The sanitization of Nature is happening in broad daylight, in front of our eyes, and under our noses. In order to know what is happening to Nature, we have to be able to sense it, then be prepared to protect it, or be ready to lose it. If we lose our connection to Nature, we lose ourselves, because our nature is Nature.

Are we prepared to lose humanity?

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We measure human progress using our physical senses. We see, hear, taste, touch, and feel our world to gain perspective day to day. But these senses only cover a small range on the frequency scale. There is much more to be revealed than through our physical senses alone.

Forgotten Nature

Nature was “reset” only a few centuries ago. In the 1600s, during Medieval Times, churches, traders guilds, craftsman’s guilds, political groups, monasteries all became incorporated with the idea that the corporation would survive longer than any individual member, existing in perpetuity. That is to say these “groups” have the right to own property and are entitled at a certain level that the average human is not. Now, an imaginary entity owns and controls this world, and the focus of a church is the balance sheet for the purpose of expansion and control.

However, once upon a time, not too long before that, the idea of “church” was spiritual. Human beings lived on the land, and interacted with Nature to make a living. Everything was tied to Nature. With the focus on money and systems, profit rules. The natural world is forgotten, invisible.

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On one level, Earth is alive, while on another it synthetic, a Matrix of grid lines made up of electromagnetic frequencies. When we focus on synthetics, we ignore all things natural because we are told that everything is either one thing or another. Not both.

In most cases, we do not see the invisible boundaries of our natural surroundings until physical boundaries are tested. To get to the invisible, you must go through the physical. You, as an individual human, must experience a physical breakthrough. This is not a group endeavor.

On this path of self-discovery, you often find information in hard-to-reach places, because you must stretch your imagination. If you commit to getting your information from the Mainstream Media (MSM), you are given a set of prescribed variables on the ground level, among the lowest of frequencies. While, some of it may hold a grain of truth, most is engineered. The mainstream news is fiction, while fictional films reveal truth.

The truth about Nature is that nothing need be feared. Your body has the capacity to reverse disease and heal itself. The body does not fear any bacteria, fungus, or virus unless it comes out of balance with Nature. Is Coronavirus a deadly threat or is it a cold virus that 99% of people experience to become stronger?  Is COVID-19 a set of physical symptoms or is it a Covert I.D. for 2019 in the form of an injection with a chip? Under a new two-factor I.D. system created under Elon Musk, known as Brainlink, your brain can be connected to the Cloud cyber security. You can also be tracked for security purposes. They do not mention anything about the the problem of hacking.

Duality Reality vs. Natural Law

The Matrix is a grid of duality where everything is portrayed as opposites and inversions. Up and down. Black and white. Red and Blue. Democrat and Republican. Global warming is Global cooling, Climate Change is Climate Control. Clean Skies are Dirty Skies. Environmental protection is Environmental destruction. Evolution is Devolution. Sustainable Development is Scarcity. Such is duality reality in the Matrix if you are using all your senses.

We live in a Matrix of Polarization under social engineers and governmental structures, where one group of people gives themselves more power than they earn. They create corporations, and organizations such as Black Lives Matter, to keep people divided under a hierarchical system by pulling the strings from above. The true leaders are the unseen puppet masters without names. There are not many races. There is only the human race. There is another way.

Beyond the Duality Matrix is Nature.

Nature has no government or social engineers. Nature does not have opposites. Nature is a continuum, and functions under Natural Law. Natural Law describes a dynamic, universal relationship between everything and everyone, fluid and adaptable in response. Natural law is Universal law.

The principles of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” can only be understood from the perspective of natural law. Natural law says that rights are grounded in human nature. Human nature is universal and unchanging, consistent over the world and throughout history.

Natural law is common to all humans. It comes from nature rather than from the rules of society. As a universal law, natural law does not depend on human understanding.

When freedom is defined under natural law, people can be confident that reasoned, objective, and moral agreements are common between all people – common law. Natural law was an ideal even shared by the Founders, on the surface. And it seemed to work, for a while. But it seems that the Founders had other motives buried under the guise of politics.

If America in the 21st century is a divided nation, it is because Americans have forgotten that moral “rights” are grounded in Nature. It is because Americans have given over their power to power brokers who wield it against the people.

