MDs: No Reason To Fear COVID-19 Now!

By Neenah Payne

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

Since early March, Americans have been gripped in fear of dying from COVID-19 which we have been told is a deadly pandemic that could kill millions of Americans. The World Health Organization, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Bill Gates, and the media have warned us that we must self-quarantine, wear masks, social distance, and go through a lockdown that closed schools and “non-essential” businesses – including restaurants.

However, the effects of these “health” policies have been catastrophic. They have thrown millions of people out of work, half of restaurants are expected never to reopen, our food chain has been severely disrupted, there have been a record number of suicides. CDC Director Robert Redfield said that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19 among high school students. Almost 30 Million Americans Went Hungry Last Week As Recovery Stalls. Millions of Americans are now expected to lose their homes. Has the “remedy” been far worse than the disease?

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Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in London made the projections of millions of deaths which were later discovered to be based on a faulty model and he resigned in disgrace. Dr. Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization admitted in May that the world should have followed Sweden’s model (herd immunity) rather than China’s model (lockdown).

Yet, the health policies remain the same as Bill Gates tells the world we cannot go fully back to normal until we get his rushed vaccine. Is there a much better option – perhaps three proven treatments? See Good News About COVID-19: Three Potentially Effective Treatments for all three approaches. This article focuses on the treatment used by America’s Firstline Doctors.

America’s Frontline Doctors Inform and Heal America!

America’s Frontline Doctors held their first press conference outside the Supreme Court of the United States on July 27. Their main message was that Americans no longer need fear COVID-19 because the FDA-approved drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has proven to be an effective treatment. Read the transcript of their press conference.

America’s Frontline Doctors site said before it was blocked:

American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign. We can speculate on how this has happened, and why it has continued, but the purpose of the inaugural White Coat Summit is to empower Americans to stop living in fear. If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease.

The press conference was aired by Breitbart. America’s Frontline Doctors held the first day of the two-day summit on July 27 and it was aired by Breitbart. The second day of the summit was scheduled for 8:30AM-1PM on July 28 but was not broadcast.

Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We Will Not Be Silenced! says:

Less than 24 hours after the Frontline Doctors first press conference in Washington D.C. was censored and removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and after having their own website knocked offline in an attempt to silence them, the doctors were back in front of the steps of the Supreme Court building today (Tuesday, July 28, 2020) for their second press conference, at great risk to their lives, their families, and their jobs, as they remained determined to bring the truth directly to the American people that a cure for COVID exists, and that the public does not need to cower in fear anymore.

Dr. Simone Gold said:

We are finally coming forward, at great personal and professional costs to ourselves. We’re tired of seeing patients die in front of us, and we’re even more upset to see the spider web of fear that is enveloping the American public. When there’s a treatment, there’s a cure. People have been afraid to say that. But what else do you call it if you give somebody the medication early, and it aborts the disease process? We’re coming after you Big Tech. We’re coming after you. We won’t be silenced. The First Amendment is first for a reason. There’s thousands of us.

America’s Frontline Doctors Defend America!

Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference says:

Facebook has removed a video posted by Breitbart News earlier today, which was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon, of a press conference in D.C. held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently removed footage of the press conference as well.

The video accumulated over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with over 185,000 concurrent viewers.

The event, hosted by the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney, and made up of medical doctors, came together to address what the group calls a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus. Norman also spoke at the event.

“If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease,” reads the event’s information page. The event was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook company spokesman, Andy Stone, told Breitbart News. The company did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information,” who it consulted to make that ruling, and on what basis it was made.

Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We Will Not Be Silenced! shows that America’s Frontline Doctors are ready to stand up to Big Tech to rescue Americans! That was after their website was taken down and the second day of their Summit had been blocked! These doctors will not be stopped on their mission. We must support them now!

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Below is the abbreviated testimony of Dr. Stella Immanuel from the July 27 press conference.

Hello, I’m Dr. Stella Immanuel. I’m a primary care physician in Houston, Texas. I went to medical school in West Africa, Nigeria, where I took care of malaria patients, treated them with hydroxychloroquine.

So I’m actually used to these medications. I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID. Patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood pressure, patients that have asthma, old people … I think my oldest patient is 92 … 87 year olds. And the result has been the same.

I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc, I put them on Zithromax, and they’re all well.

For the past few months, after taking care of over 350 patients, we’ve not lost one. Not a diabetic, not somebody with high blood pressure, not somebody with asthma, not an old person. We’ve not lost one patient. I’ve put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention, because by the very mechanism of action, it works early and as a prophylaxis. We see patients, 10 to 15 COVID patients, every day. We give them breathing treatments. We only wear surgical masks. None of us has gotten sick. It works.

