Taking the Public Out of “Public Health” To Reclaim Freedom

By Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

There are no mandates in a free society. There is only choice.

Today, mandates are what is on the Public Health menu. However, before you take your pitchfork to the bureaucrats, ask yourself this: To achieve freedom, is it better to fight in the streets, in the courts, or change perception and deconstruct the language?

If you attempt to fight in the street you will be fighting for your life against an authority that has more force. If you fight in the courts, you will be fighting for your rights against an authority under which you have agreed to be governed.

Close up of the Declaration of Independence with a candle holder, glasses and a quill pen

While the Declaration of Independence states we are all equal under the law, government derives its authority from the consent of the governed. This means one must consent to be ruled by others, in a world where some are more equal than others.

Even if you agree with self-proclaimed rulers for some things, you may not subscribe to their mandates. But the octopus that is government has you in a stranglehold with the ability to grow new arms each time you cut one off (with your pitchfork). Lawsuits make little difference when justice is denied time and time again.

For example, the July 2018 court case against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regarding vaccine safety resulted in no formal actions against the DHHA. The lawsuit proved that the DHHS failed to submit a single biannual report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety, as required by the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, in exchange for allowing vaccine makers immunity from injuries and deaths from their products. There are no consequences for DHHS failures. However, over the last two decades, there has been a 300% increase in the number of CDC recommended vaccines.

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Just like there is no such things as “Public Health” there is also no such thing as “a safe vaccine.” Those who own the narrative, control the outcome. It comes down to POWER … who has it, who doesn’t .. and how to reclaim it.

If governmental power is based on your consent, then it stands that if you can consent to something, you can also withdraw your consent. What if, for instance, all the nurses subjected to the vaccine mandates of the healthcare system simply walked off the job? Would that not show the Insurance Industry, the Medical System, and Big Pharma who really has the power? For nurses to walk away means they stop begging for permission from government which claims to protect them from themselves.

… suppose they gave a war and nobody came?

Change Perception

Perhaps the only real way to change the outcome when the odds appear insurmountable is to change your perception. While this may sound esoteric and lofty, to change perception is to shift your reality. If you make the premise moot (the reason for mandates) then the outcome (mandates) becomes moot.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer

You do not require a law degree to understand how laws can entrap you, just as you do not need to be a scientist to know that science does not guarantee freedom. To change perception, you may only need to deconstruct the language to understand words and their meanings. For instance, the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees,” means you cannot see the bigger picture because you are bogged down in the minutiae.

Science is nothing but perception. – Plato

If we deconstruct the words: forest and trees, we find:

Image by Couleur

The meaning is unidirectional. Only one (forest) can include the other (trees). The forest does not exist without individual trees. Each tree is unique. Each tree is a ecosystem onto itself, able to create habitats for other life forms. Each tree communicates beneath the surface through a network of mycelium (fungal-like bacterial colony) and each exchanges carbon dioxide for life-giving oxygen. To an outside authority, however, a forest is timber to be managed and controlled. An illusion of uniformity.

We are caught in the same trap when it comes to the “public health,” which does not exist outside of individuals who makes up the public. Likewise, Public Opinion, Public Safety, Public Body, and Public Perception are myths that political elites promote in order to manufacture consent to justify their right to power and to maintain the status quo. There is only individual opinion, individual safety, individual bodies, and individual perception.

Image by DanaTentis

Individuals see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears, think with their own minds, and speak with their own voice. Individuals exist in relationship to one another just as trees do. Through relationship, they build trust on an individual level.

Thus, there is no Public Trust. Public Trust promotes “public welfare” and does not benefit one or more individuals.

The Public is the forest of humanity, created for the purpose of neutralizing, homogenizing and disempowering the individual until he sees himself as a victim.

To consent to “Public Health mandates” is to give up Individual/inherent Rights in exchange for Public Rights (i.e., Children’s rights, Gay rights, Parent rights, Worker’s rights, Women’s rights) granted by the State. State Rights can be modified, suspended, and revoked showing that they are not rights at all, only privileges.

We have seen Inherent Rights abolished, under censorship, and throughout history under such tyrants as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, and others, as people consented to mandates and conformed to the herd mindset. Censorship continues today in social media, new laws, and self-censorship, from fear of standing out. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Deconstruct the Language: The Conditional Acceptance

Taking back power means taking back the narrative. It means asking the right questions and setting your terms and conditions before you proceed with mandates. This is not taught in school. You must unlearn what you learned.  When presented with a mandate, there is no need to argue. Simply conditionally agree.  Within all paperwork, there is a effective-contract. Simply change some words, and stipulate your conditions.

For instance, in the case of vaccine mandates, indicate that you are more than happy to look into vaccinations under the condition that you are first able to speak to the doctor about this, and obtain the ingredients of the vaccinations and all other related information. Write in the contract to the effect that: as long as “no vaccinations have MRC-5 in them and so long as there would be NO CHANCE of a latrogenic reaction”…. Making your terms and conditions is powerful.

He who is AS-KING is the king and the one in control!

Image by Erik Karits

Where pitchforks fail, words – both written and spoken – are powerful, because language can change perception if you are open to seeing with new eyes. Changing perception from group-think to self-awareness can dramatically change outcomes. We must “see the trees in the forest.”

We must change our perception to recognize the Public Relations and propaganda machine for what it is, a means to shape individual opinions for political interests. The government likes to keep putting the Public in Public Health. However, by taking the Public out of Public Health, we begin to reclaim the narrative to maintain choice and reclaim freedom. Equally important, we avoid fighting a losing battle in the courts and the legislature.

Whenever something must be done in the name of Public Health, the answer must be “There is no such thing as Public Health. There is only individual health.”  This provides an opportunity to “nip the premise of mandates in the bud” using the Conditional Acceptance within the law, and to preserve freedom where freedom lives, in each of us.

There are no mandates if you are free. There is only choice.

Updated from November 2017

Source: Nature of Healing

Rosanne Lindsay is a writer, blogger, Naturopath, and Herballist. She is a health freedom advocate and the author of two books, The Nature of Healing: Heal the Body, Heal the Planet, and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing, based on her own story of full thyroid disease reversal using the tools of Nature. Consult with her for a custom healing portocol via Skype or Zoom at natureofhealing.org/consult. Subscribe to her blog at http://www.natureofhealing.org/blog/.

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