Now Casting: Planet of the Shark Tank – Survivor – Bachelorette To Maybe Save the Earth! From Wireless!

By Patricia Burke

Now Casting! For the hybrid fantasy romance survival action series “Planet of the Shark Tank Survivor Bachelorette!”

The search is on…. for eligible men who are looking for true love! With one gorgeous, perfect planet! Do you have the charm, style, class and culture to be our next star—or do you know someone who does?”

The Planet of the Shark Tank – Survivor – Bachelorette seeks eligible suitors capable of courting Mother Earth, while rejecting a falsified “environmental” vision that threatens her very survival.


Seeking healers of the human-nature rift, Including but not limited to,

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1. Arborist/researcher who works to protect trees, who recognizes that nature and humans must be sustained within a healthy, natural electromagnetic environment in order to thrive; and that the current “always wireless all the time” threatens tree and forest survival. For example: In a nine-year study on the effect of radiation from cellphone towers on nearby trees, researchers found that the electromagnetic emissions they produce cause ‘high-level damage’ to trees within range of the masts.

The study was conducted in Bamberg and Hallstadt, Germany using over 100 trees. After recording photographic and observational data, along with a measurement of electromagnetic radiation in the area, the scientists found that radiation did cause significant damage to nearby trees.

“This constitutes a danger for trees worldwide,” the researchers say, calling for more “scientific research on trees under the real radio-frequency field conditions.”

Also noted in the study is the fact that natural electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Earth and Sun does not have the same adverse effect as exposure to unnatural radiation, but most scientists seem uninterested in conducting further research on the topic. “These results are consistent with the fact that damage inflicted on trees by cellphone towers usually start on one side, extending to the whole tree over time.” – Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, Study Author [SOURCE]

In fact, this isn’t the first study to conclude that wireless radiation has a harmful effect on plant life. In 2010, researchers in the Netherlands conducted a study on the impact of Wi-Fi on deciduous trees and concurred that exposure led to signs of radiation sickness such as “bleeding and fissures in the bark,” and a “lead-like shine” on their leaves.

“In the Netherlands, a whopping 70% of urban trees are suffering from radiation poisoning, up from only 10% five years ago,” Popular Science reports. SOURCE: Waking Times

2. Ecologist capable of critical thought who does not blame only chemicals for threats to the bee, bird, and pollinator population, but who recognizes that artificial EMFs also threaten species’ survival, because humans have the capability to recognize more than one stressor or causal link.


3. Medical researcher who has the ability to recognize that there are risks associated with wireless exposures other than cancer, and who recognizes cancer as a health risk, because medical researchers should not employ strategies from the tobacco industry. Extra points for researchers who recognize the risks of wireless smart meters, like the Santa Cruz health officer, but late awakeners will not be penalized


4. Physician who works in the field of functional and environmental medicine, not to perform surgery and prescribe drugs, but to reconnect Mother Earth and her inhabitants with their own healing capabilities, who recognizes that nature and humans must be sustained neurologically, within a healthy, natural electromagnetic environment in order to thrive; and that the current “always wireless all the time” threatens humanity’s survival.

FOR EXAMPLE: Dr Klinghardt describes the relationship between the pineal gland, W-LAN, 5G and toxins such as glyphosate and aluminium.

(NOTE: Doctors who have referred electrically sensitive patients for psychiatric care and ridiculed environmental illness need not apply.)

5. Teacher in the field of childhood education, who does not blindly endorse remote learning and the digital classroom, who seeks to connect children with nature, who recognizes that children must be sustained neurologically, within a healthy, natural electromagnetic environment in order to thrive; and that the current “always wireless all the time” threatens children’s ability to learn and to thrive.

(NOTE: Extra points for Waldorf orientation to restrict use of tech, and to teach according to developmental needs of children).

(NOTE: Extra Extra points for ability to distinguish between internet access and broadband and unnecessary wireless connectivity, when hard wired is safer and more secure.)

(NOTE: Educators promoting medications for children, without independent, science-based investigation of impact of wireless exposures on autism and ADD ADHD and other childhood chronic illness rates must undergo additional scrutiny and application procedure to determine if they have sufficiently recovered from sleepwalking through corporate agendas.)

6. Sleep researcher with the common sense not to test subjects in a sleep center or with a wireless transmitter, but to test subjects in their own homes, while simultaneously testing for utility grid data transmissions, satellite transmissions, weather monitoring, data dumps and other nighttime radio frequency activity that is reportedly interfering with the ability of humans to sleep, which is a form of torture prohibited by international law.