So right now, I came here to Washington DC to say, America, nobody needs to die. The study that made me start using hydroxychloroquine was a study that they did under the NIH in 2005 that says it works. Recently, I was doing some research about a patient that had hiccups and I found out that they even did a recent study in the NIH, which is our National Institute Health. They treated a patient that had hiccups with hydroxychloroquine and it proved that hiccups is a symptom of COVID.

Freedom of Information and Choice in America

Tucker Carlson: Big Tech censors COVID-19 video featuring doctors says:

Social media giants pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research and they hid it from the public.

Tucker points out the possible political motivations for blocking the information from America’s Frontline Doctors and access to HCQ. He says:

Yesterday, the news site Breitbard posted a video of a group of physicians giving a press conference about medical advance in the fight against COVID-19. Seventeen million people saw that video, the president retweeted it. This enraged Democrats. Any scientific advancement that reduces the suffering of Americans in an election year is a threat to Joe Biden’s campaign. So, they decided to pull that video off the internet.

Tucker adds:

Big Tech censored science. They pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research and they hid that video from the public…. You’re not allowed to watch these physicians on YouTube tonight, but we can show them to you here.

Ohio Banning Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of COVID-19 said:

Ohio is banning the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19 beginning Thursday, according to the Ohio Department of Health. ODH Press Secretary Melanie Amato said the drug is not an effective treatment for COVID-19. She stated that Board of Pharmacy rule 4729:5-5-21 of the Administrative Code will go into effect Thursday, banning its distribution. The rule prohibits selling or dispensing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. The ODH announcement comes just days after new information was made public about the success of hydroxychloroquine – actually calling it a cure for COVID-19.

The article adds:

The Ohio Department of Health purchased two million of doses of the drug earlier this year and later was given two millions more doses by an Ohio drug-maker. None of which has been dispensed to the public for use, say sources. About 22 states bought up large quantities of the drug – some 30 million doses, saying they wanted to have a supply on hand. Shortly thereafter, the Food and Drug Administration announced that hydroxychloroquine is not effective against COVID-19 and advised doctors not to prescribe it. Amato said the ODH will be returning the donated medication to the drug maker…Hydroxychloroquine has been around for decades. It is a quinoline medicine used to treat or prevent malaria. Numerous medical professionals believe it is effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

Governor Protects Ohio’s Access to HCQ

Ohio pharmacy board withdraws rule prohibiting use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 says:

Gov. DeWine said in a statement Thursday that prescribing hydroxychloroquine should be decided between a doctor and a patient. Hours after Governor Mike DeWine asked the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to reconsider its decision banning the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat COVID-19 in Ohio, the board has withdrawn the rule.

The board said the decision was made “as a result of the feedback received by the medical and patient community and at the request of Governor DeWine.” “This will allow the Board to reexamine the issue with the assistance of the State Medical Board of Ohio, clinical experts, and other stakeholders to determine appropriate next steps,” the board said in a statement.

DeWine said Thursday morning he thought the decision to use the drugs should be made between a doctor and a patient. “The Board of Pharmacy and the State Medical Board of Ohio should revisit the issue, listen to the best medical science, and open the process up for comment and testimony from experts,” DeWine said.

The article adds:

The use of the drugs to treat the coronavirus has been controversial. They have been prescribed to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the Food and Drug Administration said. In May, President Donald Trump defended his use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19, saying it was his decision to make. The FDA revoked its emergency use authorization for the drugs to treat COVID-19 in June and in July posted a review of safety issues related to that use. The FDA said there are reports of serious heart rhythm problems, blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure.

Note: America’s Frontline Doctors fully addressed all of these concerns in their press conferences and White Coats Summit. They explained in detail why there is no risk in the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. They discussed the mistakes made in using doses of HCQ that were too high in some tests done by the National Institutes of Health and others. They assured Americans that at the correct low does, HCQ poses zero risks.

Dr. Simone Gold Organized America’s Frontline Doctors

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board-certified emergency physician in Los Angeles, CA and has over 31 years of experience in the medical field. She is affiliated with Centinela Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Gold graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York.

Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the front-lines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban and the Native American population. Her legal work focuses on policy issues relating to law and medicine.

Dr. Gold brought all these doctors from various states and disciplines together to speak to the American public and silence the fears that have crippled the nation. She is a powerful, fearless, passionate advocate for American health.

The brave and dedicated MDs came to the nation’s capital to give Americans the good news.

