Tampering with the Crime Scene, Part 1: Event 201, Gates, Rockefeller, the mRNA Vaccine & Eugenics

By Dustin Broadbery

In the weeks preceding COVID-19, a powerful organisation took their seat in the engine room of global disaster planning. Later they stood at the right hand of world leaders. Moved political pawns on the chequered board. And guided nation states towards a confederacy of global policies. Representing for the first time in history the emergence of world governance.

In the right place at the right time, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) organised the portentous Event 201. Simulating a deadly pandemic outbreak just a few weeks shy of the onset of the Wuhan Virus.

Gates’ aide-de-camp for the tabletop exercise, was Dr Christopher Elias. A dead ringer for Walter White and President of the BMGF’s Global Development division.

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Dr Elias said of the event:

Event 201 and its predecessor simulations like Clade X are crucial tools to understand not only what is needed to effectively respond to global public health crises, but also the consequences of what happens when we are not prepared.

Before joining the BMGF, Dr Elias was senior associate of the International Programs Division of the Population Council. A non-profit founded in 1952 by the world-maker, John D. Rockefeller III, to address his myopic vision of a world overrun by population. As you would expect, the Population Council is mostly active in developing countries, especially Africa:

As Influence Watch reports:

The Population Council grew from a conference convened by Rockefeller which was attended by “population activists,” the director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and several well-known eugenicists, among others.

Completing the circle, that’s the same Planned Parenthood which Gates Father, Bill Senior, served as board member and company head. The largest abortion provider in the United States. Who performed 323,999 abortions in the year 2014-2015.

Planned Parenthood was. founded by American Eugenics Society member Margaret Sanger, who was the lover of Havelock Ellis co-founder of the Fabian Society and vice-president of the Eugenics Society.

In 1969, the Vice President of Planned Parenthood, Frederick S. Jaffe, wrote an impassioned memo addressed to the President of the Population Council, behavioural scientist Bernard Berelson. This became known as The Jaffe Memo. And summarised a number of provisions to tackle world overpopulation, including compulsory abortions, forced sterilisation, fertility control agents in the water supply, encouragement of increased homosexuality, child tax, elimination paid maternity leave, and stock certificate permits for children.

Two years later, Berelson and Jaffe collaborated on the 1972 Rockefeller Commission Report, where many of the ideas set out in the memorandum formed the basis of the Commission’s Report ‘Population and the American Future

Rockefeller was the grandson of John D Rockefeller, who like Gates, amassed incredible wealth and influence. Estimated at $900 million in 1913, almost 3% of US GDP. Rockefeller was the founder of Standard Oil. Later when researchers discovered petrochemicals and pharmaceutical drugs could be produced as a by-product of oil, Rockefeller seized the opportunity to monopolise not only the oil business but also chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Rockefeller went on to become the founder of big pharma.


Returning to the point of this digression and Bill Gates adjunct on Event 201: Dr Elias is formerly the president and CEO of another organisation pushing the overpopulation envelope: PATH.

Why Gates would appoint a veteran population doomsayer as his lieutenant on Event 201 is anyone’s guess.

Ostensibly PATH is an international, non-profit dedicated to improving public health. But in reality, this nefarious NGO is involved in much the same population control programs as the Population Council, with most of their ‘philanthropic’ activity conducted in developing markets, under the sobriquet of ‘Sexual & Reproductive Health.’

Paths areas of practice and locations

Focussing on the now interchangeable policies of: Epidemic Preparedness and Reproductive and Sexual Health, PATH follows the trend established by Gates, who plays god at the roulette wheel: the vaccine to sustain populations, and the pill to cut them short.

In 2018 PATH received 54% of its funding from Foundations, with the BMGF its second biggest funder after questionable anonymous donations.

It is no surprise to find PATH at the heart of COVID disaster planning in more than 30 countries. Advising state governments on global health security, while at the same time helping to strengthen health systems through rigorous testing, countering misinformation, and the implementation of contact tracing infrastructure.

The organisation is deeply embedded with the Indian government’s COVID response:

In Bihar, our data team and coordinators from the immunisation program have been deputed to support the state. They are helping with data management pertaining to traveller verification and contact tracing data from all districts and involved in cleaning that data, compiling it and preparing a summary report, which is submitted to the State Health Department.

PATH’s long-standing partnership with state governments in India allows us to think critically about how the COVID-19 response can be turned into long-term improvements in health systems across the country.

PATH is supporting community awareness in the state of Uttar Pradesh to eliminate myths and misconceptions around COVID-19, ensure adherence to social distancing behaviours; increase awareness of prevention, hygiene, and isolation.

Event 201

It is no small matter that Gates assembled some of the most important players in global disaster planning for his Event 201. Bringing together high-ranking personnel from intergovernmental organisations such as the UN, WHO and World Bank, as well as national security advisors, military personnel, members of the global pandemic preparedness community, mainstream media executives, and even experts in crisis communications.

The 15 players sat at the tabletop exercise back in October, included:

Tim Evans: Co-founder of the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI). Assistant Director General at the World Health Organisation (WHO). And prior Director of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Sofia Borges: Senior Vice President of the UN Foundation, a major foundation sponsor of Family Planning 2020 (another questionable population control organisation).

Dr George Fu Gao: Director-General, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Avril Haines: Former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics (a research institute focussed on AI and cyber security).

Jane Halton: Chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness, CEPI (founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). And a 33-year veteran of the Australian government, with many years as Secretary of the Department of Health and Ageing.

