Two Potentially Effective COVID-19 Treatments!

By Neenah Payne

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force has told Americans that COVID-19 is a deadly pandemic that could kill millions of people unless we follow their health policies: self-quarantining, masks, social distancing, washing hands frequently for 20 seconds, using sanitizers, and possibly contact tracing. Bill Gates has said the world cannot go fully back to normal until everyone gets a vaccine.

However, since March, Dr. Richard Bartlett from Midland, Texas has been using an inexpensive safe drug to effectively treat 100% of his COVID-19 patients quickly and easily. Texas Doctor Reverses Coronavirus Symptoms In 100% Of Cases With Inexpensive Treatment says:

Texas family doctor Dr. Richard Bartlett joins Debbie Georgatos on her show America, Can We Talk? to discuss a potential COVID CURE!

Dr. Bartlett describes how he has been treating Covid-19 patients with 100% success rate using an inexpensive safe treatment that is commonly used for people with asthma. The treatment is inhaling a steroid called budesonide using a nebulizer. Dr. Bartlett says many patients experience rapid relief from Covid symptoms after the first treatment. It’s the same treatment that worked in crowded countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Japan who’ve had very few deaths compared to countries that locked down. Therefore, Bartlett questions the effectiveness of mandatory masks, social distancing or a vaccine.

He explained that a vaccine is unnecessary because the mortality rate is so low and effective treatments already exist. And he emphasized that vaccines would be ineffective because of constant mutations to the coronavirus. “The beautiful thing about the treatment that I’m using is that no matter how many times it mutates it’s universally going to work because it decreases the inflammation. It’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory solution to a respiratory inflammatory problem.”

Dr. Bartlett Uses Fast, Inexpensive COVID-19 Treatment

Texas Doctor Reverses Coronavirus Symptoms In 100% Of Cases With Inexpensive Treatment includes a video interview with Dr. Bartlett who says people should no longer be afraid of COVID-19 because now there is an inexpensive, quick cure. Dr. Bartlett explained that there have been numerous articles about this approach in foreign journals. He says budesonide has been used safely for over 20 years to prevent asthma attacks even for kids and the elderly. He explains that France is now studying a similar approach. Spain and England have announced that they will also test this approach.

Dr. Bartlett questions why the World Health Organization followed Communist China’s example which led to such disastrous results in the US and Italy. Instead, they could have followed the more effective and less expensive example of Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore which does not require a lockdown, masks, social distancing, contact tracing, or a vaccine.

Dr. Bartlett wrote a paper which cites 51 articles from established journals. He shared the paper with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and will publish it in six months. Rep Brian Babin has also called Dr. Bartlett. He expects President Trump will also see his paper. Dr. Bartlett said he would send the paper to Debbie Georgatos – and people can contact her show America, Can We Talk? to get a copy.

Dr. Bartlett explained that NIH is currently testing this approach and their results will be available in October. However, he believes that NIH is conducting the study in a way that is designed to fail. When Debbie pointed out that Americans are being told to wait for a vaccine, Dr. Bartlett said he believes that people’s lives are being sacrificed for an agenda because an effective vaccine is not possible or needed.

Dr. Bartlett said, “When you have the government is telling you it knows more about what’s good for your health than your doctor, that’s socialism, that’s communism”. He says we should go with a winning strategy rather than masks and social distancing. Dr. Bartlett’s video has gone viral on Facebook.

Dr. Bartlett’s main message is “Don’t be afraid of COVID-19! There’s a quick inexpensive treatment!”

Louisiana Congressman Supports Dr. Bartlett’s CV-19 Treatment

In her America, Can We Talk? show on July 15, Debbie Georgatos was joined again by Dr. Bartlett and by Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham who is a veterinarian and medical doctor. Congressman Abraham said he hopes there will be indictments for the COVID-19 health policies imposed on the American people. When he met with the Vice President and Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force recently, he stressed how important it is to get kids back in physical schools.

Dr. Abraham has treated over 200 COVID-19 patients successfully with an approach similar to the one Dr. Bartlett uses. Debbie pointed out that Dr. Bartlett is a four-term president of the County Medical Society – chosen by his peers. Debbie said that the nation has been consumed by fear about COVID-19, but with the treatments these two MDs are using, people no longer need to be afraid.

