Timepeace: Not A Race To 5G — A Race To Healing and Health Care Integrity (Part 4)

By Patricia Burke

“Standard of Care” Yields Increased Harm, Pain, Suffering, and Danger in the Age of Covid and “EHS” Microwave Poisoning

*Words with multiple layers of meaning, when translated from Chinese, are capitalized, to distinguish them from common use.

This week, humanity welcomed the Year of the Ox, and the celebration of the Chinese New Year is now underway in many Eastern cultures. It is the Year of the Liver.

In Ayurveda, the season of spring detoxification is beginning. It is also the season of the Liver.

This week, the news media reported on a new study indicating that “Sleep and health are inextricably connected. New research from investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital explores the connection between sleep disturbances and deficiencies among older adults and risk of dementia and death, finding that risk of dementia was double among participants who reported getting less than five hours of sleep compared to those who reported 7-8 hours of sleep per night.” [1]

This month also marked what would have been the 110th birthday of Ronald Reagan.  Will Kohler noted, “As Barbra Streisand put it in an address to an AIDS Project Los Angeles fundraiser in 1992: ‘I will never forgive my fellow actor Ronald Reagan for his genocidal denial of the illness’ existence, for his refusal to even utter the word AIDS for seven years, and for blocking adequate funding for research and education which could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.'”[2]

How are these three areas related – the Year of the Ox, the season of the Liver,  lack of sleep and dementia, and Ronald Reagan blocking adequate research that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives?

In what area of wellness vs. symptom onset do we now see a similar “genocidal denial of illness, and blocking adequate research and funding?” And how do we address it?

HINT: It is NOT covid-19.

How “Standard of Care” is An Unscientific, Institutionalized Form of Not Caring

In Western medicine, “Standard of Care” is the expectation that a patient with a certain health challenge should receive the same diagnosis and treatment, from any practicing licensed physician.

Source: https://www.medicinenet.com/standard_of_care/definition.htm

The “Standard of Care” influences surgical and medical decisions, insurance reimbursement, and potentially can be used to assign medical liability in a court of law. For example, television lawyers are quick to remind us that if we developed a certain health challenge as the result of medical malpractice, we are entitled to compensation.

A review of a book written by Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, explains that,

Despite mainstream medicine’s failure to bring an end to suffering or deliver on its promises, it remains illegal for physicians to prescribe anything other than the ‘standard of care’ for their cancer patients―no matter how dangerous and ineffective that standard may be―and despite the fact that gentler, more effective, and more promising treatments exist. ….[ ] promising treatments merit our attention and research dollars and patients have the right to information, options, and medical freedom in matters of their own life and death. [3]

Humanity is witnessing the evolution of the “standard of care” in the face of covid-19, as the dominant health care paradigm seeks to determine the very best course of treatment for the best outcome for the majority of patients developing  covid-19, as well as those who have not been diagnosed with covid.

How does the focus on covid-19 compare to another emerging health concern?

Does this health care paradigm actually make sense? Does it yield health and healing? What if an individual does not respond well to the protocol that works so well for others?

If not, what is the alternative?

The alternative is that, rather than treating all patients in the same way, that healing no longer deny the variables of individual constitutional strengths and challenges.

The alternative is that instead of ignoring environmental factors, that we shift our focus to a paradigm of health that incorporates harmony with naturally changing environmental conditions that impact physiology. This includes the season, and its corresponding influence on organ dominance.

The alternative is also that we ensure a natural, healthy, nurturing, unpolluted environment. This includes addressing pollution of the natural electromagnetic environment.

What does constitutional medicine entail?

In Western medicine, six different patients are diagnosed, using upper gastrointestinal x-rays and/or endoscopy, as having peptic ulcer disease. Based on the symptoms described by the patients, the Western physicians are adhering to a “Medical Definition of Standard of Care.”

The six patients are then seen by Chinese medicine practitioners. In his text, The Web That Has No Weaver, Dr. Ted Kaptchuk describes the six different assessments of six different patients diagnosed with a peptic ulcer.[4]

Peptic Ulcer Patient 1 experiences pain with touch but relief with cold compresses, has a red complexion and robust constitution, is aggressive, and had a greasy yellow coating on his tongue.  He has a full wiry pulse. His pattern of disharmony is “Damp Heat Affecting Spleen”.

