5G and EMF Concern: Around the World in 80 Ways (or more)

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By Patricia Burke

Let’s say that you read the mainstream news back during the tobacco years, not noticing that the magazines are full of tobacco ads and pro-tobacco writings. And you kept smoking…

Let’s say that now, readers relying on the mainstream press are most likely under the impression that:

  • 5G is perfectly safe! modern! fast! you need it! its everywhere! its great!  You need 5G to download and stream so you can binge-watch!
  • censoring news stories about 5G concerns is necessary to protect economic and security interests
  • stories linking 5G and covid-19 were representative of all 5G concerns, irrationally fueled by conspiracies
  • there are no other 5G concerns, health or otherwise, legitimate or otherwise

So, let’s take a little alphabetical look at some 80 articles, reports, and appeals from around the planet, including space, satellites, 5G, EMF, conflict minerals, human rights, and environmental impacts.

(Research based on websites including Environmental Health Trust; Global Research; Electronic Silent Spring, WhatIs5G.info, Stop5G International, Physicians for Safe Technology, 5G CRISIS, Americans for Responsible Technology, and more)

Please, consider the source of your safety guidelines, news and opinions……and be on the right side of history.

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A. AMSTERDAM: War on 5G: Amsterdam  Investigation into Scientists Finds Telecom Influence by Jannes van Roermund and Paul Thacker, De Telegraaf (Amsterdam), Jun 2, 2020 (English translation) on the American Council on Science and Health attacks against Prof. Moskowitz and more.  



A. ASTRONOMERS’ Appeal over 2005 astronomers

Appeal by Astronomers: safeguarding the astronomical sky

ENGLISH PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cFIP0kTDBTawhmJ1WH10Xar3yrGdLraq/view

A. AUSTRALIA 3/2020, Byron Shire Council is the first locality to pass a moratorium on 5G. 


A. AUSTRALIAN Parliament opens up an Inquiry into 5G

On 13 September 2019 the Minister for Communications, Hon Paul Fletcher MP asked the Committee to inquire into and report on the deployment, adoption, and application of 5G in Australia. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Communications/5G/Submissions

A. AUSTRALIA:TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia – as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media


A. AUSTRIA: Austrian parliament commissions study on 5G health effects


B. BAHRAIN:  EWASTE: Growing concern over e-waste

The rate of electronic waste generation has exploded by as much as five times due to an increased use of electronic devices during the Covid-19 pandemic as users stay connected like never before, an online digital debate hosted in Bahrain heard, writes Naman Arora.

A leading environmental expert expressed concern over the hidden cost of technological advancements at a webinar staged by the French Embassy in the kingdom in commemoration of World Environment Day.

The recommendations given during the session included extending the life of mobile and computing devices on a personal level and managing online habits. Streaming, for example, is worse than downloading since it uses multiple servers simultaneously, according to Céline.

Another suggestion that was met with some resistance by an executive from a local telecommunications provider was reducing the usage of mobile data, especially newer technologies like 4G and 5G, in favour of Wi-Fi.


B. BANGLADESH October 2019, The High Court issued 12-point directives including imposition of a ban on installation of mobile or telecommunication towers on the rooftops of residential area, educational institutions, hospitals, jail premises, heritage sites, playgrounds and places of worship.


B .BEES  Electromagnetic Pollution Risks to Bees: A Fresh Perspective – Lynne Wycherley, Beekeepers’ Quarterly


B. BEES Bees, Birds, and Mankind,  Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ – on Electrosmog’s Destructive Effects on Nature, Bio-scientist, Dr. Ulrich Warnke

The information-processing and function systems of today’s humans, plants and animals are bombarded with artificial magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields from numerous mobile and telecommunications sources in a concentration and intensity as never before. The consequences of these developments put forth by their critics cannot be overlooked any longer. Bees and other insects are disappearing. Birds avoid certain regions and are disoriented in others. Humans suffer functional problems and other sicknesses. And the evidence that suggests some of these problems may be inheritable means we’re passing them on to the next generation.



4/2020 Belgian telco Proximus will halt 5G network deployment in the city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve to hold a Town Hall to address all health concerns of citizens. Read news coverage.

Belgium, Brussels, Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now, HLN Brussels Times, 01/04/2019



Posted on May 4, 2020 by ES-Ireland

SOURCE ARTICLE: BRUSSELS TIMES     Saturday, 02 May 2020

Some 400 doctors and 900 health care workers have signed an open letter to the government, urging them to exercise caution regarding the roll-out by Proximus of a forerunner of the next generation of mobile data, known as 5G.

The six-page letter goes out under the name of the Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal.

Last week, Proximus began to test its “5G Light” version of the new generation in 30 communes around Belgium, the timing of which the organisation criticises.

“Even though it could be a simple coincidence, this seems indecent to us at a time when the people are fighting to overcome a human drama which concerns us all. At the same time, consumer organisations have been quick to publish articles claiming that the technology is not dangerous,” the authors write.



A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)


B. BIRDS: Electronics’ noise disorients migratory birds

Man-made electromagnetic radiation disrupts robins’ internal magnetic compasses.


B. BULLYING: Cities Are Saying No to 5G, Citing Health, Aesthetics—and FCC Bullying

Those hawking specious safety concerns about the new technology have found common cause with some of America’s most powerful mayors


C. CALIFORNIA: Santa Barbara CA: March 2020: Santa Barbara California Pauses 5G

Council Hits ‘Big Fat Pause Button’ on 5G Antennas” Santa Barbara City Council Reverses Course, Delays Vote on Verizon Licensing Agreement


C. CALIFORNIA: USA Encinitas to ban 5G wireless antennas near schools, daycares, residences https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/communities/north-county/story/2019-10-31/encinitas-to-ban-5g-wireless-antennas-near-schools-daycares-residences


A newly published study comparing people living close (within 80 meters) and far (over 300 meters) from a cellular antennas found that the people living closer to the cellular antennas had statistically significant effects- increases in blood damage considered biomarkers predictive of cancer.  Researchers measured the radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposures to the two groups and found that although the levels were within government limits, the people living closer to the cellular antennas had a much higher RF exposure.

The study entitled, “Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base station”  (Zothansiama et al, 2017) was published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

Through blood tests, researchers  found statistically significant findings in people living closer to mobile base stations – who had higher RF levels in their bedrooms than the control group.

The exposed group had statistically significant:

Higher frequency of micronuclei.

Attrition in antioxidant glutathione concentration, activities of catalase and superoxide dismutase.

Rise in lipid peroxidation a product of free radical oxidation.

“The present study demonstrated that staying near the mobile base stations and continuous use of mobile phones damage the DNA, and it may have an adverse effect in the long run. The persistence of DNA unrepaired damage leads to genomic instability which may lead to several health disorders including the induction of cancer, ” concluded the study authors.


C. CARBON FOOTPRINT: Smart Tech Projected To Have Larger Carbon Footprint Than Entire Aviation Industry




C. CHEROKEES: In a legal challenge to the FCC’s current rules undertaken by the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, the D.C. Circuit Court recently ruled against the FCC, asserting, among other things, that 5G “small cells” aren’t nearly as small as advertised.




