Our Choice Now: Freedom or Global Tyranny!

By Neenah Payne

Bill Gates (who is not a doctor and was not elected or appointed by anyone) now says that the world cannot go fully back to normal until at least 2022. Gates says that almost all 7+ billion people must not only get the rushed, poorly-tested, expensive, gene-altering COVID-19 vaccine twice – but every two months. This is for a flu which the CDC statistics show threatens less than 1% of the population. Gates holds out the vaccine as the world’s only hope in spite of the fact that there are at least four proven ways to prevent, treat, and cure COVID.

Dolores Cahill is a professor at University College Dublin and is a recognized international expert in the fields of molecular biology and immunology. Professor Dolores Cahill explained in early January why the COVID vaccine would kill people. The vaccine is already killing many people in nursing homes (the elderly for whom the world was shut down to save) and is causing horrific injuries in healthy people who didn’t need any vaccine. How many more people will be killed or crippled unnecessarily?

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This is in spite of the fact that Governor Cuomo of New York threatened to fine any nursing home $100,000 if it did not use all of its COVID-19 vaccine by January 9! However, even Governor Cuomo now says it’s time to re-open the state.

Meanwhile, people are not waiting for governments to end the lockdowns. Over 50,000 Restaurants In Italy Declare “I Am Open” Defying Lockdown Measures – Activist Post. Restaurants in Italy have said, “Enough is enough” and have declared an end to the lockdown. Patrons are yelling “Get out!” at the police.

Lincoln said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” He also warned “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

The New Normal: The Great Reset

Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset and the 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum is proposing to use the economic crisis caused by the lockdown to roll out The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution for which none of the world’s peoples voted. This is the real meaning of the “new normal” which we have been told we will have to accept because of COVID-19. See Archbishop Warns Trump About The Great Reset.

The New Normal Documentary below investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution — what the 1% has to gain and the rest of us could lose. It features the World Freedom Alliance. The documentary shows that during the Nuremberg Trials after WWII, the claim that they were “just following orders” did not protect Nazis who had committed crimes against humanity. Professor Cahill is establishing the legal means to hold government officials, doctors, and others who violate the rights of the citizens legally accountable. To that end, she created the three organizations discussed below: The World Freedom Alliance, The World Doctors Alliance, and Freedom Airway.

World Freedom Alliance

World Freedom Alliance: Professor Cahill is a founding member of the World Freedom Alliance. The WFA is a worldwide platform linking organizations that offer access to justice, dialogue for health science, and politics while holding worldwide officials to account under the law. Dolores Cahill Ph.D., the President of the WFA, says:

We aim to ensure our cherished fundamental Freedoms, as outlined in the WFA Charter, are restored and maintained. Together, we can unite in strength to promote Freedom, inspire Courage, and give Hope in these times. Please join us!

This documentary reports on the establishment of the World Freedom Alliance (WFA) . When Prof. Cahill speaks at about 3:05, she explains how corporations and doctors are being held to account legally for forcing people to wear masks!

World Doctors Alliance

Doctors Worldwide Speak Out About the COVID Vaccine: Doctors say there’s no pandemic, a vaccine is not needed, and the vaccine has not been proven to be safe or effective. Covid-19 – Evidence of a Global Fraud is a December 2020 video by Dr. Tom Cowan in which he links to the November 17, 2020 article Covid-19 – Evidence of a Global Fraud by Iain Davis.

World Doctors Alliance: Professor Cahill is also president of the World Doctors Alliance which is designed to educate doctors and to bring doctors together with lawyers and scientists. She marshaled a team of doctors and lawyers to hold legally accountable everyone who violates our rights now under the guise of protecting the public from a “global pandemic”. This approach will not only hold heads of state and other officials accountable, but also doctors who administer the COVID vaccine.

Freedom Airway: FAFTA

Professor Cahill is going to sequence PCR Tests — a process which can invalidate the findings of “positive” tests that have been used to lock down the world. If the sequences come back as the flu (which she expects), she is going to take an injunction to the High Court in Ireland that the government cannot report results from the PCR tests as COVID-19.

Professor Cahill was on three Zoom calls recently with 50 countries telling them that every country should launch the sequencing of the PCR tests. People can sue the governments of the world and those administering the tests since they are engaging in malfeasance in public office. That is a crime punishable in the UK, US, and Canada by 5-10 years in jail!

Prof. Cahill says sequencing will stop the lockdown worldwide because all legislation is based on SARS CoV-2. If that is not the product of the test, people can sue officials and doctors. So, this is holding everyone involved in the COVID-19 policies PERSONALLY responsible and legally liable! She says lawyers in Ireland and England are taking these cases now. It’s not necessary to go to court because it’s a civil suit. So, lawyers are likely to jump on this bandwagon because it is a potential gold mine for them! Prof. Cahill says these cases can affect doctors’ ability to renew their indemnity insurance – without which, they cannot practice medicine.

So, this is a huge wake-up call for any politician, pubic official, doctor, or nurse, police, etc. involved in forcing people to wear masks, lock down their businesses, or get vaccines.

Freedom Airway: FAFTA is the acronym for ‘Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance.’ FAFTA provides a unified voice of advocacy for travelers around the world. Professor Cahill says that we should not have to take a PCR test, have proof of a vaccine, or wear masks to fly. She is working to establish an airline which respects our right to travel, our informed consent, and our bodily integrity.

Cahill points out that the lockdown is undermining the travel industry. That is affecting the airlines, airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. So, airlines are cheap now. FAFTA is looking for five Angel Share Investors to help buy an airline. FAFTA will arrange flights to cities that don’t require PCR tests or vaccines. The website has established its first flight paths. Prof. Cahill wants to work with Freedom Hotels and Freedom Restaurants which can put pressure on politicians to establish their city, state, or country as a Freedom Site.

FAFTA is being built by five founding partners in three countries on two continents. Dolores Cahill is the Irish founder, Susan Sweetin/ Kevin Jenkins/Tara Thorton are the three American founders, and Susan Standfield is the Canadian founder. All partners support the values of freedom, natural health, and safe passage. FAFTA is registered in the UK and USA as a British American joint venture with founding members in 20 countries so far including Thailand, Estonia, France, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, Ireland, and Australia.

FAFTA focuses on creating Freedom travel packages in the hospitality and tourism arena in addition to policy work within governments. Becoming a member brings you into the effort to assure that your family’s natural health rights while traveling are protected from injurious regulation.

Two Parallel Worlds: Our Choice

When James Corbett of The Corbett Report interviewed Professor Cahill about Freedom Airway on January 19, they discussed her three initiatives covered in this article: World Freedom Alliance, World Doctors Alliance, and Freedom Airway.

Professor Cahill concluded:

We are living now in two parallel worlds: Freedom vs Tyranny. It’s just a matter of whether people want to live at the point of a gun and be coerced into procedures — and their children — that they don’t want to do or are they happy to defend the procedures in a world of freedom and free market. If we offer a good service and we do what people want, we will win. We’ve won already. We just have to wade through however long — the two years, five years, ten years — to push back against this subversive world of tyranny that has been going on under the surface for 30 years and undermining the very fabric of our society.

James added: “The choice is ours: Live in fear on your knees or in freedom on your feet.”

Lincoln said, “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

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