Dr. Bartlett said they have “cracked the code”. There is an answer to the problem of COVID-19. Doctors across the country are coming across the same strategy now. So, the cat is out of the bag. He announced some exciting news! Dr. Bartlett said that an ICU south of San Antonio had watched his interview with Debbie on July 2. Using the inhaled budesonide, they had been able to empty their COVID-19 beds in 24 hours! Up to that point, 50% of their ICU patients were eventually intubated and transferred to the major center in San Antonio. Dr. Bartlett said that some reports show that 30% of intubated COVID-19 patients die. Now the ICU is treating COVID-19 patients in their clinic.

Debbie asked why this good news is not in the national headlines to let people know that they don’t have to be so afraid now because there is a solution to this “pandemic”. Dr. Abraham explained that people on the Left (Democrats) on Capitol Hill don’t want to see this crisis go away because they want it to hurt President Trump’s chances for re-election.

Dr. Abraham said that as a physician and as a Republican politician, he is going to get that message out. He said that he is already talking to the members of the GOP Doctors Caucus on Capitol Hill to put out a statement about this treatment. He said he will report Dr. Bartlett’s success to the people in DC who can get that information to President Trump.

Debbie pointed out that her July 2 interview with Dr. Bartlett has now had 3.1 million views! Dr. Bartlett said on that show for people who want a copy of his paper to email Debbie. She said she is getting so many emails from people all around the world now that she can’t respond to all of them! So, she posted a PDF version of the paper on her site.

The show included the following slide which indicates that the death rate from COVID-19 is plummeting.

In Congress, Doctors Are Pressing for a More Aggressive Coronavirus Response says: “There are about two dozen medical professionals in Congress, including 17 doctors, plus a former health secretary. Some are trying to shape the coronavirus response.” Rep. Abraham (who is one of those MDs) said he will recommend Dr. Bartlett’s approach to these doctors who represent 14 states.

Texas Media Reports Successful COVID-19 Treatment

In the June 18 broadcast West Texas doctor claims to have “silver bullet” for COVID-19, CBS reported the news about Dr. Bartlett’s budesonide treatment.

The article says:

A West Texas Doctor claims he’s found the “silver bullet” for COVID-19, but the treatment is not currently approved by the FDA. Dr. Richard Bartlett works at various clinics around West Texas, and says he’s found a successful treatment for the coronavirus. “The treatment plan is inhaled, generic budesonide,” Bartlett said. “Using some generic antibiotics to protect from a secondary bacterial infection. Using zinc, which interferes with virus replication. It’s common sense. It’s intuitive. “ Budesonide is a steroid that can be inhaled directly to the lungs using a nebulizer.

The article adds:

The drug has been used for decades to treat asthma and is approved by the FDA. However using it to treat COVID-19 is not. “I am not aware of any doctors anywhere that are using this specifically for COVID-19, yet,” Bartlett said. Bartlett said he treats people as soon as they show symptoms. “Early treatment is better with this disease,” he said. “And I’m having a 100% survival rate. I don’t even know how many I’ve treated…dozens. I have 14 that I’m treating right now.” Bartlett said that patients tell him they feel immediate relief.

CBS7 asked local health authorities about Bartlett’s claims. “When we go look at a study,” Odessa Regional Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Rohith Saravanan said, “If they say ‘oh five cases, all solved. Magic pill. Silver bullet’, well that’s not how science works. You take thousands and thousands of patients across multiple countries, multiple sites, you blind them, you control certain people, certain treatments. And then you compare the groups. It’s not that he’s doing something wrong. He’s sharing what he found could be useful to the scientific community.”

Bartlett said he’s currently writing a paper to submit to medical journals. Additionally, he said the National Institute of Health, as well as the countries of France and Spain will be looking into inhaled budesonide treatments.

Dr. Bartlett Claims Budesonide Is COVID-19 Silver Bullet

In the June 24 video The Silver Bullet For Covid-19, Dr. Richard Bartlett explained that 80% of Americans are not at risk from COVID-19 – but 20% can die from it. He said that COVID-19 is different from any flu we have had before because it doesn’t cause secondary bacterial infections in the lungs – secondary pneumonia as the “experts” expected which led them to recommend ventilators. He said COVID-19 may have been a man-made bioweapon because it is unlike any virus he has ever seen.

In his April 16 article, ICU Doctors Know Best, Dr. Mark Sircus linked to a dramatic video by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, an emergency room and critical care doctor at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He described the desperate situation doctors in Intensive Care Units and ERs all across America are in now trying to understand how to treat COVID-19 which he described in other videos as “a new disease”.