C. CHILDREN: Vulnerability in Children, Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE)

Brain tumours have overtaken leukaemia as the leading cause of  cancer deaths in children 1 (both are associated with EMR exposure). Children today have an unprecedented exposure that is higher than that experienced any generation before them and they have been shown to absorb more radiation than adults.

A five year old can absorb sixty percent more microwave radiation than an adult 2 and exposures in bone marrow can be up to ten times greater 3. Overall, they are more likely to suffer greater biological effects from EMR exposure because:

Children’s thinner skulls, and smaller bones allow greater absorption into bone and deeper tissues

Children’s brains (especially neonates) can have higher water content and so absorb more radiation

Children are smaller (a relatively higher proportion of their tissues may be closer to a point source) 4 5 6 7

Children have more vulnerable developing systems (e.g. neurological/reproductive)

Children have a longer time ahead for latent effects to manifest 8 9 10 11.

There is evidence that genetic damage caused by exposure within current guidelines may not only damage the exposed child, but also their offspring 12 13 14.


C. CHILE: Chile Prohibits Wireless Antennas in “Sensitive Areas” Due to Health Risks from Radiation

After five years of deliberation in the Chilean Congress, the Antenna Law was implemented on June 11th, 2012. This law prohibits the installation and operation of wireless antennas used for telecommunications services in “…urban zones that have been declared by Subtel as ‘saturated with telecommunications radiant systems’, defined as those zones where the power density of the antennas installed exceeds the limits determined by the technical regulation issued by Subtel.” (Subtel is Chile’s telecoms regulator which operates under the country’s transport and telecommunications ministry. Its mission is to propose national policies on telecommunications issues, direct and supervise policy implementation, and monitor public and private companies. It also enforces telecoms legislation, rules and regulations.)

The Antenna Law also forbids the installation of antenna towers within 50 meters of “sensitive areas” which include: educational institutions, nurseries, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or other establishments of similar nature, declared as such by Subtel, and urban territories where pylons (towers used for carrying power lines high above the ground) are located.


C. CLIMATE: How smartphones are heating up the planet

Smart phones are rarely recycled and that’s just one reason tech devices are increasing our carbon footprints.


C. CLIMATE: The Internet Footprint Flyer


C. CLIMATE: E-lephants in Our Hands:  How Electronics Impact Climate Change


C. CLIMATE “Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem, and Why Technology Won’t Save Us”

Heinberg explains that our biggest problem is overshoot: “Society is addicted to growth, and that’s having terrible consequences for the planet and, increasingly, for us as well. We have to change our collective and individual behavior and give up something we depend on–power over our environment…. Machines won’t make the key choices that will set us on a sustainable path. Systemic change driven by moral awakening: it’s not just our last hope; it’s the only real hope we’ve ever had.”


C. CLOUD: The Cloud Begins with Coal: An Overview of the Electricity Used by the Global Digital Ecosystem by Mark P. Mills, CEO, Digital Group, August 2013.


C. CONFLICT MINERALS: 5.4 Million Dead in Conflict Mineral Wars to Put an iPhone in Your Hands


C. CONFLICT MINERALS: Children as young as seven mining cobalt used in smartphones, says Amnesty

Amnesty International says it has traced cobalt used in batteries for household brands to mines in DRC, where children work in life-threatening conditions


C. CONGO: Descending into conflict: tech minerals finance war

The technology we now take for granted relies on minerals which may have been mined in conflict zones where the trade finances war and oppression


C. CONNECTICUT. Easton Ct. USA: “The town of Easton has decided to stop its 5G wireless technology rollout. Until research and testing show its safe for humans and the environment, a 5G cease and desist resolution was unanimously approved by the town on May 7. The American Academy of Pediatrics and hundreds of medical and scientific experts have advised the federal communication commission to test the long-term safety of 5G technology. Easton is the first town in Connecticut to ban 5G.”


C. CONNECTICUT: Blumenthal wants FCC to prove 5G wireless technology is safe


C. CROATIA:  Hvar suspends introduction of 5G technology


C. CYPRUS; September 19, 2019: Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Children’s Health Submitted POSITION on 5G Deployment in Cyprus to Cyprus Parliamentary Committees on Environment and Health  

The position statement includes that exposure reduction must be regulated by legislation that must provide:

a.IMPLEMENTATION OF 5G-FREE PROTECTION ZONES for schools, playgrounds and hospitals. PROHIBITION of the use of wireless internet and wireless devices e.g. tablets and mobiles in kindergartens and schools at least up to the age of 15.

See the Cyrus Medical Association Position submitted to Parliament here.


C. CYPRUS: 17. Cyprus MPs want Health Hazard study prior to 5G 



“It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G-network, as it is currently described,  would  be  in  contravention  of  current  human  and  environmental  laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions.

The reason is the very significant body of scientific documentation available, showing that radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is harmful and dangerous to the health of humans (particularly children), animals and plants.

This also applies when the radiation remains within the limits recommended by ICNIRP and currently used in Denmark as well as broadly within the EU.”

The legal opinion was provided at the request of the Danish Institute for Public Health, the Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications, the EHS-association and the Danish Health Association May Day.


E. ENERGY: ‘Tsunami of data’ could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025

This article is more than 2 years old

Billions of internet-connected devices could produce 3.5% of global emissions within 10 years and 14% by 2040, according to new research, reports Climate Home News


E. ENERGY:  5G Networks Consume Up To 200% More Energy Than 4G

According to a report recently published by MTN, an independent industry analyst firm, 5G base stations consume up to two times or more energy compared to 4G base stations. Read MTN’s report here:


E. ENVIRONMENT: In the War on Insects: Nature Becomes Silent

“Our ill-fated desire to control nature as well as our tendency to ignore our own complicity in its destruction for profit was the focus of a seminal 1962 book, “Silent Spring”. … Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, and author of  “Silent Spring”, was first a lover of nature and a poet. Through her astute observations of nature, careful documentation and gifted writing, she was able to bring attention to the devastating and long lasting effects of pesticides which continue to impact all wildlife and species, including humans… There are many similarities between the silent spring created in cities and farms from pesticides and that of wireless technology with the rapid and widespread adoption of cell towers.” Wireless Silent Spring, Cindy Russell, MD.https://mdsafetech.org/2018/11/03/wireless-silent-spring/

E. ENVIRONMENT: A review of the ecological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)


E. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Think Tank: Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health

The EU’s current provisions on exposure to wireless signals, the Council Recommendation on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields (0 Hz to 300 GHz), is now 20 years old, and thus does not take the specific technical characteristics of 5G into account.


E. European Union The 5G Appeal to the European Union is signed by 319+ doctors, professors, scientists and elected officials from these countries—USA, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Korea (South), New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland.


E. EWASTE: Our Tech Addiction Is Creating a ‘Toxic Soup’


E-WASTE: U.S. obsession with electronics has huge human price  August 24, 2017 | Austin Lombard | InMotion


F. FCC: EHT Takes Historic Legal Action Against the FCC

Appeal filed after the FCC refuses to update their 24 year old wireless radiation limits. 

