Vacuum Smarter: 3 Ways To Improve Your Air Quality

Most of us view vacuuming as a rather mundane chore. Sure, you need to get the crumbs and pet hair off the floor, but as it turns out, vacuuming is a surprisingly intense workout. That being said, you’ll only get the maximum benefits from vacuuming, including improved air quality, if you learn all the spots where dust is hiding in your home. It’s time to break out the vacuum, and get to work – you may be surprised to find that when you’re done, you can breathe easier.

Find The Sources

In order to tackle your home’s dust bunnies, you’ll first need to figure out where the dust is coming from, and there are several potential sources. These can be basically divided into two categories: dust that comes from inside your home and dust that comes from outside. Dust that originates inside your home includes things like fibers, food debris, skin cells, and bits of decomposed bugs. Most household dust originates outside, however, and includes dirt, pollen, and other particles tracked in on shoes, carried in on pets, and simply blown in on the wind.

The Bedroom Basics

Now that you know where all your household dust is coming from, you can get down to business and start eliminating it, and your bedroom is the perfect place to start. Hunt down the clumps of dust and pet fur hiding under your bed and behind other pieces of furniture, then tackle your mattress.

Your mattress is home to all sorts of allergens, including skin cells and the dust mites that feed on them, so grab your upholstery attachment and get to work. By vacuuming your mattress and laundering your bedding in hot water, you can eliminate the allergens that make it hard to breathe and even harder to sleep.

Banish Baseboard Debris

Dust and debris tend to gather under and behind furniture, as you may notice in the bedroom, as well as along your baseboards, because it’s hit a wall. The best way to deal with this kind of dust is with a flat-to-floor SEBO vacuum that can get under furniture. Unlike many other vacuums, SEBO vacuums are also tightly sealed, which means they keep dust in and optimize air quality. If you have pets – and the resultant clumps of hair – this is the best way to get rid of irritating dander.

What’s Behind Your Blinds?

When was the last time you addressed the dust gathered on your blinds? If you’re like most people, it’s the sort of task you do your best to avoid, but that’s not doing you any favors. Take some time to vacuum the dust off your blinds and, if possible, consider swapping them out for more traditional curtains, so that you have the option to launder them. 

Virtually everything we bring into our homes has some impact on the air quality, from beneficial plants to dust-gathering fake foliage, dusty carpets to toxic cleaners. You can’t control it all, but you can do your best to eliminate lung irritants through proper vacuuming, as well as by using air filters. 

Don’t spend your days breathing in dust, when some strategic housekeeping can put the problem behind you.

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