Is it possible to be reinfected with the same virus over and over and over again?

According to Biology 101: No. The body’s immune system works so that you cannot catch the same cold twice even if “the experts” voice different opinions.

Up until November 2017, the message from the scientific community had always agreed that:

It’s actually highly unlikely to catch the same cold twice. Colds are caused by viruses, and when your immune system fights one off, it builds up antibodies to it. Even if you encounter lingering viral particles from the same cold strain you battled before—on your coffee mug, your toothbrush, or via a cough or a sneeze from someone nearby—you’re probably not going to be infected again.

The Ruse

Today, the “experts” claim one thing, then contradict it with another thing.

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Such inconsistency, often in the same article, is purposeful. If people remain unsure and fearful, then they are less likely to question the messenger. They are more likely to be confused and co-dependent.

This inability to question the contradiction is a quality of a victim mentality. A victim gives up power to an authority to holds the keys to your health and your body. The only way to change a victim to an innovator is for people to become their own expert by understanding that they are their own healers.

The messaging on Coronavirus/COVID is created to be confusing through Social Engineering, the art of swaying mass opinion.

For example, Coronavirus is sold by the media, scientists, and politicians, as “a very tricky and peculiar virus.” Only the experts can decipher it. However, the human immune system contains its own wisdom. If people could disconnect from the media and plug into the language of the body, they would find their answers. In the biological sciences, the logic goes like this:

immune systems are constructed to fight viruses (pathogens), and the usual progression is 1) you get infected, 2) you get symptoms, 3) your immune system fights the virus, 4) symptoms go away, and 5) anti-bodies come up to be “surveillance mechanisms” so you don’t get reinfected.

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According to Medical News Today, “The response of the immune system to the virus causes the symptoms of the common cold, rather than the virus itself.” This means that the strength of an individual immune system is the key to whether the outcome is a positive or a negative one.

The good news? Once you can pick apart a false narrative and pull out the contradictions, the confusion falls away so you can form your own conclusions.

Top 7 False Narratives

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False Narrative I:  Coronavirus is a virus.

Contradiction:  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not isolated any virus. The CDC states: Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA.

Reality: If Coronavirus were a virus, it would be called Corona virus. Could it instead, be a bacterium? A patented RNA protein sequence? Or a figment of someone’s imagination?

False Narrative II:  Coronavirus infections & COVID19 deaths are increasing.

Contraindication:  Not widely reported, there is a major testing glitch that leads to 90% false positive COVID19 tests. Further, according to Genevieve Briand of Johns Hopkins, COVID19 has relatively no effect on deaths.

Reality: Coronavirus cannot be tested using the chosen Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) test since PCR does not test for viruses or infections. No test? No virus. No rise of COVID infections. No COVID deaths. If you’re testing asymptomatic people with PCR, up to 80% of positives could be false positives.

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False Narrative III:  People could be contagious two days before testing positive for COVID.

Contradiction: People who never develop symptoms can spread infection, too.

Reality:  Viruses are not contagious since they are not infectious. Viruses are made inside each cell and do not exist outside a cell as a living organism. Viruses are part of the healing phase. Asymptomatic people can spread infection only if they have been vaccinated. Multiple studies show that vaccinated people spread disease through viral shedding.

False Narrative IV: A negative test between seven and 10 days of exposure is a better indicator, but even then some people might not test positive until later.

Contradiction: Some tests are less accurate than others, and you have to factor in the incubation period. “Right now, in the scientific community, there are not great answers in knowing what the value of anti-body testing is. ”

Reality: “The idea that you’d use these antibody tests to decide whether or not you’re immune from infection is premature.” In fact, “Having antibodies does not mean you’re immune to COVID-19, coronavirus.” Why? Because antibodies are only one part of an immune system response. From the 2012 Journal Immunity, Antibodies are not required against some viruses.

False Narrative V:  The COVID19 vaccine is the solution to the pandemic.

Contradiction:  The Coronavirus vaccine is a patented chimera of two or more different antigens under the American patent “US2006257852” and the European patent “EP3172319B1” (later shown as “EP3172319A1”). The patent numbers are for SARS, caused by SARS-CoV (or SARS-CoV-1). Scientists claim that “viruses continuously mutate and evolve, so there are now several strains of the coronavirus, which are collectively known as Sars-CoV-2.”

Reality: Your immune system is designed to work in balance with nature, under the laws of nature, or Holism. This innate system is balanced between two poles: 1) cellular or T cell-mediated immunity, and 2) humoral or B cell-mediated immunity, and they have a reciprocal relationship. When one is artificially stimulated, the other is suppressed. The COVID vaccine is a scheme to inject the population for tracking purposes under a global world order.

False Narrative VI:  The new COVID19 vaccine is 95% effective with no safety concerns. “Immunity conferred by the vaccine will be more robust than immunity achieved from natural disease.

Contradiction: “We don’t know if they (vaccines) prevent transmission,” Dr. Beyrer, Johns Hopkins. In fact, Covid-19 vaccine could end up helping spread the virus.

Reality:  Vaccines do not prevent disease or infections. In fact, the flu vaccine increases your risk for the flu. The only way to acquire a virus (that you don’t make) is to inject it via a vaccine. When viruses are injected into the body, an imbalance occurs—only B cells are activated to create antibodies. Killer T cells are subsequently inhibited, and an engineered virus can temporarily inactivate killer T cells. Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D. writes, “The ‘prevention’ of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved.

False Narrative VII:  You can get the virus more than once.

Contradiction:  You “cannot catch a cold twice.” However, “an annual COVID vaccine may be necessary.”

Reality:  In nature, you cannot get the same virus more than once. Naturally acquired Measles and Chickenpox  are one-time childhood detoxifications (cleansing reactions) meant to strengthen the developing immune system. However, each time you take a flu vaccine, you acquire an artificial, patented virus that you can spread to others  while displaying no symptoms, as asymptomatic carriers. Both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals are at risk from exposure to those recently vaccinated, as in the case of whooping cough.

Perhaps the real reason that you can be reinfected with the virus more than once is because annual revenues for the Covid-19 vaccine are projected to be $10 billion a year.

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Focus on what you know. Do you need to fear a virus if you know that viruses are exosomes which are excretions of toxic cells? Do you really need a vaccine because ‘the experts’ have that opinion?

Experts claim that the vaccine will work with 95% efficiency. On the other hand, they also claim that you can get reinfected more than once. That is a contraction and an opportunity to see the  inconsistencies facing you. If your immune system knows that you cannot get reinfected with the same microbe more than once, then it is smarter than the experts.

If you ever had Coronavirus, which is not isolated, then survival rates are high.  Congratulations! If you have any of the family of Coronaviruses between the ages of  0 to 70, you have a 99% survival rate. If you are over 70, your survival rate is close to 95%. For the total U.S. population, the average is 97.8%.

Is it better to process a wild Coronavirus naturally and build longterm immunity, or risk a patented artificial virus with unknown adverse effects? To compare adverse effects to past mass vaccination campaigns, see my article, Warning, Anti-fertility Shot. If you need more evidence, read  The Great Heist: COVID to Global Reset.

Whenever there are contradictions and inconsistencies, there is a ruse. Perhaps the only thing that is contagious is fear. Are you a victim or an innovator? Reclaim the narrative and reclaim your power to make your own decisions. Or let the decision be made for you.

Source: Nature of Healing

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