When You’re Stuck at Home with Chronic Pain

By Valeria Arroyo-Agüero

It seems like the entire world has stopped in the post-COVID era, and some people might even be happy about the reduced pace. However, one thing that hasn’t stopped for many people is the suffering they must endure from chronic pain. Under normal circumstances daily life can be excruciatingly difficult for chronic pain sufferers, but at least there are the various diversions of a normal daily routine to help alleviate some of the symptoms. This is no longer the case and we are forced to wonder how much longer the COVID lockdowns will continue.

Chronic pain is often defined by doctors as pain that lasts for at least several months, but can also last for years on end. The toll also frequently goes beyond the physical and can be increasingly destructive to mental health as well. Unfortunately, during this lockdown especially, we are seeing a rise in unnatural and unhealthy ways to fight off both physical and mental anguish in the form of alcohol abuse and prescription pain medication abuse.  As proponents of healthier solutions, we also know that the mind and body are intimately connected, so this uptick is sadly expected during such difficult times. Of course, any temporary relief provided by these methods are quickly undone and lead to even more pain and addiction over time.

There is a new hope for pain sufferers, however, as an innovative, wearable pain relief solution finally hits the US market, using vital field technology.  Company WaveLife have created a novel way to harness the power of frequencies to target the source of people’s chronic pain, not only hide the symptoms.

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WaveLife’s functional solution addresses the fundamental damage that has been done on the cellular level and aims to regenerate damaged cells in order to bring pain relief and lasting recuperation. By supporting cell energy directly with resonant frequencies that enhance cell communication, aka coherence, cells can exchange more information and energy, thereby stimulating faster regeneration.

Frequency and vibration hold the secrets of the universe and we’re all part of one energy field.Nikola Tesla

In the decades since the work of Nikola Tesla, frequency and vibrational research has been conducted by health scientists around the world, but especially in Switzerland, Austria and Germany where researchers have become focused on applications for health performance as well as chronic diseases. These vital fields can be harnessed to protect cells, organs and micro-organisms against many of the causes of chronic pain, including toxins, stress, trauma and injury.

WaveLife utilizes wearable frequency therapy technology that stores therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies for targeted distribution to affected areas. Wearable tech, especially with health applications, is undergoing massive growth across the world and is projected to become a $50 billion+ industry by 2023. However, as we have covered, wearable tech which incorporates WiFi, for example, can make pain symptoms even worse in people already suffering from chronic pain, and can even cause new ailments in otherwise perfectly healthy people. These external factors have been referred to as “electrosmog.” WaveLife appears to have specifically guarded against this with a magnetic coating and, in fact, has added electrosmog to its list of ailments it can help alleviate, which also includes:

  • Arthritis
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Tissue and bone injury
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Muscle sprain and tension

Here you can see a short video from Wolfgang Kattnig, a professional sports physiotherapist and Winter Triathlon World Champion, who has been using this technology with his patients and seeing powerful results:

Certified lab testing has been conducted by biochemist Prof. Dr. Peter C. Dartsch of Dartsch-Scientific Institute in Germany.  Highlights include a higher distribution of cells, as well as improvements in cell metabolism and cell vitality, which demonstrates cell regeneration that leads to wound healing. You can read the full test report here.

The prevalence of chronic pain around the world is staggering with an estimated 50 million people in the United States alone who are suffering. Moreover, the cascading costs to family members struggling to help loved ones cope with both the physical and emotional consequences can also be long-lasting. The comprehensive toll that this takes on society, its healthcare systems and economies has enormous negative impact even during the best of times. Now is a perfect opportunity to explore the many new innovative ways to improve the human condition and emerge from our lockdown healthier than we were before.

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