Comments of Patricia Burke to the FCC: FCC 19-226 Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

By Patricia Burke

For information on how to submit your own comments, please visit Physicians for Safe Technology here.

I am requesting independent, non-industry affiliated, pre-market health, environmental, and safety research regarding 5G technology.

I oppose any further deployment of new wireless telecommunications infrastructure, until such research is completed and independently vetted.

I am requesting independent, non-industry investigation of non-thermal impacts of radio frequency exposures – as a public health, human rights, and environmental emergency.

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And I am requesting that complaints of harm to human health and the environment be independently collected and analyzed by a non-industry, independent authority. Engineering measurements of juxtapositions of exposures as they correlate with areas of complaints, at the time of day that the complaint pertains to, including nighttime data transfers, should be instituted prior to any additional spectrum allocation or action by the FCC. Engineering measurements must be combined with skillful measurement of health symptoms, including accelerated heart rate; sleep disturbance; sleep interference; and sleep interruption; and other indications of physiological stress, by qualified, ethical health and research professionals, independent of industry influence.

Investigation does not imply measuring frequencies against an arbitrary standard and ignoring emerging concerns, but instead, conducting open-ended investigation that recognizes early warnings and the legitimacy and urgency of health complaints.

Given previous reports of harm, an agency independent of the FCC, with the sole responsibility to monitor health and environmental impacts, with access to full disclosure of all active transmitting frequencies from both earth and space, should already be investigating health, safety, and environmental complaints regarding wireless devices and infrastructure.

The FCC’s Tunnel Vision Approach to Broadband and Health

The FCC is currently conducting research to analyze statistics concerning cancer rates and broadband access, as reported by GovTech:

‘Double-burdened counties’ have both poor health outcomes and low broadband penetration, making connectivity a priority. High-speed Internet creates access to telehealth services for preventive and critical care.

“Social determinants of health” is a hot topic among government and health system executives. The phrase usually refers to basic food, housing and transportation disparities that can lead adjoining ZIP codes to have drastically different life expectancies. But could lack of broadband Internet access also be considered a social determinant of health? Many rural health advocates say yes, and they are trying to do something about it by pushing for the infrastructure to enable telehealth programs and remote patient monitoring.

Broadband is defined as high-speed, reliable Internet with actual download speeds of at least 25 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of at least 3 Mbps. It can be delivered via fiber, wireless, satellite, digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable. According to a 2019 Pew Trust report, 60 percent of health-care facilities outside of metro areas lack broadband access.

Researchers have a name for areas that have both low rates of home broadband and higher-than-national-average mortality rates for cancer and other diseases: “double-burdened counties.”

The Federal Communications Commission’s Connect2HealthFCC Task Force has created a mapping platform that allows for the overlay of cancer mortality and other disease conditions with broadband access coverage. This allows them to pinpoint hot spots. In these areas, for example Appalachia, the task force found that more than 70 percent of counties with the highest lung cancer incidence and mortality have rural broadband access below 50 percent.”

Poverty, Environmental Justice, vs. FCC Broadband Objectives

If the FCC can compile statistics concerning lack of broadband access and the supposed correlation to poor health to justify additional broadband, the United States can also compile accurate statistics of adverse health outcomes that are correlated with wireless exposures. While telehealth access may offer societal benefits, justifying wireless connectivity, including 5G, on the basis of cancer statistics is disingenuous, when wired connectivity is safer, faster, and more secure.

Will the FCC’s research note that the coal mining industry in Appalachia may be a more accurate predictor of lung cancer than lack of broadband access, or will corrupted decision-based evidence-making prevail? Every effort must be made, prior to 5G deployment, to insure that environmental justice communities are not further exploited by unsafe industry practices, and unrestrained industry ambitions.

It is remarkably alarming that the FCC and wireless industry have ignored the May 2011, World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classification of radio frequency exposures as a class 2B possible human carcinogen for 9 years.