Washington, DC – A group of scientists, consumer health nonprofits, and citizens filed a historic legal action against the FCC for its refusal to update its 24-year-old cell phone and wireless radiofrequency (RF) radiation guidelines. The legal petition contends the FCC’s action is “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion” and “not in accordance with the law” as the FCC has violated the Administrative Procedure Act and the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to adequately review the hundreds of relevant scientific submissions finding harmful effects from wireless technologies.

The appeal was filed in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on January 31, 2020 by the Law Office of Edward B. Myers on behalf of Environmental Health Trust, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones, and several individuals. Myers was part of the recent winning litigation against the FCC (along with the Natural Resources Defense Council and 19 tribal groups) which overturned FCC regulations that would have exempted small cell facilities from environmental review and compliance under the National Environmental Policy Act.


AND: https://lawandcrime.com/administrative-law/scientists-sue-fcc-for-dismissing-claims-that-cell-phone-radiation-causes-cancer/

F. FCC: CHD Gives Notice to FCC Against 5G Cell Towers on Homes—Ex-Parte Letter Receives Over 15,000 Signatures!

By Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of 5G & Wireless Harms Project

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) submitted an Ex-Parte letter to the FCC against the OTARD rule expansion which aims to allow 5G cell towers on homes. Following CHD’s successful campaign to bring awareness to the FCC intentions, the letter was signed by 15,090 people. At 735 pages, in terms of signatories, it is likely one of the largest submissions to the FCC. Each signatory was verified in advance of the submission to ensure the FCC would not be able to attack the integrity of the signatories as was the case with the Net Neutrality submission.



By: Albert Catalano, Counsel, Eric Gotting, Partner, and Timothy Doughty, Associate, Keller and Heckman, LLP, Washington D.C.

Federal telecommunications regulation has been lax as the industry’s 5G juggernaut rolls on. A few local governments have succeeded in raising critical questions, including under researched safety issues.

FCC Review of RF Standards

Though the Commission has not updated its RF exposure standards since1996, it did initiate a review of those standards in 2013, seeking comments to determine whether its RF exposure limits and policies needed to be reassessed.18 The FCC cited to both itsNEPA obligations and other statutory provisions as justifying the review.19The Commission subsequently received over 900 submissions in its2013 docket, many of them focusing on non-thermal risks posed by RF radiation.20 However, its review oft he RF standards stalled and to date the Commission has not made any determinations in this proceeding (or any other proceeding) on whether the current RF standards remain protective of human health or whether the installation and operation of 5G small cells will pose health risks.21


F. FCC: Captured Agency: How The Federal Communications Agency Is Dominated By the Industries It Presumably Regulates  2015 |  Norm Alster | Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics Harvard University


FCC. FCC Approves 5G Tower Upgrade Plan That May Be Headed to Court


F. FLORIDA: USA Hallandale Beach Florida – Hallandale-Small-Cell-5G-Health-Study-Resolution


F. FRANCE: Brain cancers : 4 times more new cases of glioblastoma in 2018 according to Public Health France (Press Release)

According to Santé Publique France, similar observations are observed in the United States where an increase in the incidence of glioblastoma was also observed in the years 1980-1990 in connection with diagnostic progress. In addition, an Australian study reports an increasing incidence of histological confirmed glioblastoma over the period 2000-2008.


F. FRANCE: French NGOs demand stop to ‘out of control’ 5G network

…the NGOs said that introducing the technology could “push the planet and our society into a world with out-of-control consequences”.

It said: “Digital wireless communication technology has already had impacts that are not virtual: risks for our physical and mental health, hyperconnection with the world of work, and among young people; impact on the soil, landscapes and ecosystems, a growing energy bill, wasting of resources, risks from big data on our freedoms, lobbying weight on science and public politics…”

The statement said that 5G would “irrefutably aggravate these facts”.

The group is now calling for a halt to 5G development and rollout in France, at least until a public debate can be held on its use.

It said: “Developing a system that will cause lasting changes to the electromagnetic environment of our planet, to interactions between people and machines, and the wider workings of our society cannot be possible without deep consideration and debate from citizens.”

The possible impact of 5G on certain health conditions has been acknowledged by health authorities including French health and environmental agency (Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire de l’Alimentation, de l’Environnement et du Travail) Anses.

In 2016, it found that the radio frequencies of technology such as 5G could cause problems – for certain people – with memory, attention, and coordination. At the time, Anses recommended that young people limit their exposure to portable devices, tablets, and internet-connected toys.

In 2018, the agency also recognised that some people were reporting health problems linked to electromagnetic fields and waves, although it did add that this did not prove that there was a real link.


FRANCE: Stop 5G in the Basque Country: anti-5G groups are warning about the future deployment of very high speed



11/2019 The council of Bad Wiessee has unanimously decided to allow no 5G installations in the municipal territory. 


G. GERMANY: Manager magazine reports that protests by hundreds of protest groups aiming to stop 5G are hindering the multibillion 5G rollout. Mast-Hass: Wie Proteste das Multimilliardenprojekt bremsen.


G. GERMANY: Germans petition Parliament to stop 5G auction on health grounds


G. GREECE: Greece

The Kalamata City Council decided not to continue the 5G pilot program after a three hour debate.  News coverage: “The city council decided to suspend 5G in Kalamata”


H. HEALTH “Adverse Health Effects of 5G Mobile Networking Technology Under Real  Life Conditions”  published in Toxicology letters identifies the wide-spectrum of adverse health effects of non-ionizing non-visible radiation and concludes that 5 G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, but will have adverse systemic effects as well. Authors Ronald N. Kostoff Research Affiliate, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, United States Paul HerouxToxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism, McGill University, Canada

Michael Aschner Molecular Pharmacology, Einstein Center of Toxicology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, United States Aristides Tsatsakis Laboratory of Toxicology, Medical School, University of Crete, Voutes, 71409 Heraklion, Crete, Greece and Department of Analytical, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Sechenov University, 119991 Moscow, Russia

The authors state that 5G will increase the cell tower densities by an order of magnitude. Radiation could penetrate much deeper into a small animal in comparison to a human,  because of the much smaller animal size. The researchers point out that most laboratory experiments were not designed to identify the more severe adverse effects reflective of real-life conditions. For example, they do not include the real-life pulsing and modulation of the carrier signal and do not reflect the real life exposures of various modulations. In addition, the vast majority of experiments do not account for synergistic adverse effects of other toxic stimuli with wireless radiation despite the reality that people are exposed to a myriad of toxic insults every day.

The review explains how science has documented additive, synergistic, potentiative, and/or antagonistic effects created by the combination of exposures. Combined exposure to a toxic stimuli and wireless translates into much lower levels of tolerance for each toxic stimulus and the exposure limits for wireless radiation when examined in combination with other potentially toxic stimuli would be far lower for safety purposes than those derived from wireless radiation exposures in isolation.

The authors contend that almost all of the wireless radiation laboratory experiments that have been performed to date are flawed/limited with respect to showing the full adverse impact of the wireless radiation that would be expected under real-life conditions because they did not include signal information and only used single stressors.