Dr. Kyle-Sidell explained that when he opened an ICU nine days earlier, he thought he would be treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Every hospital in the country was prepared to treat ARDS. However, everything he saw in those 9 days led him to believe that COVID-19 is not ARDS. He has seen phenomena that don’t make sense in the context of treating a viral pneumonia.

Dr Cameron Kyle Sidell: Use oxygen as the first line of treatment for Covid19, NOT ventilators includes two videos by Dr. Kyle-Sidell that have gone viral around the world discussing his findings about COVID-19 patients. The video reports that Dr. Kyle-Sidell fears that putting COVID-19 patients on ventilators may be killing them because their lungs don’t need and can’t withstand the support ventilators provide.

Dr. Bartlett said many patients report they feel better with the first treatment of budesonide using a nebulizer — and quickly recover. He questioned why the World Health Organization, CDC, and White House Coronavirus Task Force followed the Chinese model of waiting until people are very sick. Japan and Taiwan are treating people early and are also using an inhaled steroid similar to budesonide with great success. Dr. Bartlett said that it was criminal for New York Governor Cuomo and governors in three other states to send over 400 critically ill COVID-19 patients from ICUs to nursing homes where they could infect vulnerable people. He said that more people have died from “health” policies which caused delayed treatment of other diseases than have died from COVID-19 itself.

Dr. Bartlett Opposes Masks and The COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Bartlett said that he is very concerned about the safety of the rushed vaccine. He said that we don’t need a vaccine, and it should not be mandatory. He explained that since a study in Iceland shows that COVID-19 is a rapidly-mutating virus, the vaccine won’t be effective. His concern is that answers other than the vaccine (like hydroxychloroquine) are being discredited because there is an agenda to keep us afraid and eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Bartlett explained that the book Polio: An American Story shows that thousands of people died from the polio vaccine rather than from the polio virus and many were crippled by the vaccine. He said he does not want the vaccine for himself or his family. He reiterated that no one should be afraid of COVID-19 because there is an effective, inexpensive treatment now.

Dr. Bartlett explained why wearing masks doesn’t make sense – and is actually dangerous. Americans are now wearing masks because we are copying the disastrous Chinese model. He pointed out that 1 out of 3 people in New York who got COVID-19 have died. However, according to Johns Hopkins, in Texas, 24 out of 25 people who got COVID-19 recovered. The “health” policies do not make sense from what he has seen in taking care of people all over the world. What they’re telling us to do didn’t work in China and didn’t work in Italy. He believes that people are being sacrificed now for an agenda.

Dr. Bartlett and his wife have seven kids – six of whom are adopted from different races. He said that he is part of the minority in his area of rural Texas. Dr. Bartlett’s book Journey of a Medicine Man: Doctor Confirmed Miracles describes his experiences treating patients in Iran, Guatemala and elsewhere. His book includes photos of his various healing missions around the world. When he and his son Zachary went to Georgia in Russia, Zac’s Aunt Lena helped him reunite in a miraculous meeting with his birth mother Lika whom he had not seen for 17 years.

The book says:

Richard Bartlett, MD is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The governor of Texas appointed him to the newly created Texas Health Disparities Task Force in February 2002. It was a two-year assignment to advise the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House on how to improve access to quality healthcare for all Texans. He was reappointed year after year for seven years. Dr. Bartlett has been the CBS News Medical Expert of West Texas for 20 years. Dr. Bartlett served four terms as County Medical Society President and as Vice President of the local Head Start program.

Challenges To Dr. Bartlett’s COVID-19 Treatment

West Texas doctor goes viral with claim of COVID “cure”: Permian Basin medical leaders are pushing back against Dr. Richard Bartlett’s statements

The July 7 broadcast reports:

It’s been almost three weeks since West Texas doctor Richard Bartlett held a press conference touting his steroid-based treatment for the coronavirus. Now news outlets around the country have picked up the story, and other doctors in the Permian Basin are warning that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

In an interview with a Dallas-based show called America Can We Talk?, Dr. Bartlett shared the story of an Odessa woman who he treated using a steroid called budesonide, inhaled through a nebulizer. “She’s cured of COVID,” Bartlett said. “She’s symptom free. She has her two consecutive negative tests. That’s a cure.” Bartlett has previously referred to his treatment as a “silver bullet” for the coronavirus.”

“The national attention that Bartlett’s claims have received has Permian Basin medical leaders concerned. “As of right now, there is no widespread use of budesonide,” Dr. Rohith Saravanan, the Chief Medical Officer at Odessa Regional Medical Center, said. “And that’s not what the NIH recommends.”