In addition, the narrow focus on the question of cancer, with a long gestation period, is a strategy out of the tobacco playbook.

It is incredulous that the FCC and the industry have systematically ignored other health issues, including neurological and reproductive impacts of RF exposures.

Using lung cancer statistics in areas of abject poverty like Appalachia to justify wireless telehealth is pathological. Adding another environmental insult to so-called “double burdened communities” under the guise of health care will most likely place area residents in triple jeopardy

Three Implications of Covid-19

The covid-19 crisis has highlighted three societal priorities that have not informed decision-making regarding population-wide involuntary radio frequency exposures.

The first is that decision and policy makers have a responsibility to protect health-vulnerable citizens.

The second insight is that society can and should ask citizens to alter their behavior in order to protect the well-being of others.

The third insight is that decisions should not be made (by industry and government) on the basis of monetary impacts alone; health and human rights must weigh into the equation.

The FCC, FDA, ADA, HUD, IEEE, ICNIRP, have collectively failed to proactively address vulnerable populations in need of protective policies, including accommodation in residences. In particular the FCC has failed to due its due diligence in regard to health.

Regarding 5G

Regarding 5G, as noted by Physicians for Safe Technology,

“Researchers and physicians are concerned that the new proposed FCC guidelines are flawed in their assumptions of safety for the following reasons:

New guidelines for higher frequencies will still only consider heat effects, not biological effects demonstrated at non-thermal levels far below current safety guidelines, including reproductive, neurologic, immunologic and carcinogenic effects
There are no special considerations for pregnant women, children, the elderly, those with chronic illness or those who are electrosensitive.

New guidelines do not consider mechanisms of harm from non-ionizing radiation such as oxidation, calcium channel effects, resonance effects, radical pair mechanism (alteration of the spin sate of free radical)

There are scientific concerns with regards to injury to the skin and eyes with regards to higher frequencies. There is also evidence that metabolic dysregulation can occur through skin signaling.

There is a recognized absence of independent safety testing in higher Gigahertz and Tetrahertz frequency radiation.

Studies are typically performed on one frequency, not the mix of frequencies we will be exposed to.

Averaging radiation makes it appear that levels and exposure are very low, however, peak levels of radiation as well as modulation (pulsation) are known to be more harmful to biological and cellular processes..

Also regarding 5G, as stated this week by Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, AWT Magazine, Senior Member IEEE:

“The point is that, without a doubt, RF waves have the ability to alter living cells and DNA. Most studies use levels far beyond what we typically experience with existing systems. But, with 5G mmWave that will change. It is highly probable we will be constantly bombarded with such radiation and we do not have a good understanding of these types of environments on humans and animals.

The time has come to stop hiding behind old data (the FCC rules on this have not changed since 1996) and saying it is valid for mmWave frequencies – it is not. There is no doubt we will be deploying 5G radiators en masse. We need to have a clear understanding on exactly what this will do to humans and other living things.

A Scientific Paradigm That is Already in Existence to Address 5G and Other Wireless Health Concerns:
The Electromagnetic Properties of the Human Energy Field Are in the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Nobel prize was awarded in 2017 for recent findings in “chronobiology.” As reported by the Nobel prize committee,

The biological clock is involved in many aspects of our complex physiology. We now know that all multicellular organisms, including humans, utilize a similar mechanism to control circadian rhythms. A large proportion of our genes are regulated by the biological clock and, consequently, a carefully calibrated circadian rhythm adapts our physiology to the different phases of the day. Since the seminal discoveries by the three laureates, circadian biology has developed into a vast and highly dynamic research field, with implications for our health and wellbeing.

The “recent findings” by the Nobel laureates focused on genes. What activates the genes’ expression? The sun.

Early Chinese and Indian cultures developed vast bodies on knowledge regarding “chronobiology” and the relationship to the frequencies of the sun.

In mapping out the electromagnetic marma points, nadis, and the meridian pathways, traditional medicine cultures recognized that different areas of the skin respond differently to stimulation.

