Post-Corona: In the Rush for More Wireless, We Should All Remember Past Experiments on the Unsuspecting Public

Op-Ed by Patricia Burke

Years after the fact, the truth of unethical experimentation on American citizens during the 1900s came to light … for example, the Tuskegee Syphilis trials. Poor black men were told that they were being treated for the disease, but in fact, researchers were studying the progression of the disease instead and withheld treatment. This also resulted in the men infecting their partners and/or spouses and children.

As a result of the Tuskegee experiment, many African Americans developed a lingering, deep mistrust of public health officials. In part to foster racial healing, President Clinton issued a 1997 apology, stating,

The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong… It is not only in remembering that shameful past that we can make amends and repair our nation, but it is in remembering that past that we can build a better present and a better future.

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Unfortunately, there are other examples of horrific “scientific research” being conducted without knowledge and consent on unsuspecting citizens by both industry and government. Quaker Oats placed ionizing radiation in cereal given to orphans. The U.S. government also sprayed clouds of particulate containing ionizing radiation on poor black neighborhoods in St Louis and elsewhere, explaining to citizens that they wanted to see if they could use the clouds as a defensive weapon, to hide from Russian warplanes. In fact, they were testing the use of the chemicals as an offensive weapon on unsuspecting Americans, many of whom later died of cancer. And many more… (Source – NBC)

And, unfortunately, although President Clinton apologized for the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments, he also signed the Telecom Act of 1996 into law, including the infamous Section 704.

The Smart Meter Debacle

When I was living in Northern CA in 2009, utility companies began installing wireless smart utility meters. The introduction of the pulse modulated frequencies traveling in the airwaves and on electrical wiring caused a portion of the population to report symptoms, almost immediately. In some cases, the symptoms were debilitating, and individuals were driven from their homes.

Worldwide, the term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” – derided by industry, pro-smart environmental groups, and politicians – was coined to describe individuals who were portrayed as having an imaginary “nocebo” illness. Another term for those reporting symptoms is the “tin foil hat” crowd.

Even the entertainment industry got involved, with the Better Call Saul show portraying that the way to test for legitimacy of complaints is to turn devices off and on, and see how the person reacts.

But the on-off testing does not recognize the effect of an over-charged energetic immune system, or how long is takes for the human body to rebalance itself when it is thrown out of kilter by an alarm response. Better Call Saul also does not account for the fact that the character involved may still be being exposed to other noxious frequencies even when one exposure is eliminated.

The “entertainment passing as science to influence public opinion” does not recognize that symptoms and susceptibility may vary even in one individual over time, due to other factors including hydration and sleep quality.

We have living, breathing, humans who can clearly identify and explain the cascade of symptoms they are experiencing, and they are being effectively muzzled.

Should we look at the issue of jet lag, and a 72-hour rest where there is no addition exposure, if we want to get the science right? Shouldn’t we be testing scientifically to confirm that the person’s physiology has returned to a normal baseline before a subsequent provocation, if we were even going to insist on using a double-blind testing protocol? When the fight or flight mechanism in engaged, and we know that certain perceptive capacities are impaired, why are we still looking at detection of on-off provocation instead of measurable health impacts?

Unfortunately, the way that we do science now, for example drug testing, is to take two groups and only treat one with the drug and one with the placebo. This paradigm does not give any information about whether or not a specific individual’s safety is assured. For example, if a drug is helpful 50% of the time, and for 10% for whom the drug is dangerous or fatal, the drug is 100% fatal for those in the 10%. Vaccine “science” is also similarly flawed.

Killing Me Softly

In fact, the inferior and inaccurate EMF provocation studies cited by the industry are only done on patients who are awake, to see if they can accurately detect whether or not they are being exposed. We know that certain systems in the body shut down during sleep. For example, smoke alarms must employ sound, because an individual can die of smoke inhalation before they smell smoke. When citizens are reporting being abruptly awakened by wireless transmissions in the middle of the night, why have we not done the science to compare transmissions and complaints? Instead, a patient with sleeping concerns may be sent to a sleep center, without the same exposures. Or, a patient will wear a (wireless) sleep monitor, but the results are not tabulated in comparison to overnight wireless transmissions.

Post-covid, we are careening towards a world where the percentage of people who will benefit most from faster, more ubiquitous 5G coverage may be only the top 1%, as they monitor the rest of the population wirelessly to enable decision making in the investment market. The pandemic has demonstrated that the stock market is not a secure bet for much of the populace.

Individuals who recognize the relationship between their exposures and their symptoms are widely ridiculed and wholly dismissed, as plans are implemented for economic windfalls enabled by faster, more ubiquitous wireless connectivity. The move to address the “digital divide” is being accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The percentage of individuals who may be adversely affected by RF/EMF exposure is unknown, because patients are being classified and treated for their symptoms, without considering the environmental impact of an unhealthy, artificial EMF environment. Is it possible that more people are being slowly harmed and eventually will lose their lives due to ill health exacerbated by EMF, than those that had their death attributed to the coronavirus?