The researchers conclude that in aggregate, for the high frequency (radiofrequency-RF) part of the spectrum, currently published reviews show that RF radiation below the FCC guidelines can result in: carcinogenicity (brain tumors/glioma, breast cancer, acoustic neuromas, leukemia, parotid gland tumors), genotoxicity (DNA damage, DNA repair inhibition, chromatin structure), mutagenicity, teratogenicity,  neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), neurobehavioral problems, autism, reproductive problems, pregnancy outcomes, excessive reactive oxygen species/oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis, blood-brain barrier disruption, pineal gland/melatonin production, sleep disturbance, headache, irritability, fatigue, concentration difficulties, depression, dizziness, tinnitus, burning and flushed skin, digestive disturbance, tremor, cardiac irregularities, adverse impacts on the neural, circulatory, immune, endocrine, and skeletal systems” and “from this perspective, RF is a highly pervasive cause of disease”



H. HEALTH: 5G Wireless Communication and Health Effects—A Pragmatic Review Based on Available Studies Regarding 6 to 100 GHz

The introduction of the fifth generation (5G) of wireless communication will increase the number of high-frequency-powered base stations and other devices. The question is if such higher frequencies (in this review, 6–100 GHz, millimeter waves, MMW) can have a health impact. This review analyzed 94 relevant publications performing in vivo or in vitro investigations. Each study was characterized for: study type (in vivo, in vitro), biological material (species, cell type, etc.), biological endpoint, exposure (frequency, exposure duration, power density), results, and certain quality criteria. Eighty percent of the in vivo studies showed responses to exposure, while 58% of the in vitro studies demonstrated effects. The responses affected all biological endpoints studied. There was no consistent relationship between power density, exposure duration, or frequency, and exposure effects. The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment, or for the question about non-thermal effects. There is a need for research regarding local heat developments on small surfaces, e.g., skin or the eye, and on any environmental impact. Our quality analysis shows that for future studies to be useful for safety assessment, design and implementation need to be significantly improved.


HEALTH: 5G and the Wireless Revolution: When Progress Becomes a Death Sentence

In this week’s episode of the Global Research News Hour radio program, we pick up on a previous show theme by probing what is actually known about the health hazards of wireless, and examining government resistance to restricting its use.

In our first half hour, we hear from Frank Clegg, the head of Canadians for Safe Technology, about the difficulties he has experienced trying to get Health Canada and Canada’s elected representatives to pay attention to the documented health threats associated with existing and cutting edge wireless technology.

In the second half hour, an acknowledged expert named Martin L Pall details the known risks, the biological mechanism triggering those risks, and the stakes for the future of humanity in the very near term.

Finally, we hear an organizer in Kingston, Ontario talk about some grass-roots efforts he and others in the city are championing to stop the roll-out of 5G.


I. ICNIRP: Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact

However, public exposure regulations in most countries continue to be based on the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection1 and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,2 which were established in the 1990s on the belief that only acute thermal effects are hazardous. Prevention of tissue heating by radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is now proven to be ineffective in preventing biochemical and physiological interference. For example, acute non-thermal exposure has been shown to alter human brain metabolism by NIH scientists,3 electrical activity in the brain,4 and systemic immune responses.5 Chronic exposure has been associated with increased oxidative stress and DNA damage6,  7 and cancer risk.8 Laboratory studies, including large rodent studies by the US National Toxicology Program9 and Ramazzini Institute of Italy,10 confirm these biological and health effects in vivo. As we address the threats to human health from the changing environmental conditions due to human activity,11 the increasing exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation needs to be included in this discussion.

Due to the exponential increase in the use of wireless personal communication devices (eg, mobile or cordless phones and WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled devices) and the infrastructure facilitating them, levels of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation around the 1 GHz frequency band, which is mostly used for modern wireless communications, have increased from extremely low natural levels by about 1018 times (figure). Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is also used for radar, security scanners, smart meters, and medical equipment (MRI, diathermy, and radiofrequency ablation). It is plausibly the most rapidly increasing anthropogenic environmental exposure since the mid-20th century, and levels will surge considerably again, as technologies like the Internet of Things and 5G add millions more radiofrequency transmitters around us.


I. ICNIRP: Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the frequency range of 30 kHz-300 GHz is classified as a ‘possible’ human carcinogen, Group 2B, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) since 2011. The evidence has since then been strengthened by further research; thus, RF radiation may now be classified as a human carcinogen, Group 1. In spite of this, microwave radiations are expanding with increasing personal and ambient exposure. One contributing factor is that the majority of countries rely on guidelines formulated by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a private German non-governmental organization. ICNIRP relies on the evaluation only of thermal (heating) effects from RF radiation, thereby excluding a large body of published science demonstrating the detrimental effects caused by non-thermal radiation. The fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation is about to be implemented worldwide in spite of no comprehensive investigations of the potential risks to human health and the environment. In an appeal sent to the EU in September, 2017 currently >260 scientists and medical doctors requested for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G until the health risks associated with this new technology have been fully investigated by industry-independent scientists. The appeal and four rebuttals to the EU over a period of >2 years, have not achieved any positive response from the EU to date. Unfortunately, decision makers seem to be uninformed or even misinformed about the risks. EU officials rely on the opinions of individuals within the ICNIRP and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), most of whom have ties to the industry. They seem to dominate evaluating bodies and refute risks. It is important that these circumstances are described. In this article, the warnings on the health risks associated with RF presented in the 5G appeal and the letters to the EU Health Commissioner since September, 2017 and the authors’ rebuttals are summarized. The responses from the EU seem to have thus far prioritized industry profits to the detriment of human health and the environment.


I. ICNIRP: A Review of the Health Risks of Radiofrequency Radiation Employed in 5G Technology and the Implications for UK Policymaking – Prof Tom Butler Ph.D.MSc

Posted on May 30, 2020 by ES-Ireland

This short critical review explores the findings of extant research on the health risks posed by 5G technologies that emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR)1. It also provides evidence that the processes by which policy decisions have been made concerning the protection of public health may be significantly flawed, as the overwhelming body of scientific evidence appears to have been ignored by relevant government departments and agencies in arriving at decisions about the introduction of 5G. This lacuna comes about due to the over-reliance on expert opinion from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an NGO whose members have traditionally had close ties to industry. It is significant that the UK government and its agencies neither sought nor obtained independent scientific advice on a matter of importance to public health. Consequently, it failed in its duty to identify, assess,and mitigate the risks posed by RFR-based technologies before their introduction, specifically 5G networking and related technologies, thereby protecting public health.


I. ICNIRP: Will WHO Kick Its ICNIRP Habit? Non-Thermal Effects Hang in the Balance Repacholi’s Legacy of Industry Cronyism

The RF report, formally known as an Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) monograph, was last updated in 1993, more than 25 years ago. The WHO Radiation Program, based in Geneva, started working on a revision in 2012 with a target completion date of 2016. Eleven chapters of the draft report were released for review in 2014, and work on a second draft got under way soon after public comments were received. After that the process stalled, and the RF EHC was stuck in limbo.

Last March, the WHO was pressured from a different direction: An international team of journalists, working under the banner “Investigate Europe,” published a series of articles in newspapers across the continent on the national and multinational groups that set EMF/RF policy. They focused on the WHO EMF Project and ICNIRP.

Investigate Europe put together an interactive graphic showing six key organizations (in green, with WHO and ICNIRP at the center, below) and their links to important players and sources of industry funding. Some of the journalists referred to ICNIRP as a “cartel.”