For example certain points of the skin and underlying tissue were determined to be vulnerable to blows in martial arts.

At the same time, healers and householders in ancient China and India recognized that they could activate an area of the skin and underlying tissue to affect an underlying organ with massage, and acupressure, as well as specific exercises including chi gong, tai chi, and yoga. This knowledge also forms the foundation for the professional practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, and Acupuncture.

Current FCC assumptions portray skin as an inanimate, irrelevant object with no intelligence in regard to the outer environment. This primitive and inaccurate assumption fails to incorporate recognition of the body’s remarkable inborn intelligence. Skin in not homogenous, from one person to another, and from one area of the body to another. For example, Chinese medicine recognizes a distinction between body surfaces with hair (yang) and those without (yin). Humans also vary in their conductivity, with women experiencing more variation in their hydration and electromagnetic properties, due to their menstrual cycles.

The models and assumptions about 5G and skin penetration as the basis of policy are unscientific and uninformed.

The necessary course correction towards wired connections whenever and wherever practical, with a rejection of the assumption that we can continue to commoditize the entire electromagnetic spectrum, could have and should have already begun.

I believe that when the appropriate research is conducted by the appropriate individuals, who are free of prejudice and free of opposition to the evolution of science, the diversity of health complaints will correlate with the framework of Chinese medicine for one simple reason:

The Meridians are the electromagnetic pathways of the human energy field.

Manmade, artificial radio frequencies are hitchhiking on the meridians, and hijacking human physiology.

As reported by the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

New Scientific Breakthrough Proves Why Acupuncture Works

Russian researchers in 1991 at The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, USSR, in a research project lasting several years, discovered how the human body conducts light. They found that the light conducting ability of the human body exists only along the meridians, and can enter and exit only along the acupuncture points.
Dr. Kaznachejew, a professor of physics said:

“This seems to prove that we have a light transferal system in our body somewhat like optical fiber. It appears that the light can even travel when the light canal is bent, or totally twisted. The light appears to be reflected from the inner surface, appearing to go in some sort of zigzag track. You can explain this through traditional electromagnetic light theory as it is used in optical fiber communications.”

This finding has been confirmed by a 1992 study in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a 2005 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine where moxibustion and infrared thermography were used to trace meridian pathways.

In addition, in 2019, an editorial for the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine asked:

Does Free Electrons Flow Through Specific Acupuncture Meridians?

As published in Acupuncture Today by Dwight Chien, Alumni Member ESATM

1. The Effect of Earthing on Human Physiology Part 2: Electrodermal Measurements; Gaetam Chavalier and Kazuhito Mori; Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 3, Page 11-34


As an individual who is electrosensitive, and with a long-standing study of both Chinese medicine and meridian yoga, I can give several examples of different situations that I have experienced over the last year.

Nighttime Bristol Vermont As A Diuretic

I attended a funeral in Bristol, Vermont and I stayed in an Air B and B downtown. There were most likely antennas on nearby rooftops at the same elevation as our room ( everything in town is 2 stories). There was a WiFi router in the hallway outside the room, and one of the other guests was gaming on a cellphone for much of the evening. In that environment I was unable to stop urinating, throughout the night…yet I did not feel thirsty, I felt overcharged and energized for the one night that I was in town.

I had the same experience staying in a home near powerlines in Medway, MA. In this situation, the body’s feedback loop regarding hydration is malfunctioning. In addition, in this situation, I am unable to sleep.

This experience implies that frequency can and does serve as a diuretic. Others have reported the same symptom onset in the presence of wireless frequencies, needing to eliminate in an off-rhythm way. In Chinese medicine, this translates to the Yang bodyguard meridian of the Bladder stepping in to protect the organism, and especially the Kidneys, by attempting to discharge perceived threat.

Frequent urination and a feeling of overcharge is one symptom that I experience in the presence of certain exposures. When I move away from the exposure, the symptom subsides. This is a repeatable, measurable, adverse health effect.