“I just want to caution everybody to be careful,” Dr. Larry Wilson, CMO at Midland Memorial Hospital, said. “If it’s being described as a silver bullet, if you’re hearing about things that are just so perfect that it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

In the aforementioned interview, Bartlett also claimed that other nations, like Taiwan, have been using a method similar to his, and that it’s the reason that country only has seven COVID related deaths among its 24 million people. “That’s seven people dying out of 442 total cases,” Wilson said. “Which is about a 1.5 percent mortality rate, which isn’t different from the mortality rate in Midland. So there hasn’t been a reduction in mortality [in Taiwan]. And the reduction in cases is related to social distancing, face coverings, and protecting oneself from exposure.”

Bartlett said that he’s sent copies of his unpublished work to Senator Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump. We reached out to Bartlett for this story, but did not hear back.

Patients Defend Dr. Bartlett’s “Silver Bullet”

COVID patients defend Dr. Bartlett’s ‘silver bullet’ medicine regimen is a July 8 broadcast that reports

The inhaled steroid Budesonide is being hailed by one West Texas doctor, Richard Bartlett, as the ‘silver bullet’ for COVID-19. Midland Memorial Hospital seems to disagree with him, telling us Tuesday that there is no such thing a ‘silver bullet’ for the virus. But Bartlett’s patients credit the treatment for saving their life. He has treated well over a dozen patients and has had a 100% success rate. Even with patients who have preexisting conditions.”

The article adds:

I’m in my 60s, I’m living with two different types of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma,” Kathy Lollar, Dr. Bartlett’s patient and COVID-19 survivor, said. “In fact I’m on daily chemo.” Lollar is one of many at-risk patients Bartlett has treated.

“I’m 48-years-old, I’m diabetic and I’m a bit overweight,” Eric Rodriguez, another one of Dr Bartlett’s patients and also a COVID-19 survivor, said. When they were diagnosed with the virus, they both thought the worst-case scenario. “I was scared, fearful, desperate,” Rodriguez said. “I start thinking about my children without a father.”

Rodriguez lost his 31-year-old brother, who had no preexisting conditions, to the virus in June. For that reason, Rodriguez sought a different treatment and reached out to Dr. Bartlett for help. He started taking Budesonide twice a day. “The difference? It’s life and death right now,” Rodriguez said.

As for Lollar, she believes it would have been a different outcome if it were not for Dr. Bartlett. “I would have been at the hospital on a ventilator,” she said. “Trying the Budesonide I could tell improvement. It wasn’t a miracle but I was improving.”

Dr. Bartlett tells us budesonide works well if COVID is diagnosed early like it was for Lollar and Rodriguez. He also tells us he is not taking any more patients. He suggests people ask their own physician to see if Budesonide can work for them.”

Dr. Richard Bartlett and Two COVID-19 Patients

Dr. Richard Bartlett and COVID Patient Stories is a July 16 broadcast of the “America, Can We Talk?” show hosted by Debbie Georgatos. Dr. Bartlett was joined by Jerry Lyons, a nurse practitioner with whom he has worked for years. Lyon’s wife has COVID-19 and is in a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. She used budesonide and initially got better that morning, but turned for the worse. She is also fighting a stage 4 carcinoma. She’s had three strokes, back to back.

Lyons said that his wife could just barely whisper — she was practically dead. At Lyons’ request, her doctors gave his wife budesonide and she immediately improved. She could talk. However, her doctor was concerned that the nebulizer was spreading the virus and stopped the treatment. Now, his wife can only whisper again.

Dr. Bartlett said that he would give Lyon a copy of his paper which cites 51 studies which shows that this issue of the nebulizer spreading the virus has been studied and found to be not valid. Debbie said that the PDF version of Dr. Bartlett’s paper can be found on her site America, Can We Talk? under “Blogs” [However, I didn’t see it there]. She says that lots of people, including MDs, from around the world have been requesting a copy of his paper since his first July 2 appearance on her show.

Francisco Bejarno (aka “JB”), one of Dr. Bartlett’s patients, described his experience. He was ill for about 10 days, just lying in bed and wrote his will because he thought he was going to die. When he checked his oxygen level with a pulse oximeter, he found that his oxygen was between 86-92. A normal level is 96-98. Dr. Bartlett said that when the oxygen saturation level is below 90, he refers people to be admitted to the hospital.

