Wireless: Cooking the Planet vs. Still Cooking the Planet

By Patricia Burke

The story goes like this: A mother tells her child, “I cut off the ends of the pot roast because that’s what my mother did.” But the great grandmother eventually clarifies, “When I was first married we had a very small roasting pan, and the pot roast wouldn’t fit unless I cut the ends off.”

The “pot roast principle” is an allegory about doing things without thinking, doing things because others do them, and about making assumptions. The point of the story is that we can pay deeper attention, and ask simple questions. Or not.

A significant portion of the dominant culture and mainstream news media is questioning the fossil fuel paradigm. The Guardian reports,

In a book called Fossil Capital Swedish scholar Andreas Malm argued that coal was not cheaper or more efficient than water power, but had the unique virtue of weakening those who laboured in mills to the advantage of the men who owned them. The fossil economy, as Malm called it, has from the beginning been inseparable from the exploitation of both humans and nature. Along the way it created the illusion of self-sustaining growth that remains fundamental to the current system, this machine that can never be allowed to stop, even as it destroys everything around us.

Is the issue the consumption of fossil fuels, or is the issue the consciousness that propelled unfettered exploitation?

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Instead of addressing environmental concerns with our current approach to climate, what if we are unwittingly unleashing another paradigm that not only “weakens those who labor in the mills,” but also weakens every plant, pollinator, bee, bird, tree, and life form? Is it enough to simply question the fossil fuel paradigm?

What about all this wireless?

A yogi master stated, “All the many ailments that human beings have suffered are simply because we have lost the awareness as to how to be in synch with the many forces which are making us who we are.”

The late Dr. Bill Maykel, a brilliant and beloved chiropractor and functional medicine physician practicing in Auburn, Massachusetts, witnessed the impact of radiofrequency exposures from wireless devices on his patients, including the effect of wireless “smart” utility meter installation. At his memorial service, his brother Mitchell explained Dr. Bill’s intellectual legacy: He realized that when the bony plates in the skull contract, it is as if little invisible antennas that are picking up signals from the cosmos are bent, and consequently, they send the wrong messages to the brain, nervous system, and the master control gland. The injury alters coherent brain function into incoherence. In his patient population, he synthesized what he described as individualized MAPS – Mal Adjusted Patterns of Stress.

Because his patients could not sustain their chiropractic adjustments when they went back into environments laden with wireless devices, he recommended prudent avoidance and hard wiring when possible. (Simply turning WiFi off at night is one example of an immediate course correction.)

What are the “signals from the cosmos” Mitchell described at his brother’s memorial? Three American scientists were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2017 for their discovery of how internal clocks and biological rhythms govern human life, focusing on gene expression. (Industry and investors embraced the findings due to implications for pharmaceuticals and profits stemming from drug delivery.)

What are the “invisible antennas” Dr. Maykel noted in his work? Is he referring to the meridian points? Throughout millennia, humans as well as animals navigated via receptors for the signals encoded in the electromagnetic frequencies that embody the earth and the cosmos. Migrating animals still rely on these signals, as do insects. Have we forgotten how to access our own inborn capabilities?

What makes the bony plates in the skull contract? The meridians move the skull bones, as a healthy, inborn, protective mechanism against a stressor in nature, for example in lightning strikes. Is this inborn protective mechanism becoming hopelessly scrambled?

The more we rely on electronic devices, the more we lose touch with our inherent abilities, from reading a map to reading a clock to reading the sky. We may recognize when we are out of balance from jet lag; but we haven’t yet applied that awareness to recognize the ways in which many cultures have lost touch with the essential rhythms of life. We are still pretending that we can interfere with signals emanating from the sun and solar system that choreograph all life functions, and keep us aligned in the time-space continuum, without consequences.

Energy medicine teacher Donna Eden, who is able to “see” energy, has been providing insight into the Meridian System of Oriental Medicine, as well as the Radiant Circuits, or Strange Flows, the neurovascular points, the neuro-lymphatic reflexes, and other energy systems in the body that can be harmonized through self-care and family/parenting practices including her daily 5-minute energy routine. Although federal law prohibits anyone other than a physician from diagnosing and treating health conditions, what practitioners of Eastern-based yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and energy medicine practices discover is that they can perceive and address energy imbalances before they manifest as illness.