I remember reading that Russian athletes were experimenting the magnetic fields to see if it enhanced their performance. In the state of overcharge, I do access increased power, strength and endurance, temporarily, but it comes at a cost to health.

Maynard, Massachusetts Frequencies

While living in Maynard, Massachusetts, both my housemate and I were abruptly awoken nearly every night at 1 am and 4 am with heart arrhythmias and a generalized feeling of anxiety. Over time, we became aware that a biologically active, audible frequency was blanketing our home every 3 hours of the day and night. The lack of sleep was affecting our general health, digestion and immunity. I was forced out of the house every morning at 7 am by a feeling of assault or invasion, even though I received very little sleep. We were eventually forced to move.

This is a repeatable, measurable adverse health effect. In fact, sleep deprivation is recognized as a from of torture, and prohibited by international law.

We have the scientific capability to measure sleep quality and to measure frequency. Given the persistence and scope of sleep complaints, there is no plausible reason for not investigating complaints of harm.

Millis, Massachusetts

I am now living in Millis, Massachusetts; and as an electrically aware individual, I am experiencing frequencies throughout the day and night, but the physiological effects are different from Maynard, including a much more heightened feeling of brain pain and heat, and at different times than those in Maynard.

I also experience different symptoms when in National Grid vs. Eversource service territory. Whether the utility is responsible, or whether the grid is acting as an unintentional radiator, the utilities should be responding to both reports of harm, and requests for accommodation, in an effort to insure that access to an essential service is safely provided for all customers.

Smart Meters in California

I was living in Northern California when wireless smart utility meters were installed in 2008-2010, and a portion of the population and their health care providers recognized immediately that symptom onset corresponded to the introduction of the wireless infrastructure. In some cases, the onset was instant, and completely debilitating.

It is clear to me that following the smart meter debacle, the wireless and utility industries made the decision to make two changes in deployment of infrastructure.

First, the industries and corporations involved are not informing communities about the introduction and activation of invisible wireless frequencies.

Second, the industry is covertly yet gradually increasing the exposures to new frequencies into communities over time, and the frequencies are different in different communities.

This is a clear indication of human experimentation without knowledge and consent.

It would be more convenient for the industry if the frequencies were not detectable by sensitive individuals. But they are. The response has been bullying, outright dismissal, and ridicule.

Shocks Out of Thin Air

While checking out at the grocery store, I recently saw a cashier jump and recoil in pain, holding her hand. She had received a strong shock out of thin air to a point in the crook of her thumb that is very significant for Large Intestine functioning. I am certain that later, there were consequences for her elimination, but without a framework for understanding the relationship between the shock and her deep internal organ, it is unlikely that she would have been able to recognize the connection.

The entire wireless industry, along with pro-industry regulators, is doing the same thing,

A Lack of Understanding of the Fight or Flight Response, and The Damage Inflicted By Psychologists Promoting the Nocebo Theory

I had the opportunity to attend some of the court proceedings for the Fay School WiFi lawsuit held in Worcester, Massachusetts. Researcher Stacey Eltiti presented her observations on electro-sensitivity. Instead of actually measuring the correlation between exposures and symptoms, as has been done at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas, she presented her provocation studies.

Stacey Eltiti and her colleagues repeatedly tested individuals to see whether or not they could distinguish between a sham exposure and an actual exposure. Eltiti explained that a 15-minute wash-out was used between exposures.

One aspect of the fight-or-flight response is that the organism itself becomes re-wired to defend itself, and one strategy of nature is to rewire physiology for power and strength, and to reduce sensitivity to pain.

This is what happened to me in Bristol, Vermont. I was wired for battle. After the switch was flipped, there is no way that I could have determined whether a wireless frequency was on or off, until my physiology returned to a baseline.

The fight or flight response does not clear in 15 minutes. In fact, trauma specialists have found the half-life of some of the stress hormones remain in the body for over 72 hours, and trauma sufferers are encouraged to drink prolifically to help their bodies regain homeostasis.