Safe HCQ COVID-19 Treatment Is Inexpensive

In the video at: (now removed), Dr. Gold explained that hydroxychloroquine is safer than Tylenol and aspirin. She says that there is no safety issue with this drug — look at the FDA database. The American Heart Association site also shows that there is no safety issue whatsoever. Dr. Gold says that hydroxychloroquine is as close to a magic bullet as she has ever seen in her 20 years of practicing as an emergency physician. Every time she has used it, patients have improved — typically within 12-24 hours. If it is used early, the turnaround is dramatic!

She said everyone should do a Google search and look for articles on hydroxychloroquine before January 2020 when there was absolutely no controversy around this drug. It’s been FDA approved for 55 years. It’s given to children, pregnant women, immune-compromised people, to the elderly, to healthy patients. There’s tons of data to support that. It’s only a media fiction that there’s controversy.

Dr. Gold said that suppression of hydroxychloroquine is a crime against humanity. Depriving people of access to hydroxychloroquine is killing people. This is a life-saving medication that is extremely safe. It would change everything. When she recently interviewed Dr. Harvey Richem Professor of Epidemiology at Yale, he said that if we had had a liberal hydroxychloroquine policy, we would have saved 50-75% of the people who have already died. That means that around 70,000 of the 100,000 people who died would be alive now. She discussed how the tide turned in France when the evidence of the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine was so overwhelming.

Dr. Gold said that when people know that they have a pill in their pocket that they can take if they need it, it changes everything. Americans don’t have to be afraid. There is ZERO question about the safety of hydroxychloroquine. It is much safer than many of the OTC drugs that we use routinely. When taken early, hydroxychloroquine is pretty much a cure although it can cut mortality dramatically also when taken later. Dr. Gold said that hydroxychloroquine is a cure for COVID-19. She says that if hydroxychloroquine were more available, we would avoid lockdowns and mask requirements!

The fear people have has no factual basis but the public has been fed a lot of misinformation. She doesn’t talk about the masks. She just wants to treat people’s fear. Once people know that if they get this disease, there is a treatment for it, their entire attitude will change.

Dr. Gold is consulting with lawyers now to see how to make hydroxychloroquine more available to the public. She says that we need to get this drug into the hands of the people. When you compares the results of countries where hydroxychloroquine is widely available to those of countries where it is not, the differences are startling! The differences in mortality rates is quite dramatic. There are 65 million doses of hydroxychloroquine available that would cost about $10-15 for the whole treatment! Dr. Gold said that she gets texts and emails every day from patients who want to get hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Gold called on President Trump to issue an Executive Order to make it clear that doctors can prescribe hydroxychloroquine off label safely. State governors have been abusive toward physicians who want to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. Even the FDA has said that hydroxychloroquine can only be used in clinical trials — which is completely false. There is a lawsuit now against the FDA for saying that.

Henry Ford Study on Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows says:

Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects, according to a new study published by Henry Ford Health System.

In a large-scale retrospective analysis of 2,541 patients hospitalized between March 10 and May 2, 2020 across the system’s six hospitals, the study found 13% of those treated with hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4% not treated with hydroxychloroquine. None of the patients had documented serious heart abnormalities; however, patients were monitored for a heart condition routinely pointed to as a reason to avoid the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

The study was published today in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, the peer-reviewed, open-access online publication of the International Society of Infectious Diseases ( Patients treated with hydroxychloroquine at Henry Ford met specific protocol criteria as outlined by the hospital system’s Division of Infectious Diseases. The vast majority received the drug soon after admission; 82% within 24 hours and 91% within 48 hours of admission. All patients in the study were 18 or over with a median age of 64 years; 51% were men and 56% African American.

“The findings have been highly analyzed and peer-reviewed,” said Dr. Marcus Zervos, division head of Infectious Disease for Henry Ford Health System, who co-authored the study with Henry Ford epidemiologist Samia Arshad. “We attribute our findings that differ from other studies to early treatment, and part of a combination of interventions that were done in supportive care of patients, including careful cardiac monitoring.

Our dosing also differed from other studies not showing a benefit of the drug. And other studies are either not peer reviewed, have limited numbers of patients, different patient populations or other differences from our patients.”

The video in the article shows that hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients cut the death rate in half!

The article adds:

Zervos said the potential for a surge in the fall or sooner, and infections continuing worldwide, show an urgency to identifying inexpensive and effective therapies and preventions.

“We’re glad to add to the scientific knowledge base on the role and how best to use therapies as we work around the world to provide insight,” he said. “Considered in the context of current studies on the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, our results suggest that the drug may have an important role to play in reducing COVID-19 mortality.”

The study also found those treated with azithromycin alone or a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin also fared slightly better than those not treated with the drugs, according to the Henry Ford data. The analysis found 22.4% of those treated only with azithromycin died, and 20.1% treated with a combination of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine died, compared to 26.4% of patients dying who were not treated with either medication.

“Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped saves lives,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO, Henry Ford Medical Group and Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Henry Ford Health System. “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight. And the data here is clear that there was benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”

Truth — Freedom — Health

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a Fulbright scholar who has four doctorate degrees from MIT and holds the patent on the invention of email! He is running for the US Senate from Massachusetts on the platform of “Truth, Freedom, Health”. In his interview “Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV,” Dr. Shiva says we are moving toward a top down medical system totally controlled by Big Pharma, Big Ag, and big vaccine manufacturers. The utopia of the “elite” has 17 goals and an immunization. The 20/30 document says to achieve those goals, everyone must be immunized – vaccinate everyone!

In his open letter to President Trump, Dr. Shiva warned that Dr. Fauci and his CDC colleagues have led us down the path of corporate solutions that are not in the best interests of the American people. Their policies have led America to the highest infant mortality rates and the lowest longevity rates in the Western world! Dr. Shiva explains that medicine should never be based on “one size fits all”. It should recognize that people are at very different levels of health and thus vulnerability. He divides Americans into four categories and recommends a protocol for each group. He says healthy people should return to work immediately.

Dr. Gold Was Fired — But Is Still Courageously Fighting for Us!

The great risks these courageous MDs are taking in telling the public about their success in using HCQ to treat COVID-19 is shown by the fact that Dr. Gold was fired shortly after their DC summit!

Frontline ER Doctor From Viral HCQ Video Fired From Job (Updated). In her interview with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Gold pointed out that she has been celebrated as a hero in her role as an ER doctor. For months, the media has encouraged Americans to cheer ER doctors and nurses and people have gone to their windows, balconies, and yards at 7PM each night to celebrate these heroes.

Now, however, when one of these brave MDs shares news about an inexpensive, safe, FDA-approved treatment for COVID-19 that is saving lives, the news is censored by the Tech Titans and Dr. Gold was fired from her job – in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Dr. Gold said that she has learned that the video of the press conference by America’s Frontline Doctors was the most viral in history with 18 million views – even though Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pulled the video! Dr. Gold said their website host @Squarespace arbitrarily shut down their website, claiming a violation of their terms of service. She said “We are a group of physicians advocating for a better understanding of COVID-19 and its available treatment options.”

People can see the press conferences at the new website:
The second video at: includes Congressman Rob Norman of South Carolina shown below.

Clearly Americans want to hear the good news these doctors want to tell us and want access to an effective, safe, inexpensive treatment for COVID-19 – but someone wants to keep us from hearing this news and having access to HCQ. Why is that? Does someone have a vested interested in keeping Americans locked down, sick, dying, masked, afraid – and waiting for a rushed expensive vaccine?

Who is it that is so afraid of Americans getting cured and America quickly going back to normal that they would deprive us of this life-saving medication and fire a brave doctor who told us about it?

Denying Americans access to HCQ is a crime that has already caused the unnecessary deaths of over 70,000 people. So, the people blocking this information are guilty of mass murder. Who gains by keeping Americans afraid and waiting for a vaccine? Follow the money and politics.

Sign up and donate to America’s Frontline Doctors at:

You Can Help Save Lives and Restore America Now!

Dr. Richard Urso who also spoke at the press conference of America’s First Line Doctors said:

We cannot let our patients die without treatment. And that’s the major thing that’s happened. We’ve been told to hide in our houses, wear a mask, and wait for a vaccine. That’s not a strategy. We have a strategy. Hydroxychloroquine works. Withholding it from patients is shameful.

America’s Frontline Doctors have shown that the problem we face now is not COVID-19. It is the exaggerated fear and resulting destructive policies. Now, we know we have nothing to fear but fear itself! The courageous Frontline Doctors are asking Americans to call their senators and representatives to request that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) be made available as an over the counter drug in America now – as it is in many other countries.

When you call (202) 224-3121, you will reach a live operator or an automated system and be put in touch with the offices of your representatives in the Senate and House. Leave a short message asking them to support the request of America’s Frontline Doctors to make hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) available as an over-the-counter drug so it will be easier to cure COVID-19 quickly and easily and end this crisis that is crippling America now.

It is now up to the American people to demand access to HCQ for COVID-19 so we can get fully back to normal NOW – not the “new normal”, but the real normal with restaurants fully open, kids in school, no masks, no lockdown, no social distancing – and no mandatory vaccine.

We don’t have to march in the streets and risk arrest to get America back on track quickly and easily. All we have to do now is pick up the phone and ask our reps to make HCQ an OTC drug.

Will you make that powerful call today?

If not you – who?

If not now – when?

Top image: Forbes

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