Eastern energy practices are not simply internal recalibrations; they continuously re-harmonize the organism with the environment. From walking outside at sunrise and sunset to eating in harmony with the seasons, much of the accumulated wisdom of reverential societies can illuminate the way back to balance. The goal of yoga and other mind-body practices is liberation. But we have mistaken the ability to connect with anyone anytime as freedom, when in fact for many, including children, it is addiction. 5G telecommunications towers are being installed in Yellowstone Park, on Mt Everest, and everywhere, including in front yards. This matters. As Dr. Toryl Jelter stated, regarding autism, “We have very serious ethical questions we need to ask. Is my need to talk to anyone, anywhere, more important than a child’s need to talk at all in a lifetime?” Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt hypothesized that the electromagnetic environment where a pregnant mother slept was correlated with stress on the unborn child.

Economic expert and former HUD housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts noted,

We live in the middle of a creative shared intelligence. So we are physical beings but we are electromagnetic beings; we resonate with all life, sunlight, birds and tress, animals each other and all life. Literally, what these guys are trying to do Is put a toll booth between every connection and circumvent the resonation into their machines. Grid the morphogenetic field and get us to resonate with machines instead of each other.

We have overlooked the ability to access anyone anywhere wirelessly for its applications in surveillance and control, and the demand for instantaneous smart meter-smart city-blockchain-crypto-currency enabled applications for commoditizing private citizen data.

In an interview with Dark Journalist investigative reporter Daniel Liszt, Catherine Austin Fitts also noted:

We operate in a governance system which is a mystery…. And in fact, over the last 50 years, more and more of the governmental finances and budgets have become more and more secret. And the technology that’s being developed, which is oftentimes invisible, has become more and more secret. So secrecy has been rising since WWII, not diminishing. And in fact in the last 3 years it’s taken major steps up, As a result you have a general population whose understanding of what’s going on in technology that is in use, is totally …they can’t even fathom what is going on financially and the technology that is in use, Sophia Smallstorm described how the Comanches were wiped out by the European settlers. The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t defeat the technology that they were facing. The problem was they couldn’t’ even fathom that that technology existed. So they couldn’t develop successful strategies to deal with it. Cause they couldn’t even face that it existed. And the separation we have between the top and the bottom has gotten that great.

Researchers have recently confirmed that embassy employees in China and in Cuba were harmed by microwave weaponry. This confirms what everyday citizens have been saying for a decade – these technologies can cause harm. The beam-forming aspects of 5G telecommunications lend themselves to targeted weaponry, not necessarily as a defensive weapon, but as a tool used by repressive regimes to control opposition. The fact that the United States is implying that Russia is responsible for the injuries to its diplomats, but is not investigating reports of harm by innocent citizens, is frightening.

We find ourselves amidst a planetary drive, in part in response to covid, to increase the wireless footprint to address sustainability, climate, energy efficiency, the digital divide, the rural divide, telehealth access, jobs, educational access, emergency response, and economic stimulus. And none of the cover stories concerning the need for 5G telecommunications and more wireless can hold up to one simple question – Is it safe?


Stop 5G International – Uniting to Protect Life on Earth https://stop5ginternational.org/

International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and In Space. https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal

WHO Cover-up that is Costing Us the Earth https://www.emfoff.com/cover-up/

Physicians for Safe Technology | Wireless Technology and Public Health (mdsafetech.org) https://mdsafetech.org/

EMFscientist.org – International EMF Scientist Appeal https://emfscientist.org/index.php/emf-scientist-appeal

Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration “The Heavens, our planet’s last precious frontier, are not a commodity to be bought and sold and degraded for private commercial gain; but rather, they are Sacred and held in public trust; and we stewards here on planet Earth, are legally and ethically responsible for their wise and careful exploration.”

5G•ILAN 5G International Legal Action Network (5g-ilan.com)

Free The Sky www.freethesky.org


Image: Pixabay

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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