternational.org/5g-spacex-satellite-protest-march-19-2021/

[5] https://zachbushmd.com/what-happened-last-year-replay/?mc_cid=af0204c54f&mc_eid=b2d346d46a

Top image: Flo Freshman

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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