We could study this and fix this.

Every Three Hours, We Are Tortured Lab Rats

In the meantime, where I live, a distinct frequency that residents in my home can both hear and feel has reached the point where it is now being turned on every 3 hours. And it is staying on for longer periods of time. And it seems to be worse in the rain.

Previously, we were being abruptly awoken at 1 am, 4 am, 7 am.

Now, during the day, we are hearing and reacting to the frequency being turned on at 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7pm, and 10 pm, it is very clear that the tone is also staying on for a longer period of time. And, it is destroying our health and immunity.

This prohibits sleep, with one individual is experiencing nausea, another headaches, another nervous tension and a feeling of overcharge and exhaustion. And more frequent urination. (Earlier in the year, I broke my nose while on the acupuncturist’s table when I was sound asleep, and then suddenly awoken when the frequency fired on.) One individual states that the tone is in her head, not around her head. Others note that they can only hear it in one ear, indicating that it targets one brain hemisphere.

The frequency is affecting the heart rate of everyone in the home when rudely awakened in a full-out fight-or-flight response. There is a burning sensation on the outer ear, in the area that Chinese medicine recognizes as a sensor for heat. There are also body pains and aches, resulting from a contraction of the Gall Bladder meridian (of oriental medicine) which results in systemic compression. The sound is torture.

If I Worked In the Wireless Industry

If I were in the wireless industry, and a group of people became ill when I turned on the smart grid transmissions in 2009, I would relish the chance to have a do-ever, by gradually introducing the frequencies without the knowledge and consent of citizens. If citizens feel that they are anxious, or have a headache, or have a stomach ache, or are infertile, or can’t concentrate, or can’t sleep without questioning why it is happening, it would be a win-win for the wireless and the pharmaceutical industry.

And if I were working in the wireless industry and could buy extensive advertising for television, print, and on-line media, I would make sure that the media promotes my products, whether it is newscasters wearing iPods or shows featuring Alexa.
And, if I were in the wireless industry, I would partner with an influencer like the New York Times to make certain that any questioning of my agenda would be wholly dismissed. its fairly simple – if you have a local newspaper like the Worcester Telegram and you don’t like the way they are portraying the smart meter pilot, you threaten to pull your full-page ads and voila, you get to publish your own letter to the editor, and you shut everyone else down completely.

And if I worked in the wireless industry, I would monitor very carefully how elected officials and communities positioned themselves regarding the wireless health and safety issue. If I had access to every phone call and text that a person ever made, it seems like that would be a pretty powerful tool to rein people in. I would war-game any critics.

If I worked in the wireless industry, I would relish the opportunity to keep talking about mainly about brain cancer, (rare, and with a long gestation period, and possible to assign blame to other exposures after the fact) and to convince the public to ignore

– the diversity of symptoms
– the neurological effects
– the fertility effects
– the cognitive effects

As was so successful with the lung cancer issue, the asbestos and cigarette industry could blame each other for a very long time. As long as there are other factors like air pollution and glyphosate to distract the public, I would milk this societal disconnect about wireless products for as long as possible.

The Newly Recognized Immune-Vulnerable Population That is Being Told to Stay Home (and be tortured)

One area that has captured the attention of women’s advocates is the risk of domestic violence accompanying the stay-at-home orders of the pandemic. What has not captured the attention of the public is those who are staying home and being pummeled by a multitude of wireless signals from neighbors, churches, businesses, and possibly satellites, without relief.

The coronavirus has propelled the concept of immunity into the public discourse, with stores setting aside special shopping hours. Society is recognizing that some individuals do not have a strong immune system; but the other side of the coin is that the pandemic seems to be demonstrating that some individuals have an over-active immune system.

A society that is very future oriented, very competitive, very fast moving, and consuming stimulants like coffee and energy drinks is not as attuned to states of overcharge, and the health effects, as a culture that is more contemplative and attuned to nature and rhythms of expansion and contraction. For example, will there be spikes in deaths around the dates of the full and new moons, due to their health effects, ignored in the for-profit medical model?

If I were involved with the wireless industry or the banking industry or the pharmaceutical industry, I would make sure that every reported outcome of the pandemic supports my industry, with all the data at my disposal.

Who Gets to Ask the Questions and Collect, Analyze, and Report the Data?

In fact, if there is unethical EMF/RF experimentation occurring, and I believe that there is, it is already possible for the wireless industry to monitor more frequent urination and elimination, because a wireless smart water meter can transmit 24/7. (The industry states that then need to do this to monitor for leaks, Its not true, a system can be programmed to send a signal only in the case of an irregular consumption pattern. Why are we wasting so much energy and resources to transmit, collect, analyze and store such minute details about water use, under the guise of sustainability?)