Today, objective human rights have been replaced by subjective benefits, privileges, entitlements, and preferences that must be protected by government from interferences with others (ie. children’s rights, parental rights, gay marriage rights, LGBT rights, black rights, women’s rights).

The sanctity of individual preference soon balloons to include the idea of entitlements, preferences that should be supplied for by others. – James Jacobs, The Meaning of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” Crisis Magazine, 2017.

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The Choice

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Whether you want freedom or health, or anything else, everyone wants peace of mind. As a human, you are born with choice. You can go right or left, or straight down the middle of the road. You can choose not to go anywhere at all.

You can choose conventional medicine with chemical, synthetic drugs, or holistic medicine using Nature’s tools. You can choose conventional farming with chemical, synthetic fertilizers or organic farming with natural options. You can choose to believe that symptoms, such as a fever, is a bad thing or you can choose to believe that symptoms reflect a healing reaction. You can choose to believe a virus is deadly or you can believe that a virus is an exosome, part of your own innate immune system resulting, from a toxic cell cleansing itself as it was designed to do. You can fear nature or embrace nature since your nature is Nature. You can choose a little of both perspectives.

The Synthetic Matrix

The future of The Matrix is synthetic for the purpose of sanitizing Nature and all things natural. Synthetic hand washing, synthetic classrooms, synthetic hugs, and synthetic biology, “using Nature as a manufacturing platform and DNA as the raw material.”

Thinking Big: Synthetic Biology, Fidelity from Tian Hughes on Vimeo.

Daniel Taylor wrote: As reported, the Gates funded synthetic biologists believe that they can “do better” than nature with self-assembling nanoparticles that will be injected into your body:

With all due respect to nature, synthetic biologists believe they can do better. Using computers, they are designing new, self-assembling protein nanoparticles studded with viral proteins, called antigens: these porcupine-like particles would be the guts of a (Coronavirus) vaccine.

You can find the truth for you only by knowing that each system exists and that you have a choice about which system you live within.

The Intuition Perspective

As part of a future world, we each have a choice to either connect to the Cloud and the opposition model, or connect to Nature and the continuum model.

No one can change the mind of another before that mind is ready to embrace a change of perspective. Ironically, only with a change of perspective can the mind be open to allow for new ways of seeing the world. When one mind shifts, it allows for an opportunity for others to shift, too.

The only way perspective can be shifted is through facing a major life challenge that shakes you awake. Fortunately, life is full of challenges. See them as gifts for that first shift in perspective. Seeing challenges as gifts means you are able to choose a different path in healing after receiving a diagnosis. It may mean choosing a different path in growing or eating food to eliminate adverse physical symptoms. By making a shift, you shift your vibration. Choosing to eat organic foods, means you choose clean, unadulterated foods for your body. You raise your vibration. As the body clears, so too does the mind.

The physical plane is merely one aspect of Nature, and therefore, merely one aspect of you. You must look past the physical universe to appreciate the full universe of Nature and who you are as human.

When we follow the MSM or government dictates as truth, we lose touch with our non-physical aspects, including our own intuition. We lose connection with our true nature. When we are distracted, debating the details of a system (mandates, rigged elections, war, BLM, the NFL, science, abortion), we are divided, directionless, and lost in a maze of confusion.

By our silent acquiescence, we, as individuals, consent to the system of directives and draconian dictates that keep us focused solely in the physical. By our participation, we accept the system that feeds off our energy.

If humans desire a world free from its Medieval underpinnings, free from tyranny and dis-ease, humans must get their act together and begin to identify with Nature and with Natural Law.

Through the power of our vision we become the architect of the life we want to create for ourselves and for our families. We only need to reclaim responsibility and act on it in order to see it emanate out to affect all life. Such is the Law of Nature.

In the American system no government is sovereign. The peoples of the states are the sovereigns. It is they who apportion powers between themselves, their state governments, and the federal government. In doing so they are not impairing their sovereignty in any way. To the contrary, they are exercising it.” – Tom Woods, Tenth Amendment Center

Do you accept that you are a corporation or are you a part of Nature?

Source: Nature of Healing

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