The psychology field, and researchers like Stacy Eltiti, have caused tremendous harm to the electro-sensitive population by practicing outside their area of expertise. On the basis on an inadequate understanding of the very simple functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and the stress response, she has portrayed individuals as not actually experiencing harm. By substituting incorrect and irrelevant conclusions about the perceptive abilities of individuals, instead of actually quantifying the biological impacts, she has served the industry’s interests to ridicule and dismiss those experiencing health damage.

An Explanation of the Underlying Physiological Responses to Perceived Dangerous Exposures

I am an individual with a heightened perceptive capability to artificial frequencies. I am also a lightning strike survivor.

I am aware that in the presence of microwaves powering wireless devices, the bones in the skull tighten up in order to protect the brain, and the pericardium that surrounds the heart contracts. This is an ingenious strategy, designed by nature, to protect the organism from a threat found in nature, which is a lightning strike.

When the bones in the skull contract, the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that travels up and over the top of the head to cool, lubricate, and cushion the brain is impaired. The brain then feels overheated, compressed, and dehydrated. This is the mechanism that underlies complaints of brain fog and cognitive dysfunction.

But in a society that is overcharged and not well-versed in subtle energy states, many individuals in a state of imbalance may not recognize that they are experiencing a stress response for quite some time, for example, until they burn out their adrenals, or experience infertility. As a society we do not recognize the damage inflicted in an overcharged state. Earlier cultures were not like this, and they developed mind-body practices to cultivate enhanced states of health.

When the pericardium contracts, the heart rate is altered. Many individuals recognize that they feel anxious, but may not be able to track that they are actually experiencing a systematic, intelligence-driven response to what their physiology recognizes as incompatible with health.

The lightning strike response is an ingenious strategy to help ensure the survival of the organism, by making the physical body temporarily less conductive. Unfortunately, this response also robs the body of healthy and necessary access to the frequencies that support health and life itself. Our physiological health is sourced from the sun.

In order to understand covid, health care practitioners studied individuals with covid,

Thus far, the industry and its regulators have portrayed those with heightened perceptive capabilities, expressed as symptoms, as irrelevant, and in need of referral for mental health treatment. In addition, studies have not vetted participants to determine if they are actually electro-sensitive in the first place.

The NTP and Ramazzini studies, conducted on rats and mice, indicate that radio frequency exposure is associated with cancer in the most electromagnetically active parts of the body – the brain and the heart. But animals possess fur, which contains natural oils, and provides insulation and protection not found in humans. Our risks may be even higher than those of the research animals.

And, humans vary in their health constitutions, as is recognized by both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine theory. It may be the Spleen archetype that is the most vulnerable to imbalance between the Triple Warmer (skin, fight or flight) and Spleen because they sit opposite one another on the meridian clock. Those with constitutional challenges in detoxification, either via the Liver or Kidneys, may also be vulnerable to RF exposures. Those who report sudden nose bleeds are most likely Pericardium/Circulation Sex constitutional types. RF exposure particularly targets women, and a feminine rights issue.

Symptoms associated with certain frequencies manifest based on both inborn constitution, and time, because time is frequency.

There are many bright and eloquent individuals in the electrosensitive community who are holding knowledge that is necessary in order to bring technology back into harmony with natural law. Unlike experimental lab animals, they can clearly explain what they experience in the presence of radio frequencies, and the symptoms can be measured. These individuals are critical links in the chain of pain and suffering spanning the entire lifespan, from autism and Alzheimer’s and auto-immune and chronic health conditions in between.

When independent researchers who seek to restore dignity and integrity to the question of radio frequencies step forward, technology can be restored to its rightful balance.

The FCC is acting beyond its level of expertise, and guilty of malfeasance, as it continues to exploit additional spectrum. The engineering community is essentially practicing medicine without a license. It is past time for a course correction.

Patricia Burke

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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