Peptic Ulcer Patient 2 is thin and ashen with ruddy cheeks. She is anxious, constantly thirsty, her tongue is dry and red. Her pulse is thin and fast.  Her pattern of disharmony is” Deficient Yin Affecting the Stomach.”

Peptic Ulcer Patient 3 is pale, wants to sleep a lot, dislikes cold weather, and his tongue is moist and pale, with an empty pulse. His pattern of disharmony is “Exhausted Middle Burner.”

Peptic Ulcer Patient 4’s tongue has a think, white, moist coating, and he has a tight slippery pulse. His disharmony is “Excess Cold Dampness Affecting the Spleen and Stomach.”

Peptic Ulcer Patient 5 reports sour belching and headaches and sharp abdominal pain. She is moody, angry, partly in regard to her husband. Her tongue is normal but her pulse is wiry. Her pattern is “Disharmony of the Liver invading the Spleen.”

Peptic Ulcer Patient 6 has extremely severe stabbing pain that sometimes extends to his back, with pain worse after eating and aggravated by touch. He vomits blood and produces blackish stools. He is very thin with a dark complexion.  His tongue is darkish purple with red eruptions on the side. His pulse is choppy. He had been physically abused as a political prisoner. The Chinese physician describes the patient’s problem as “disharmony of congealed blood in the stomach.” 

Constitution Based Care – We are Not Machines

As much of the world remains in lockdown over the fear of both contracting and spreading covid-19, understanding the difference between “Standard of Care” and constitutional-based care offers three glaring opportunities for a dramatic evolution in our capacity for mastery and healing.

One is that we look for environmental factors that may be impairing immunity, particularly when comparing illness rates between nations. In the United States, two factors that independent, non-industry clinicians and researchers are questioning are glyphosate in the food supply, and exposure to wireless telecommunications. [5]

The second is that we begin to recognize constitutional strengths and weaknesses in individuals, with lifestyle guidance that supports transcendent health for each individual. (For example, the aftermath of covid could usher in a new age of health lifestyle mastery including recognition of the need for less, and not more screen time, and the implications of tech addiction, especially in children. It could involve the recognition that zinc is helpful for many patients, but not helpful for others.)

The third is that we quantify all of the co-factors and co-morbidities that accompanied the covid epidemic, for both illness and deaths.

When Acupuncture Came Westward

A blog post at “Above and Beyond Acupuncture” reports that “The start of acupuncture in the US, as told by many, dates back to the 1970’s and the Nixon era in particular.  It is documented that in 1972 President Nixon’s Secretary of State, Henry A. Kissinger, traveled to China.  A journalist for the New York Times, James Reston, accompanied him.  While in China, James Reston fell ill and ended up in a Chinese hospital requiring an emergency appendectomy.  Doctors used acupuncture to relieve his pain. Intrigued and impressed with the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments, James Reston wrote about his hospitalization and acupuncture in The New York Times.  This exposed countless Americans for the first time to acupuncture.  The folklore states that the rest is history.” [6]

The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine also described the event.

In 1971, while in China with Henry Kissinger, the New York Times reporter James Reston was treated for acute appendicitis. After emergency surgery, Reston received acupuncture treatments and was amazed at it’s positive benefits. When he returned to the US, he wrote about his experience (Now About My Operation in Peking, New York Times, July 26, 1971). This article is widely regarded as the first introduction of Chinese medicine to the general American public.[7]

The dominant medical model of the West does not recognize the science that underlies Chinese Medicine,[8] or the mechanism by which 6 different patients with a peptic ulcer may manifest 6 different  states of energy imbalance.

Humans are not machines. The mechanistic system of medicine is not equipped to help address the dual demands of the pandemic, and the increases in unrecognized environmental illnesses.