Matthew Harrington: The global chief operating officer at Edelman, an industry-leading communications firm, who specialise in crisis communications.

Stephen C Reid: Director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Previously. And former CDC incident commander for the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic influenza response.

Hasti Taghi, Vice President of NBC.

Given the influence of these players into just about every faucet of national security, public health and global disaster planning, it could be argued: if you were looking to manufacture a pandemic, then Event 201 is the classic textbook in how to do exactly that. Bearing in mind, the smart folks at Event 201 not only simulated a novel coronavirus outbreak, they predicted its precise location – China, and they managed all of this just a few weeks shy of the onset of COVID-19.

Disaster Planning

In the Event 201 simulation, 14% of the severely infected died from a disease with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 7%.

The CFR is the total number of deaths as a proportion of the total number of cases. Its the important metric used by epidemiologists to determine the risk and incidence rate of a transmittable disease.

Following nine months of tracking COVID-19 we now understand the global CFR is 2.7%, (extrapolated from John Hopkins here). For specific countries: it’s 2.7% in Spain, 3.7% in the UK, and 2.2% in the US.

Despite the sizeable variation between the simulated CFR of event 201 (7%), and the actual CFR of COVID-19 (2.7%), just about every scenario suggested in the simulation continues to play out:

Suggesting the lockdowns did not occur as a result of the independent disaster planning of national governments, but rather, they happened at the behest of the organisers of the Event 201.

World Overpopulation Agenda

While we ponder this point, let’s return to the interchangeable public health policies of epidemic preparedness and birth control (the latter vulgarly known as eugenics).

Eugenics was the creation of Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton. Who adapted Darwin’s theory of natural selection to suit his own fantasy that society’s fate rested on its ability to breed more of the strong (the fellow inhabitants of Galton’s own gene pool) and fewer of the weak. He therefore encouraged those of greater intellectual ability to have more children while violently urging those of inferior stock to reproduce less often or not whatsoever. The aim was to increase the overall quality of the national herd, by multiplying the wheat and weeding out the chaff.

The heir to a seasoned eugenics family, while at the same time one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates wields significant influence on the stage of global health policy. But for what purpose exactly?

Let’s examine some of Gates endowments:


The BMGF is the largest non-government funder of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Conceived from the UN’s International Conference on Population and Development. A $17 billion project to “stabilise” the world’s population.

Amongst other questionable investments, the UNFPA supported a forced sterilisation and ethnic cleansing program in Peru, launched by then President, Alberto Fujimori. Who argued that a lower birth rate would alleviate poverty.

The consequences of Fujimori’s poverty mitigation efforts resulted in 200,000 mostly poor, indigenous women, being sterilised without their consent. Following bribes, or worse coercion from Peruvian state officials. Throughout the program doctors and hospitals were pressured by Fujimori to meet sterilisation quotas, while Peruvian health workers received bonuses for each woman they sterilised. Funding for the program was supported by a $10 million donation from the Gates sponsored UNFPA. In spite of the fact that, President Fujimori was convicted of human rights violations, murder and kidnappings and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The UNFPA also established ‘family planning programs’ that supported China’s brutal sterilisation agenda. Which the UNFPA claimed were ‘fully voluntary and non-coercive.’ Despite an independent investigation by the Population Research Institute concluding, the policies of the program included: “age requirements for pregnancy; birth permits; mandatory use of IUDs; mandatory sterilisation; crippling fines for non-compliance; imprisonment for non-compliance; destruction of homes and property for non-compliance; forced abortion and forced sterilisation.”

Gates himself has openly peddled vaccinations as a means to ‘stabilise’ world population.


Now let’s turn to the recently approved COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine: BNT162b2. Which comes with this stern warning from the government:

The devil is indeed in the detail. And its also important to note: the mRNA vaccine contains gene altering material, called Lipid nanoparticles, that are used in gene editing.

Put simply, this vaccine will genetically modify its host:

This is especially alarming when we consider the eugenics background of Gates, The Rockefeller Foundation, the population control endowments of the BMGF, and the activities of organisations like the Population Council and PATH – all pushing the envelope of COVID and vaccinations.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Pfizer’s ex head of respiratory research Dr Michael Yeadon and the former Chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, have filed a petition with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccines, citing (amongst other dangers):

Are you beginning to join the dots?

Big Philanthropy and Global Influence

Big philanthropy provides a means for billionaires like Gates to swerve enormous tax contributions that would otherwise be redistributed back into the community through the welfare state, schools, hospitals, housing and infrastructure, under a far greater degree of public scrutiny and accountability. On the contrary, when those funds are allocated through charities and trusts, billionaires like Gates take up the mantle emperors to effectively build or destroy worlds in their own image.

The US vs Microsoft was a noted antitrust lawsuit in the US which in 2001 ruled against Gates for breaching US anti-monopoly laws. The lawsuit began in 1998, and Gates, realising he had taken Microsoft’s growth to the limit of its expansion within the jurisdiction of the law, established a new vehicle – the BMGF in 2000 – to transgress those very laws. Predictably Gates has emerged as the undisputed Tsar of global health policy. Becoming the de facto regulator of the very industry he operates within.

With the global influence of big philanthropy now pushing the envelope of COVID disaster planning, with policies that have subjected half the world’s population to arbitrary detention, we will conclude by recalling the true definition of the word philanthropy:

Source: The Cogent

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