ICNIRP’s finances are no more transparent.

Repacholi retired from the WHO in 2006 and immediately became an industry consultant. On his first outing he was accused of misrepresenting the as-yet unreleased ELF EHC report for the benefit of his corporate clients. (See our story, his response and our reply.)

Later, stating that he wanted to “set the record straight,” Repacholi revealed that half of the WHO EMF Project funding had come from industry.

Taking money from Motorola and industry trade associations, among others, violated WHO rules. Repacholi found a work-around by passing —laundering— the money through the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia, where he had been chief scientist from 1983 to 1991. The WHO turned a blind eye and cashed the checks. Industry was rewarded with a seat at the WHO table.

For more of the Repacholi story, follow the link to our roundup from 2005, WHO WATCH: Mike Repacholi & the EMF Charade.



How much is safe?

The standard setter “serves industry”

ICNIRP is at the centre of the clash of opinions between scientists. Dutch biologist Eric van Rongen does not dismiss that mobile radiation has effects below the recommended radiation safety guidelines. “But we are not convinced that these effects are harmful to health,” he tells Investigate Europe.

ICNIRP is in the process of publishing updated EMF radiation limits. The old ones are from 1998. Little indicates that scientists who sound the alarm have influenced the new guidelines.

The conflicts in EMF research have long roots. Historically, science in this field has been associated with the telecom sector and the military. ICNIRP’s safety limits primarily take into account the needs of the telecom industry, claims Dariusz Leszczynski, former long-time researcher at the Finnish radiation protection agency. In 2011, he sat on the committee of IARC, the cancer body of the World Health Organisation, when it decided that EMF is “possibly carcinogenic” to humans. Leszczynski is not represented in ICNIRP nor in other leading expert groups.

“ICNIRP’s goal is to set safety limits that do not kill people, while technology works – so something in between”, says Leszczynski.

He is echoed by Louis Slesin, the editor of Microwave News. “There is a lot of politics in deciding what goes into a study and what is left out. For instance, excluding people over the age of 60 from a brain tumour study in Australia that was recently published, does not make any sense”, says Slesin, pointing out that most brain tumours appear in older age groups. This particular study, co-authored by two scientists also represented in ICNIRP, concluded

that there can be no link between mobile phones and brain tumours because the incidence of brain cancer in the general population has been stable for years. It sharply contrasts a paper published in England last year that showed more than a doubling of glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain tumour, between 1995 and 2015.


I. ICNIRP: Analyses of Criticisms of the National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiation made by ICNIRP – R Melnick

In a new paper published in Health Physics, Ronald Melnick PhD, a toxicologist, for 28+ years at the United States government’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program (NTP), and lead designer of the NTP study on cell phone radiation, analyzed criticisms made by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) of the National Toxicology Program Study on cell phone radiation. Melnick’s analysis concluded that ICNIRP “misrepresented” the study and should not have dismissed the carcinogenic effects found in experimental animals exposed to RF-EMF.

Melnick concludes the paper, “The NTP studies show that the assumption that RF radiation is incapable of causing cancer or other adverse health effects other than by tissue heating is wrong. If ICNIRP’s goal is truly aimed at protecting the public from potential harm, then it would be appropriate for this group to quantify the health risks associated with exposure to RF-EMFs and then develop health-protective guidelines for chronic exposures, especially for children, who are likely to be more susceptible than adults to adverse effects of RF radiation.”

“At the very least, ICNIRP should promote precautionary advice for the general public rather than trying to justify their decision to dismiss findings of adverse health effects caused by RF-EMFs and thereby retain their 20+ year-old exposure guidelines that are based on protection against thermal effects from acute exposures.”


I. ICNIRP: How ICNIRP, AGNIR, PHE and a 30 year old political decision created and then covered up a global public health scandal

In May 2011, Mr Jean Huss from the EU Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs in a report entitled  “The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment” made the following statement on the credibility of ICNIRP.

The rapporteur underlines in this context that it is most curious, to say the least, that the applicable official threshold values for limiting the health impact of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and high frequency waves were drawn up and proposed to international political institutions (WHO, European Commission, governments) by the ICNIRP, an NGO whose origin and structure are none too clear and which is furthermore suspected of having rather close links with the industries whose expansion is shaped by recommendations for maximum threshold values for the different frequencies of electromagnetic fields.



I> ICNIRP:  Limit values do not fall from the sky

(translated from German about Swiss limits and critical of ICNIRP)


I. IMMUNITY: Electromagnetic fields may act via calcineurin inhibition to suppress immunity, thereby increasing risk for opportunistic infection: Conceivable mechanisms of action


I. INDIA: Actor Juhi Chawla Flags Concerns About 5G Mobile Technology, Writes To Maharashtra Chief Minister

Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla sought to know whether the Centre, which is implementing 5G to achieve the objectives of Digital India, has done enough research on the new technology.

The actress-cum-movie producer has written a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, cautioning against the health hazards due to EMF (electromagnetic) radiation from mobile tower antennas and WiFi hotspots.

“Many well-known national and international scientists, epidemiologists and technical professors have mentioned about adverse effects of radiofrequency radiation on human health,” she stated in her letter.

Ms Chawla, who runs the project ‘Citizens for Tomorrow’ to raise awareness about environment, said the Centre has “blindly” started working on implementing 5G technology to achieve the objectives of Digital India.


I. INDIA: Study Finds Cell Tower Radiation Linked to Cancer-Causing Damage in Human Blood

A 2017 study conducted by a group of researchers in India found that people living within 80 meters of cell antennas experienced a statistically significant amount of DNA damage as measured in their blood compared to people living over 300 meters away from cell antennas. The researchers concluded that the types of damages sustained by the group living closest to the cell antennas could lead to “several health disorders including the induction of cancer.”

Impact of Radiofrequency Radiation on DNA Damage and Antioxidants in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Humans Residing in the Vicinity of Mobile Phone Base Stations


I. INDIA: Mubai, BMC bans mobile towers at parks, playgrounds

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in its new policy on regularising mobile towers, has said such towers won’t be allowed on plots reserved for playgrounds, recreational grounds, gardens and parks.


I. INDUSTRY INFLUENCE: Research Studies on Industry Influence and Involvement in the Science of EMF


I. Investigate Europe: Real 5G issues overshadowed by Covid-19 conspiracy theories


I. INSECTS: We, the People… are driving insects to extinction…

The 5G-involvement has been pointed out in a recent study. It has demonstrated that the radiation levels emitted by the cell towers of the 5G networks will heat bodies of insects to the levels that will be able to affect their normal physiology: Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz. Thielenset et al., Scientific Reports 2018, 8:3924.

Man-made Armageddon with the 5G involvement? It is not scaremongering. It is a possibility, if we do not act now.


I. Ireland: Ireland

There are 26 counties in Ireland and 6 have voted to stop 5G.

Six County Councils: Clare, Roscommon, Leitrim, Wicklow, County Laois  and Sligo County Councils

Co Clare – June 2019 – Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy

“In light of a recent appeal to the EU from 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warning about the danger of 5G, which will lead to a massive increase in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation, that Clare County Council in exercising its responsibility to protect the environment and the public from harm: opposes the roll-out of 5G in the County; and calls on CommReg to deny licensing for its roll-out; and calls on the Minister for Communication, Climate Change and the Environment, to establish a working group to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G on the environment & human health due to the current questionable scientific knowledge.”