(NOTE Extra points for admitting that the full and new moons also have electromagnetic properties that affect all of nature. Because all life is electromagnetic.)

7. Farmer schooled in biodynamic agriculture because Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. Because biodynamic agriculture invites us to develop a conscious and creative conversation with nature. By observing, sensing, and listening to the land, we develop intimate relationships with our unique farm organisms and expand our capacities for perception, reflection, and imagination. Biodynamics is not a fixed recipe or prescription. Cultivating awareness strengthens our ability to work creatively with the dynamics of the land and wider bioregion to bring the vibrancy of the farm organism to full expression. SOURCE:

8. Urban planner/master gardener who recognizes that “the principles and practices of biodynamics can be applied anywhere food is grown, with thoughtful adaptation to scale, landscape, climate, and culture,” who recognizes that the idea of sensor-driven smart cities and smart agriculture belongs in the compost bin. Like Toronto’s failed smart city:

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs shuts down Toronto smart city project
The high-tech ‘city-within-a-city’ drew criticism from local residents

9. Telecommunications expert from the cable industry who is willing to break ranks with the wireless industry and admit that the current “always wireless all the time” paradigm is destroying health and serving as a cover for a surveillance-capable technocracy, because why should the cable industry let the planet be blanketed with satellites and base stations when they can provide connectivity safely and more securely via hard wiring? Broadband access as a human right is not the same thing as wireless access.

10. Electrical engineering professional who recognizes that nature and humans must be sustained neurologically, within a healthy, natural electromagnetic environment, in order to thrive; and that the current “always wireless all the time” threatens Mother Earth’s survival. For example, Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine, Senior Member IEEE,

(NOTE: Engineering professionals who promote 30-year-old outdated irrelevant FCC guidelines, who’ve ridiculed environmental illness and/or practiced medicine without a license to testify on behalf of the telecom and utility industries against medically vulnerable customers are NOT eligible.)

(NOTE: Anyone who has noted that sunlight causes cancer as a way of dismissing concerns about man-made unnatural radio frequencies is ineligible, including tobacco scientists working for the wireless industry.)

11. Media Expert/Investigative Journalist willing to accurately report concerns about 5G – not the widely promoted idea that opponents to 5G fear that the millimeter waves transmit covid-19, but the actual truth that opponents to 5G oppose the lack of premarket safety testing and research, the effect of millimeter waves on the skin, which is alive and not dead, and the effect of radio frequency exposures on the immune system, fertility, neuropsychological system, and blood brain barrier, to name a few.

(NOTE: reports that opposition to 5G threatens the economy or will cause the US to lose the race against China render the applicant disqualified from courting Mother Earth.)

(NOTE: Writers for Verizon-5G partner New York Times Need Not Apply)

12. Environmental Climate Concerned Expert who recognizes that the current paradigm of time-of-use electric rates, electric vehicles, industrial-scale wind and solar, and other industrial/utility driven/telecom/political/economic/internet of things/5G/collegiate/university/environmental/ agendas have nothing at all to do with sustainability, conservation, or earth stewardship.

13. Auto Mechanic willing to question wisdom, energy consumption, and safety of autonomous vehicles, especially in contrast to public transportation.



Americans Still Don’t Trust Autonomous Vehicles: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

14. Firefighter willing to admit that smart meters and other wireless devices are fire hazards

15. Insurance Adjuster willing to admit that smart meters cause house fires and other hazards.

Utilities Remove Burned Smart Meter Evidence from Fire Scenes

16. Military Expert willing to admit that 5G is a military-grade technology and not a consumer product.

5G, the New Track of the Arms Race

17. Human Rights and Fair Housing Advocate willing to admit that the plight of the electrosensitive population matters, and that every individual – whether allergic to peanut butter, or vulnerable to covid-19, or adversely affected by radio frequency exposure or other environmental stressors, deserves a place to live and deserves to be safe from assault by toxins in their own home.

(NOTE: extra credit for recognition of horrific human cost of E-waste.)

18. Politician not in the pocket of telecom and utility and pharmaceutical and chemical and fossil fuel and other damaging industries.

(NOTE: There will be significant investigation of both familial and financial ties for all political applicants.)