The wireless industry can monitor whether or not a person turns on a light, turns on a TV, opens the frig door, or steps onto a piece of exercise equipment, indicating that those who know what frequencies are being generated can study what behavioral responses follow. Industry can determine whether we are social distancing or having sex.

Now, one question is whether or not exposure to wireless radio frequencies contributed to the pandemic.

Regarding wireless exposures, the only real tool available to most individuals and communities is to take the word of the industry. For example, Italian telecom providers have indicated that they increased the nation’s wireless capacity and exposure by turning on additional “cabinets” in response to the coronavirus.

Industry ads in the U.S. are claiming that telecom providers like Verizon are “monitoring the network,” but communities are reporting seeing new infrastructure being installed.

Meanwhile, we are being induced by the frequencies 8 times a day, for several hours, in addition to other frequencies that were already in the mix, that were already exceeding our ability to adapt. I believe the intention is 24-hour exposure for this new assault.

Until we have independent, non-industry funded frequency testing accompanying any claims of what is on or not on, or when it got turned on or not on, or whether something got turned up or down, I believe that the microscopic underlying truth is that we do not know how or if wireless exposures are contributing to our lack of health resiliency, regarding the pandemic, and every other health indicator.

I do know this – when the U.S. government wanted to spray low-income black neighborhoods with cloud particulate containing radioactive materials, they tried to implement the testing in several different communities. But local leaders and elected officials questioned the narrative in some areas, and the experimenters went elsewhere.

The areas that ended up being targeted were the ones where the communities were either cooperating, or not paying attention to what was happening.

And 60 years ago, when millions were dying in China due to unsafe, experimental agricultural policies promoted by the government, the communities where people survived were the ones where the leaders did not follow the national directive. They still planted according to patterns informed by nature.

America will be making significant decisions, one will be how quickly to pursue 5G wireless connectivity. Another may be whether to force immune-vulnerable individuals to accept a vaccine.

Citizen Science

From a colleague:

I recently received a notice from a company that assessed my genetic data a few years ago. So they were warning people that those with the TMPRSS2 gene that have the G, and worse, GG variants were found to have more severe lung reactions to H1N!, which shares a similar pathway with COVID-19.

So I looked into this more and in this paper, they are hypothesizing that TMPRSS2 may be modulating COVID-19 severity.

Here is the paper that showed TMPRSS2 having a severe impact on those with H1N1.

In the meantime, there are two already existing TMPRSS2 inhibitors being tested right now in Japan and in Germany. They are mentioned in the below article.

So myself having had colds progress into pneumonia on many occasions over my lifetime, and also having this single G variant, I tried to find a natural way to block TMPRSS2, hoping if I ever develop the virus, I could lessen the inflammatory lung response.

What I found was that sulforaphane will reduce this response naturally, at least according to this doctor in Michigan. In my case, the company who analyzed my genetic data had already told me to be increasing this in my diet, which I will continue to do and add some broccoli sprouts, which I’m already growing on my counter.

Below is the article by the doctor who recommends sulforaphane to inhibit TMPRSS2.

As an aside, the doctor from the above article also wrote;

Why older people get hit harder.

I’ve heard again and again about how the reason that older people are more impacted by Covid19 is due to their diminished immune system capacity. This seemed from the start to make little sense to me. I mean, if their immune systems were degraded, they’d have less acute inflammation as a result of infection, not more. Now I believe that the real reason is not that their immune system diminishes, but rather that their antioxidant defences drop as they get older.

Studies have shown that there are statistically significant decreases of Zn, Cu-superoxide dismutase (SOD-1), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activities in elderly people in comparison with the control group. Moreover, there is an inverse correlation between the activities of SOD-1, CAT, and GSH-Px and the age of the examined persons. (

Why would this matter?


Both the SARS coronavirus of 2003 and the novel coronavirus of 2019/20 are activated by TMPRSS2 and can thus be blocked by TMPRSS2 inhibitors. SARSCoV2 uses ACE2 as a receptor for entry and its spike protein is primed by TMPRSS2. Cells expressing TMPRSS2 show increased activation and replication of SARS-CoV. As an aside, TMPRSS2 is known to be up-regulated by androgenic hormones, a possible explanation of why Covid19 is more common and more severe in men. I don’t know if you’ve all noticed that what seems to be working to help people recover from COVID-19 are things that people with Electromagnetic hypersensitivity seem also to be deficient in or have trouble processing.

For example Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Glutathione, Nitric Oxide, Zinc

Anyway, it’s just something to note.

Don’t we need to ask – who might not tolerate a vaccine, or more wireless?

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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