5 Reasons Why You Should Earn A Pharmacy Technician Certification

You may have heard about what a rewarding career being a pharmacy tech can be, but did you know it’s also a part of a growing career field, can create a comfortable living, and it only takes around 2 years (depending on the program) to get certified? There are dozens of reasons to pursue a pharmacy tech certification, and we’re going to talk in-depth about five of them.

If you’re someone who has a lot of compassion and an eagerness to help others, you’re headed in the right direction! You’ll work directly with the pharmacist and patients to help fill orders, work with the patients’ requests, and interact with the public as the face of the pharmacy. Here’s why you should earn a pharmacy technician certification.

1. It’s A Rewarding Career

One of the main reasons people become pharmacy technicians is because the job itself is very rewarding. You’ll get to help patients on a daily basis get medicine that could potentially be life-saving or prevent harmful conditions from worsening. Millions of Americans depend on prescription medications to help manage symptoms and the worsening of specific medical conditions.

If you have a big heart and enjoy helping others, the pharmacy tech field of study offers the perfect opportunity to put your compassion to good use. You’ll work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and you’ll be helping with many pharmacy-related tasks, including:

  • Supplies medications to patients at the point of sale
  • Process transactions
  • Customer service duties
  • Handle certain paperwork and fill out forms
  • Track inventory and help the pharmacist fill orders

These are just a few of the duties you can expect to perform as a pharmacy technician. You may perform fewer or extra duties depending on the environment you choose to work in. These include retail pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

2. You Can Make A Living From It

The rate you’ll earn as a pharmacy tech differs by state, organization, and experience. The national average salary for a pharmacy technician falls in at around $15 per hour as of May 2020. This amounts to a salary of about $30,000 per year, which can provide a decent living by modern standards.

If you’re looking for a decent starting wage in a starting position that’s both flexible and rewarding, a pharmacy technician career is just the thing. Not to mention, there are advancement opportunities, the job is in high demand, and you can pretty much go anywhere to find work.

You’ll need to check with your state and any state you plan to move to, however. Some states actually have very specific requirements for a pharmacy tech certification; mostly dealing with the number of hands-on training hours you have under your belt.

3. It Doesn’t Take Long To Get Certified

Depending on the program you choose, you can earn a pharmacy technician certification in as little as 10-12 months. Most programs are part-time and will take around 18-24 months to complete. This is still much quicker than a traditional associate’s or bachelor’s degree program, and, in most cases, you’ll get hands-on experience with a pharmacy in your area.

This can open up the opportunity for employment after graduation, and many pharmacy tech programs have work opportunities so you can gain experience while you’re still in school. Hands-on experience, expert training, and an opportunity to work in the field…how many programs have all three?

If you decide to pursue your certification full-time, you can get certified and start your new career in just 10-12 months. This fast-track approach isn’t for everyone, and certainly requires a lot of work and time dedication, but it’s great for people looking to switch careers quickly.

4. Advancement Opportunities

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a licensed pharmacist and managing a pharmacy, this is an excellent place to start. While you’re still in school for your pharmacy degree, you can work as a technician and learn everything it takes to run a pharmacy. Since you’ll be working under a licensed pharmacist, you’ll also learn a lot about their function in a pharmacy.

You can’t beat real-world hands-on experience, and when it’s combined with higher learning, you’ll have plenty of advancement opportunities that come your way. In the United States, a Pharmacist can make anywhere from $80 to over $100k per year, depending on the state and which pharmacy environment he or she works in.

5. The Medical Field Is Growing

Many recent graduates worry about job security, but the good news is that the medical field and the pharmacy tech field, in particular, is growing every year. The job outlook, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is supposed to grow by about 7% in the next decade, which is more than the national average.

What does this mean for you going into the field? There should be plenty of jobs available for you to choose from once you’ve gotten your certification!


Becoming a pharmacy technician opens the door to a rewarding career that offers advancement opportunities, a chance to help others, and can provide a decent living wage for you coming out of college. If you’re a compassionate and driven person, consider pursuing a pharmacy technician career today!

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