19. Yoga teacher who recognizes that yoga poses are not designed for stress reduction or increased flexibility or for exercise, but that yoga is designed to harmonize the human energy field with the earths’ electromagnetic energy field which is encoded in time, which is frequency. Extra points for recognition of the meridian system of oriental medicine as a tool for practitioners to perceive, diagnose, address, rebalance and heal energy imbalances before they manifest as illness by harmonizing with the earth’s natural electromagnetic fields. Must have hardwired internet and minimal or no cellphone use and promote same to student community

20. Religious Leader willing to address human rights violations caused by involuntary ubiquitous exposures to microwave radio frequencies. Although the Pope is technically not eligible to date Mother Earth, if he removes cell antennas from church steeples and calls for a moratorium on 5G, he will receive special consideration from the show’s producers. In addition, due to heavy karma between the church and the calendar and witches and time, which is actually frequency, the Pope may be granted a token of advantage.

(NOTE: Pope Francis will also receive extra credit for his cautions concerning artificial intelligence, but must guard against being exploited by industry.)

21. Any Applicant Who Does Not Regularly, Unconsciously, or Addictively Use a Cellphone or Tablet, and Who Uses a Hard-Wired Internet Connection So As To Be a More Responsible Planetary Citizen, and Who Is Already Seeking to Reduce Their ElectroSmog Footprint,

And, Any Employer Providing Hard-Wired Internet and Not Requiring Cellphone Use,

and Any Decision-maker Who is Providing a Wifi Free Environment

22. Actor following lead of Woody Harrelson and John Cusack; brave, intelligent, courageous and truthful enough to be willing to challenge the lemming-like public narrative of 5G.

(NOTE: learn more: Must be as handsome or more handsome than John Cusack, and single, not betrothed to any other planet.)

P.S. Must Love Dogs!

P.P.S. All applicants with sincere desire to re-right humanity’s relationship with technology are urged to urgently apply!


Reducing Energy Use and EMR Exposure

Excerpts and Resources Courtesy An Electronic Silent Spring

Internet Footprint Flyer:

The Cloud Begins with Coal: An Overview of the Electricity Used by the Global Digital Ecosystem by Mark P. Mills, CEO, Digital Group, August 2013.

“The Monster footprint of digital technology: The power consumption of our high-tech machines and devices is hugely underestimated,” by Kris de Decker.

Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet by Kris De Decker

How Much Energy Do We Need? by Kris De Decker

Are there limits to growth in data traffic? Mike Hazas, Janine Morley, Oliver Bates, Adrian Friday, Lancaster University

E-lephants in Our Hands: How Electronics Impact Climate Change
A Talk By Katie Singer given at The University of Oregon/Eugene Environmental Law Conference, March 4, 2016

Eat, Sleep, Click: The Bicycle-Powered Internet (2012)
Read Jane Anne Morris’ excellent piece about the real amount of energy used to power the Internet.

Assessing ICT global emissions footprint: Trends to 2040 & recommendations
Lotfi Belkhir

“There’s No App for That: Technology and Morality in the Age of Climate Change, Overpopulation and Biodiversity Loss,” by Richard Heinberg (Post-Carbon Institute)
If you want a big picture about technology’s place in our lives and its energy demands–and the line where humans must make our own ethical decisions, behavior changes and sacrifices, please read this manifesto.

“Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem, and Why Technology Won’t Save Us”
Heinberg explains that our biggest problem is overshoot: “Society is addicted to growth, and that’s having terrible consequences for the planet and, increasingly, for us as well. We have to change our collective and individual behavior and give up something we depend on–power over our environment…. Machines won’t make the key choices that will set us on a sustainable path. Systemic change driven by moral awakening: it’s not just our last hope; it’s the only real hope we’ve ever had.”

“When You Binge-Watch ‘Mad Men,’ You Might Be Killing the Planet: Why the explosion of streaming video could make global warming worse,” by Kent Finley

“How Polluting is the Internet?” by Marcus Hurst, 2014
The efficiency of the Internet is unquestionable, but the fact that its ecological impact is less than other activities does not mean that it is harmless.

Could You Power Your Home With A Bike? NPR

“The Surprisingly Large Energy Footprint of the Digital Economy,” by Bryan Walsh.

“The Matrix Overloaded: Computers will use more electricity than the entire world can generate by 2040, tech experts claim,” by Jasper Hamil, 2016.

Inside a Massive Electronics Graveyard
Has anyone written about the amount of energy required to manufacture (and transport to consumers) the devices that access the Internet? In the Atlantic, Yepoka Yeebo recently described the impact that discarded devices (66 pounds per year per Westerner) have on one Ghanaian community.

Dig more coal — the PCs are coming by Peter W. Huber,, May 31, 1999.

The Power of Wireless Cloud
An analysis of the impact on energy consumption of the growing popularity of accessing cloud services via wireless devices

How Clean is Your Cloud?
Written by Gary Cook, Greenpeace International, April 2012

More Resources:

Art: Floris Freshman

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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