I. IRELAND  Ireland County Clare has halted 5G due to adverse health effects.


I. IRRADIATED | A comprehensive compilation and analysis of the literature on radiofrequency fields and the negative biological impacts of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (particularly radiofrequency fields) on biological organisms



MARCH 16th, 2020:  PRESS RELEASE:  IRREGULATORS BIG WIN: We Freed the States to Get the Money Back from AT&T, Verizon & CenturyLink.

Reports & Filings, 2014-2019



THE “BIG FREEZE” PROCEEDING — We have filed in multiple FCC proceedings over the FCC’s accounting rules.

DESCRIPTION: Verizon, AT&T et al., with the help of the FCC, created the Digital Divide by “freezing” a federal accounting formula to match the year 2000– 18 years ago.  The FCC has never audited the financial books for 19 years, and has never fixed the harms that the Freeze caused.

On December 17th, 2018 the FCC decided to extend this “FREEZE’ until 2024 –6 more years. (It had intended to keep the Freeze for 15 more years.)


I. ITALY: Italian parliament to vote on 7 October for a moratorium to stop the 5G rollout throughout Italy. The text proposes that the government should suspend any form of technological experimentation of 5G in Italian cities, pending the production of sufficient scientific evidence to judge its harmlessness.


I. Italy: 

As of May 23, 2020 there were according to Stop 5G Italia 




See a full list here.

Civitavecchia Italy suspends 5G rollout on health concerns, May 202o News Report

Scanzano Italy, Mayor of Scanzano (region Basilicata, where EHS people are exempt from medical co-payments) announces he is prohibiting 5G rollout on the basis of health concerns, quoting the precautionary principle and the need to protect electrosensitives. TV footage ,  News: 5G hazardous to health: Scanzano Jonico forbids it 8/3/2019,The municipality of Scanzano Jonico has banned 5G trials to prevent health risks

Florence, Italy“It causes damage to the body!” Florence brakes on 5G and applies the Precautionary Principle. Motion in defense of health approved (almost) unanimous,  EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 05/04/2019

Florence, Italy Florence will use the precautionary principle for the rollout of 5G, Lennart Hardell’s Blog, 08/04/2019

XII Municipality of Rome, Italy A Municipality of Rome votes against 5G: what will the Giunta do?Terra Nuova, 28/03/2019

Municipality of Rocca di Papa, Italy 5G moratorium approved in Rocca di Papa (Rome), the city council deliberates on the precaution: “We do not authorize technologies that can aggravate the unhealthiness”EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 24/04/2019

Montecitori Palace, Rome, ItalyStop 5G: a parliamentary motion commits the Government to the moratorium, Ortica Web, 20/05/2019

Previously Oasis Sana reported the following actions by Mayors and municipalities in Italy  to halt 5G have been approved. For example:

Rome Capital City Hall XII APPROVED MOTION

Municipality of Florence MOTION APPROVED

Municipality of Rocca di Papa (Rome) RESOLVED APPROVED

Municipality of Savignano Irpino (Avellino ) RESOLVED APPROVED

Municipality of Viareggio (Lucca) RESOLVES APPROVED

Municipality of Cinto Euganeo (Padua) APPROVED RESOLUTION

Municipality of Cervaro (Frosinone) APPROVED RESOLUTION

Municipality of Fresagrandinaria (Chieti) MOTION APPROVED

Municipality of Conca Casale (Isernia) MOTION APPROVED

Municipality of Marsaglia (Cuneo) MOTION APPROVED

Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) MOTION APPROVED

Municipality of Campiglia Cervo (Biella) RESOLUTION APPROVED

Municipality of San Gregorio Matese (Caserta) PROHIBITION OF THE MAYOR AT 5G

Note: Dozens of cities (over 140) have approved motions since this list was posted in 2019 and the full list can be found at the Italian Alliance to Stop 5G.

6/24/2019 Oasis Sana: Mayors Stop 5G, here is the first Italian suspension order. And the list of 13 council resolutions and municipal motions for the precaution.


K. KUWAIT TIMES Threats to health from 5G technology


L. LOUISIANA: The Louisiana House voted to have the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health conduct a study on the effects of 5G technology, not just on the environment, but also public health. The Louisiana legislature passed House Resolution 145with a vote of 103 in favor and zero representatives voting against the measure.


M. MALTA: Times of Malta 5G “Safety tests need to be done”


M. MILLIMETER WAVES; 5G Wireless Technology: Millimeter Wave Health Effects

What does research tell us about the biologic and health effects of millimeter waves?

Millimeter waves (MMWs) are mostly absorbed within 1 to 2 millimeters of human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Thus, the skin or near-surface zones of tissues are the primary targets of the radiation. Since skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, MMW bio-effects may be transmitted through molecular mechanisms by the skin or through the nervous system.

Thermal (or heating) effects occur when the power density of the waves is above 5–10 mW/cm2. Such high-intensity MMWs act on human skin and the cornea in a dose-dependent manner—beginning with heat sensation followed by pain and physical damage at higher exposures. Temperature elevation can impact the growth, morphology and metabolism of cells, induce production of free radicals, and damage DNA.

The maximum permissible exposure that the FCC permits for the general public is 1.0 mW/cm2 averaged over 30 minutes for frequencies that range from 1.5 GHz to 100 GHz. This guideline was adopted in 1996 to protect humans from acute exposure to thermal levels of radiofrequency radiation. However, the guidelines were not designed to protect us from nonthermal risks that may occur with prolonged or long-term exposure to radiofrequency radiation.

With the deployment of fifth generation wireless infrastructure (aka 5G), much of the nation will be exposed to MMWs for the first time on a continuous basis. Due to FCC guidelines, these exposures will likely be of low intensity. Hence, the health consequences of 5G exposure will be limited to non-thermal effects produced by prolonged exposure to MMWs in conjunction with exposure to low- and mid-band radiofrequency radiation.


M. MOUNT EVEREST: Controversial 5G Antenna Installed on Mount Everest at 21,325 Feet

Even the world’s greatest natural treasures are being disrupted by the telecommunications industry.


N. NETHERLANDS: Netherlands

Netherlands, Chamber wants radiation research first, then 5G network, AD News, 04/04/2019


N. NETHERLANDS: Local councils want government to answer difficult 5G questions



https://www.telecompaper.com/news/dutch-foundation-takes-govt-to-court-over-5g-rollout-citing-health-concerns–1328897 Title of file: Summons in interlocutory proceedings Stop5GNL v. the Dutch State


https://www.telecompaper.com/news/dutch-foundation-takes-govt-to-court-over-5g-rollout-citing-health-concerns–1328897 Title of file: Summons in interlocutory proceedings Stop5GNL v. the Dutch State

(Title of file in Dutch “Dagvaarding in kort geding Stop5GNL versus de Netherlandse Staat”). Description of the dispute

1. Plaintiff (“Stop5GNL”) opposes the ‘rollout’ of the fifth generation mobile networks (5G), intended

or facilitated by defendant, the State, because insufficient (sound) scientific research has been

conducted by or on behalf of the State into the (harmful) health effects thereof, while (among other

things) many independent scientific studies show convincing indications of serious and permanent

damage to health. The plaintiff seeks a ban on the – simplified – roll-out of 5G and cooperation with it

until independent scientific research shows that this does not involve any real health risks.



