Timepeace: Not A Race To 5G — A Race To Healing And Science Integrity (Part 2)

By Patricia Burke

Part 2 of a Commentary on Paradigm Shifts in Telecommunications, Environmental Pollutants, Ecosystems, Human Health, Health Care Delivery, and the Human Capacity for Consciousness, Against the Backdrop of the Concurrent Challenges of Covid-19 and Microwave Poisoning

In his book American Indian Medicine, Virgil J. Vogel chronicles “the attitudes of early explorers, settlers, physicians, botanists and others regarding Indian curative practices … The disproportionate attention that has been given to the superstitious and unscientific features of aboriginal medicine has tended to obscure its real contributions to American civilizations.”

As an example, he wrote,

Colonel P.M. Ashburn of the United States Medical Corps has declared that “the savage Indians and the Negroes contributed little of nothing of value to any branch of medicine, and from them we received a mass of superstition and ignorance that reinforces and strengthened what we brought from Europe, a heritage that still plague us.”

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In contrast, as chronicled by Professor Vogel,

The most important evidence of Indian influence on American medicine is seen in the fact that more than two hundred indigenous drugs which were used by one or more American tribes have been official in the Pharmacopeceia of the United States for varying periods since the first edition in 1820.

The ideal of the internet is that humanity could access the collective wisdom and intelligence of all cultures, throughout time, and around the world.

But instead, the internet itself has become a battlefield dominated by arrogance, censorship, prejudice, abuses of power, and attitudes similar to those expressed by Colonel Ashburn.

For example, Dr. Marc Arazi’s evidence that many of the most popular cell phones are in violation of French RF guidelines is being removed from the internet “Since January 13, 2021, you will no longer find any reference to the Phonegate industrial and health scandal in the French Wikipedia encyclopedia. The ‘Phonegate’ page was created in October 2018.  Hundreds of hours of work have now been wiped out with one click.” [1]

William Keeton was an animal behaviorist at Cornell University who was studying navigation in homing pigeons in the 1970s.

According to Wikipedia,

In William Keeton’s 1970 Magnets Interfere with Pigeon Homing paper, William Keeton proved that pigeons were affected by changes in the magnetic field surrounding them, and that pigeons were using the earth’s magnetic field as one way of finding their way home. In this experiment, William Keeton attached magnets to the back of pigeons just before they were released and measured their vanishing point (in what direction they had flown out of sight) and the time it took to find their way home for both the experimental birds and with the control birds (control birds had a piece of brass glued to their back of the same weight as the magnet).

Keeton’s results showed that when the sun was visible, the magnets would not usually prevent the birds from finding their way home, but when the sky was overcast the birds with magnets on their back were much more unsuccessful and slower at finding their way back home than the control birds. Previous scientists had shown that pigeons were not relying entirely on the sun to navigate home as many scientists had speculated, when they found that many pigeons were able to navigate successfully under completely overcast skies. This notion led Keeton to question whether the pigeons were using the earth’s magnetic field to orient themselves and navigate home successfully. Keeton’s experiments with magnets showed that there was a combination of processes being used by the pigeons to navigate home, but the use of the earth’s magnetic field was very important for pigeon orientation and navigation.

Under clear skies with the sun visible, both the birds with magnets and the birds without magnets had little trouble navigating back to the loft, yet at unfamiliar locations with overcast skies the birds with magnets glued to their backs were unable to successfully orient themselves and navigate back to the loft. Keeton speculated that this was occurring because the birds without magnets were able to use the earth’s magnetic fields to orient themselves in the correct direction, whereas the birds with magnets attached to their backs were unable to use the sun, familiar landmarks, or the earth’s magnetic fields to find their way home. This discovery was extremely useful in explaining one of the most interesting questions of bird navigation.[2]

Some researchers were speculating that pigeons were using their sense of smell to navigate.

When Professor Keeton’s experimental findings differed from those of his colleagues, he invited them to come to his lab and to collaborate.  This is the mark of pure science and inquiry.

Against the backdrop of the start of spring and the approaching Chinese New Year, humanity is facing two juxtaposed illnesses which are being portrayed in dramatically different ways; covid-19, and microwave poisoning.[3] This, in and of itself, is a symptom.[4]

In this political and economic environment, it is necessary for individuals to exercise increasing discernment regarding the quest for safety, and protection of human rights. Censorship, ridicule, and suppression denotes the need for extreme caution regarding our attitudes towards wireless infrastructure and 5G.

And alongside censorship, overwhelming propaganda is promoting the supposed benefits of 5G telecommunications. [5]

The disdain of the dominator culture endures.  Those reporting symptoms, research, and healing strategies regarding radio frequency exposures should be serving an important role in developing a deeper understanding of our relationship with the electromagnetic environment which sustains life.

Without these voices, there is an increasingly ugly dividing line unfolding between perpetrators and victims. Choose a side.


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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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