After a friend died of COVID-19, JB knew he had to do something to save himself and he found a way to contact Dr. Bartlett. The night he started taking the budesonide was the first night he could rest because he knew he was going to survive. The second day he felt better. By the eighth day, he felt fabulous. He got tested on the 10th day – and the test came out negative.

JB drove six hours to appear on the show – taking time away from his roofing business. – to get the word out that there is hope. Dr. Bartlett said, “There are several treatment options available and this is one that worked for him. He’s trying to tell the people that there’s good news.” Dr. Bartlett said that Debbie’s show is helping people realize that they may not need to be on a ventilator or get a vaccine.

Dr. Richard Bartlett Is Running For Congress

West Texas doctor announces bid for Congress shows that Dr. Bartlett entered the race last September.

The September 17, 2019 article says:

Dr. Richard Bartlett has practiced medicine in West Texas for 30 years, but is entering the political arena to have input on some of the nation’s most pressing issues such as health care, immigration and national security, he said. “A battle is being waged in the halls of Congress, a struggle for the soul of America, and it is designed to unravel the fabric of the constitution and weaken the home of the brave,” he told audience members. “The scary thing is there are people in Congress who want to erase our history and replace it with a radical socialist agenda that denies our American exceptionalism.”

Sheriff Mike Griffis endorsed Bartlett, who is a longtime friend, and described him as a candidate with “common sense and some great values.” In 2002, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry appointed Bartlett to the Health Disparities Taskforce. He was previously elected by colleagues to serve as president of the Ector County Medical Society for four consecutive terms.

Bartlett is a Permian High School alumnus and received his medical degree from Texas Tech University.

The physician has also participated in volunteer missions to offer medical care to those in need around the world. Over the years he has traveled to India, Iraq, Guatemala, Lebanon, Thailand, Argentina, Ethiopia, Egypt and Serbia helping patients.

“My purpose in life has been and always will be to serve others,” he said. “I pledge to you, I will staunchly defend the American principles of the constitution, individual liberty, limited government, rule of law and faith in our creator.” Bartlett said he will bring knowledge gleaned from serving as a personal advisor to Perry and his experiences in other countries to the position if he wins.

However, Odessa man drops from Congressional run due to other ‘like-minded’ candidate shows that Dr. Bartlett withdrew from the race 10 days after announcing his run because a similar candidate had entered the race. Dr. Bartlett withdrew to avoid splitting the vote.

Using Cortisone, Vitamin C, Blood Thinner To Treat COVID-19

Local Hospital Using Experimental Drug Treatment in Hopes of Saving Lives of COVID-19 Patients reports from Houston:

Because there is no known cure for COVID-19, doctors around the country are experimenting with treatments in an effort to save lives. One top doctor at United Memorial Medical Center said a cocktail of drugs used in the past to treat major infections is providing 100% success with his COVID-19 patients. That treatment is a combination of cortisone, large doses of vitamin C and a blood thinner.

Dr. Joseph Varon says it shows great promises for treating COVID-19. “To date, we have 0% mortality at United Memorial Medical Center. Zero percent. I know it’s too good for people to believe in this but it’s working,” Dr. Varon said. The drug protocol isn’t new. He said it’s been used for years to treat cases of sepsis. Currently, a dozen patients are being treated with it at his hospital. He said 20 others have been treated and released.”

One of the patients treated was Missouri City Councilman Jeff Boney, who spent seven days in ICU due to COVID-19, but was released April 5. “All I can do is look at the fact that I’m standing here right now and feeling very well and knowing how I felt before I entered into ICU, his regime, what they did for me and the doctors and the medical staff did for me worked for me,” Boney said.

Dr. Varon admits the treatment is still scientifically unproved, much like hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug touted as a game changer by President Donald Trump. But Dr. Varon is collecting data along with other doctors who are using the same treatment. “I am hoping that other people have the same result that we have. We have a consortium of five intensive care doctors across the United States that are using this same protocol and we all have very similar results,” Dr. Varon said.

Larger, longer, double blind studies will be required to determine if the treatment is safe and effective for everyone or to see if it has unknown side effects. But Dr. Varon compares the current crisis to being at war as casualties mount daily. “Yes there is a need to do a study and all the things that people say. But at this time, if I see that something is working, I’m not going to let my patients die,” he said. Dr. Varon said the national Coronavirus Task Force, under the command of Vice President Mike Pence, has contacted him and currently examining his data.

See China and New York Use Vitamin C For COVID-19! for more information.

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