N. New Hampshire, USA,  Keene New Hampshire halts 5G

Read the news article “New Hampshire City Council of Keene approves temporary 5G ban”

“The council unanimously approved a separate motion, instructing staff to proceed with drafting an ordinance that would create location and design standards for small wireless facilities installed in public rights-of-way. Also known as small cells, these facilities can be used to roll out 5G, the next generation of mobile networks that boasts faster download and upload speeds, as well as previous generations.”


N. NEW JERSEY: Jersey City Council postpones 5G utility pole installation

Measure tabled after public opposition


N. NEW YORK: Senate Bill S7922

Directs the study of the health and environmental impact of the implementation of 5G and future generation wireless network system technology and small cell distributed antenna systems in the statehttps://www.5gcrisis.com/post/new-york-state-senator-introduces-bill-to-study-5g-health-risks


N. Nigeria Senate asks FG to suspend deployment of 5G network in Nigeria – Vanguard, 5th May 2020

‘Sen. Uche Ekwunife…said there were further concerns by some scientists and medical experts that emission from 5G towers could adversely affect the health of citizens by causing symptoms like damage to the eyes and immune systems, among other adverse effects’


and  https://www.sunnewsonline.com/senate-orders-halt-to-5g-rollout/i


CHD Gives Notice to FCC Against 5G Cell Towers on Homes—Ex-Parte Letter Receives Over 15,000 Signatures!

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) submitted an Ex-Parte letter to the FCC against the OTARD rule expansion which aims to allow 5G cell towers on homes. Following CHD’s successful campaign to bring awareness to the FCC intentions, the letter was signed by 15,090 people. At 735 pages, in terms of signatories, it is likely one of the largest submissions to the FCC. Each signatory was verified in advance of the submission to ensure the FCC would not be able to attack the integrity of the signatories as was the case with the Net Neutrality submission.

Of those who signed, 6,231 declared that they and/or their children have been injured by wireless radiation!

About 2,500 of the people who signed the letter added comments to their submissions. Many shared their stories and their objections and are worth reading for an appreciation of the impact upon human lives from wireless radiation.



P. PaPau New Guinea 1/2/2020 Post Courier: Minister Masiu halts 5g trials amid health risk debate


P. POLAND: Smartphone radiation can attract ticks carrying dangerous pathogens

PAP: If you want to avoid catching a tick, better leave your phone at home when going for a picnic in the park or a run in the woods. The latest Polish-Slovak study shows that ticks, especially carriers of dangerous pathogens, are attracted by electromagnetic radiation at a frequency of 900 MHz.

The expanding range of occurrence of many tick species has been observed for decades in Europe and beyond. They are even found in large cities, where they are waiting in green areas for people and their pets.


P. PROPERTY VALUES: Cell Phone Towers Lower Property Values: Documentation And Research on Cellular Base Stations Near Homes


P PROPERTY VALUES: Georgia Resident Sues Verizon Over 5G Poles, Citing Property Devaluation and Health Risks

“William Kaspers filed what he wants declared a class-action suit eligible for the 110 property owners of his Derby Hills subdivision. He wants the wireless company stopped from installing any 5G towers in the neighborhood, citing allegations that antenna frequencies could cause cancer and decreased property values.”


P. PUBLIC HEALTH: Public health is littered with examples where economic interests trumped scientific advice  Oct. 29th, 2017 | Devra Davis | OpEd piece, The Hill


R. RACISM: AND ENVIRONMENTAL( IN)JUSTICE The Other Planetary Environmental Racism Story And That Other Fire Story (No, Not The 5G Towers)


R. RELATIONSHIPS: Eliminating the Human

We are beset by—and immersed in—apps and devices that are quietly reducing the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other.





For protection from RF/EMF non-ionizing radiation, many countries have adopted a set of guidelines provided by private group of industry-friendly scientists known as ICNIRP. The ICNIRP guidelines are for short-term, acute thermal RF/EMF exposure. The current ICNIRP, IEEE standards are based on the preconceived and out dated view of government authorities that the only possible established biological effect of RF/EMF exposure is tissue heating.

The Russian standards are supported by science as a result of extensive research and take into

account the dangers of non-thermal exposure. The standards are also backed by the Russian

Ministry of Health and are a small fraction of what is allowed by ICNIRP and the IEEE

which is currently adopted in many counties.


S. SATELLITES: 5 trillion bytes a day: SpaceX engineers flash some facts about Starlink satellites


S. SATELLITES:  SpaceX Satellites: Mucking Up Space and Already Causing Health and Environmental Issues on Earth?


S. SCHOOLS: 14 Year Old Testifies Her Story on Health Impact of Wireless in Schools


S. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN BLOG: We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

The technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say, there could be health risks

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

Credit: Bill Oxford Getty Images

The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of “fear mongering” over the advent of wireless technology’s 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced through a press release that the commission will soon reaffirm the radio frequency radiation (RFR) exposure limits that the FCC adopted in the late 1990s. These limits are based upon a behavioral change in rats exposed to microwave radiation and were designed to protect us from short-term heating risks due to RFR exposure.

Yet, since the FCC adopted these limits based largely on research from the 1980s, the preponderance of peer-reviewed research, more than 500 studies, have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to RFR at intensities too low to cause significant heating.


S. Scientists EMF Scientists Appeal– The International EMF Scientist Appeal serves as a credible and influential voice from EMF (electromagnetic field) scientists who are urgently calling upon the United Nations and its sub-organizations, the WHO and UNEP, and all U.N. Member States, for greater health protection on EMF exposure.


S. SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY 5G: Welcome to the Era of the Great Disillusionment

a) State scientific advisers, as well as scientists whose jobs or research are financed by the mobile phone industry, are very certain that there are no dangers associated with 5G.

b) A few scientists (real ones, not evangelical pastors pretending to be former Vodafone executives) have warned that there has not been independent research on the health effects of 5G, that the technology has been rushed through for commercial reasons, and that the possible dangers posed long term to our health from constant exposure have not been properly assessed.

c) Other scientists in this specialist field, possibly the majority, are keeping their peace.


S. SECURITY: Click Here to Kill Everyone

With the Internet of Things, we’re building a world-size robot. How are we going to control it?


S. SECURITY: The Internet of Things Will Turn Large-Scale Hacks into Real World Disasters

The rise of the Internet of Things threatens to make it much easier to cause real-life damage through cyberattacks.


S. SLAVERY: Open letter to anyone who uses a smartphone, drives an electric car, or flies on a plane  Sept. 18th, 2018 | Siddharth Kara | Harvard Kennedy School | Thompson Reuters Foundation News

“From stone to phone, they must be accountable.””