Varying expressions of energy imbalances are being very clearly expressed to society by those patients reporting that they are becoming ill, due to exposures to microwave radiation powering wireless devices and infrastructure.  They are suffering, dramatically, from premature aging, from interrupted sleep, from torture, from approaching dementia and death. And, they have the capability to give important data for medical and research inquiry, unlike rats and mice being subjected to medical experimentation.

(It is not rocket science to measure heart rate and sleep relative to radio frequency exposures, for example from wireless utility meters.)

A recent Google alert on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity demonstrates society’s stance very accurately. As entertainment.

The microwave-poisoned community is suffering not only from constitutional health challenges that make them susceptible to environmentally induced illness, but also from ridicule, dismissal, and marginalization displayed by earlier generations of decision makers towards AIDS patients.

Ronald Reagan, if he had acted sooner, reportedly could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

In the quest for economic expansion, and governments worldwide enthralled with surveillance and data, most political leaders have not demonstrated the necessary discernment to confront the military-industrial narrative for wireless.

That leaves it up to everyone.  It provides a platform where many individuals can participate in a necessary course correction.

What is considered harmonious, valuable, and desirable in our telecommunications choices has been dramatically impacted by the covid epidemic. Internet access is portrayed as the equivalent of increasing wireless investment, driving the demand for more proximal 5G antennas and faster more ubiquitous coverage. Addressing digital access is being promoted as the equivalent of education.  Tele-health via 5G is being promoted as an equalizer in health care access.  The benefits of increased connectivity are being conflated with cultivating the demand for more consumptive and less safe alternatives of wireless, instead of wired connections.

Meanwhile, the brain waves and heart function and cell membranes and blood-brain barrier and hearing of those already underwater are being invaded by disharmonious and life-assaulting frequencies.  Industry-funded science claiming “no harm” appears to be dead wrong. Placing the burden of proof on the victims is itself an act of violence.

Smart Meter Health Effects courtesy EMF Safety Network

Research indicates clearly that when individuals are robbed of their sleep, they are robbed of their immunity, and they are robbed of the quality of their life, and the length of their life.

In fact, we are uniquely suited to thrive in the changing rhythms of the natural electromagnetic environment, as it choreographs our chrono-biology.

Martin Luther King noted, “We cannot long survive spiritually separated in a world that is geographically together.” This particular solar system is exquisitely electromagnetically integrated, and we cannot long survive in world that is no longer synthesized with our collective, rightful, life-giving environmental inheritance.  The natural planetary frequencies are our life force.

Paraphrasing Joni Mitchell:

They paved paradise, Put up a parking lot, with a pink hotel, a boutique and a swingin’ HOT spot

As the Chinese seers noted, “If one takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand. “ We can fix this.

[1] https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-02-nightly-hours-dementia-death-older.html

[2] http://www.back2stonewall.com/2021/02/ronald-reagan-aids-gay-men-god.html

[3] https://ichikung.com/v_thomas_cowan

[4] The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine, Ted Kapchuk, O.M.D,

[5] The mainstream press and industry have inaccurately portrayed the concept of concern about 5G health effects with unfounded fear from an uneducated public that 5G waves were a mechanism for the spread of disease. This narrative has not been substantiated, nor as the narrative that 5G opponents are responsible for infrastructure fires. Within the Black Lives Matter movement, politicians and the press have been cautious to distinguish between legitimate non-violent protestors, and agitators who do not represent the core of the movement. The demand for this level of discernment regarding 5G precaution is lacking. Independent non-industry researchers and clinicians express concern regarding the impact of artificial pulsed microwave radiofrequencies on the immune system, the blood brain barrier, and voltage gated calcium channels, in addition to other geno-toxic effects. This inaccurate framing has prevented clinicians and researchers from assessing covid-19 rates relative to RF exposures and 5G installations. Censorship is the antithesis of scientific inquiry.

[6] https://www.aboveandbeyondacupuncture.com/the-history-of-acupuncture-in-america/

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About a month after his appendectomy, Reston did write about acupuncture anesthesia—but not referring to his own operation. Those who don’t report that Reston had acupuncture anesthesia are likely to write, also erroneously, that his “intense post-operative pain was relieved by acupuncture”:

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

Top image: Waking Times

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