“I have seen immeasurable human torment, transformed by a system of refined cruelty into the flashy new products sold to us every day, at profits that mock decency. I have heard a thousand cries of misery and injustice, that ought to be the ringtones on the smartphones we buy. Companies that buy cobalt from the DRC cannot jettison their responsibility for the vicious and unjust treatment of their Congolese employees simply because they are separated from them by a few thousand miles, and a few thin layers in their supply chains.”

Tech companies are wreaking havoc from cradle to grave…from East to West: Abominable production practices including child labor, war, rape and death; addictive technology that consumes minds, poisons bodies and ravages the earth; and rampant waste from our industry flamed obsession for more.


S. SLOVENIA: March 2020: Slovenia halts 5G

5G has been halted in Slovenia. Sloenia government website information.


Official Government of the Republic of Slovenia web site page: Minister Rudi Medved: Questions regarding 5G are addressed from a health, ethical and safety point of view

Medved: “Questions about the negative effects of 5G are legitimate”


Slovenia has stopped the introduction of 5G technology: We do not know if it is dangerous for people


S. SMART CITIES: Smile, Your City Is Watching You Local governments must protect your privacy as they turn to “smart city” technology.  June 27th, 2019 | Ben Green | NY Times Op-Ed


S. SPAIN: Spain, a constitutional body denounces: 5G violates laws and precaution! The Ombudsman believes that the 5G national plan did not take into account the environmental aspects of the plan and did not evaluate them even in order to justify that a regulated assessment of Law 21/2013 was not necessary. , of December 9, Environmental Assessment.

The Ombudsman addressed the Secretariat of State for the digital advancement of the Ministry of Economy and Business, recalling the legal obligation of ” Subjects to telecommunication plans and projects for the evaluation and strategic evaluation of the environment, environmental impact, respectively, when they meet the requirements established by law 21/2013, on environmental assessment “.


S. Space: 5G Space Appeal

An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors, Environmental Organizations and Others


S. STUPIDEST IDEA: ALTERNATIVE NEWS5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science Prof Martin Pall


S. SURVEILLANCE: The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network  April 26th, 2019 | Sue Halpern | The New Yorker

The future of wireless technology holds the promise of total connectivity. But it will also be especially susceptible to cyberattacks and surveillance.

“What is existential to democracy is allowing totalitarian regimes—or any government—full knowledge of everything you do at all times,” he said. “Because the tendency is always going to be to want to regulate how you think, how you act, what you do. The problem is that most people don’t think very hard about what that world would look like.” Robert Spalding as quoted in the article.


S. Sweden: Johansson,  Letter to Sweden PM on RF limits Johansson O, Ferm R, ” Yes, Prime Minister” Stefan Löfven, but no! This is not good enough! “, Newsvoice.se 3/5, 2020


S. Switzerland  April 2020 Switzerland maintains RF Limits and refuses to increase allowable levels for 5G. 

In Switzerland, radiofrequency radiation limits are much stricter than ICNIRP or FCC limits. Even with the strong push for 5G in 2019, Switzerland refused to weaken their radiofrequency radiation limits: A parliamentary motion demanding a weakening of the precautionary emission limitations for mobile phone base stations has been rejected by the Swiss Parliament after they convened experts to develop a report (2019 Report “Mobile Radio and Radiation” by the working group on Mobile Radio and Radiation) Therefore the precautionary installation limit values in the ONIR remain at 4-6 V/m for this type of installations.

Reuters covered this action “Swiss maintain 5G emission standards amid safety concerns”


S. SWITZERLAND: Switzerland 5G Opponents Block 320 of 326 Antennas 


T. TENNESSEE: May 2020: Farragut Tennessee has approved a resolution calling on state and federal governments to halt 5G until health risks are evaluated. PDF of Resolution

“The measure asks governments to halt 5G infrastructure until the FCC conducts an independent study into any possible health risks posed by the technology.”- WBIR Farragut leaders call on state, federal governments for halt to 5G towers


T. TIN FOIL HAT: The True Origin Of The ‘Tin Foil Hat’ And Why It’s The Stupidest Thing To Wear If You’re Paranoid About The Government

The recent revelations that the NSA has been collecting the detailed phone records of Americans since 2001 has a lot of citizens saying that claims of the NSA operating a vast domestic dragnet have been vindicated.

Others think the news has led the “tin foil hat” types to come out in spades.

Saying someone is “wearing a tin foil hat” or “is a tin foil hat” means that they have paranoia or a belief in conspiracy theories, especially involving government surveillance or paranormal beings.

Originally, the term referred to the practice of wearing headgear consisting of metal foil to block mind-reading.


T. TROJAN HORSE:  The 5G Trojan Horse: New Documentary 2020: 

Published on Mar 4, 2020

A new documentary from SITC contributor Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance.

This 96 minute documentary will expose the truth behind the global “Race to 5G”, the health, privacy, and local power concerns, and the corruption between the Big Wireless industry and the U.S. government.

For the documentary transcript and sourced documentation please visit Derricks website…

Transcript and Sources


U. UNITED KINGDOM: The following City Councils have passed motions to halt 5G until safety data provided: Brighton, Hove, Devonshire, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Frome, Totnes, Wells, Glastonbury, Trafford.

11/2019 Wells Somerset, England

“This Council has a responsibility to protect the public and environment from exposure to harm, albeit unpredictable in the current state of scientific knowledge, and therefore opposes the roll-out of 5G in the Parish of Wells City Council – based on the ‘Precautionary Principle’ – until further information is revealed.” –Minutes of Wells City Council Meeting


U. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson describes the Internet of Things, “smart” cities and AI as a giant, dark thundercloud lowering oppressively over the human race, threatening a cold and heartless future in an Orwellian world designed for censorship, repression and control. He appeals for joint efforts on agreeing a common set of global principles to shape norms and standards to guide the development of emerging technology.


U.  UK High Court case against EMFs and 5G


U. UK Frome Town Council has a moral responsibility to protect public health and the local environment. Until there is more independent scientific consensus that 5G wireless radiation is harmless to humans and the environment FTC adopts the precautionary principle and will not endorse the roll out of 5G.


UK: UK Totnes Devon 5G Moratorium



U. UNITED STATES: Over 40 States Organizing to Fight 5G Antenna Installations

Since its establishment in August of 2018, Americans for Responsible Technology (ART), a science-based environmental health non-profit in New York, has grown into the largest coordinated grassroots movement seeking to provide local activists and local legislators with tools to help protect communities from being blanketed in 5G “small cell” installations.

With 130+ 5G awareness groups now operational across 41 states, ART is focused on circulating the ever-growing body of peer-reviewed, independent scientific research on wireless radiation health risks, educating local legislators about property devaluation concerns associated with 5G installations, and offers sample legislative language that local governing bodies can adopt to restrict the placement on 5G antennas in residential areas.


W. WALES: Town Council Takes a Stand Against 5G Due to Health Risks

In November of 2019, the Lampeter Town Council in Wales refused to endorse the rollout of 5G due to science-based health risks associated with next generation wireless technologies.


W. WHO: The International Journal of Oncology  “World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health – a hard nut to crack (Review)”  in 2017 detailing conflict of of interest with ICNIRP and the WHO EMF Project, both started with industry support.


W. WHO: The WHO Cover-Up That is Costing Us the Earth. Video and PDF document.




Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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