Coronavirus — 2019-nCoV — Coronavirus 2 — SARS-CoV-2 Old Angles Reviewed. Uncommon Angles Offered.

By Peter Tocci


What do coronavirus and money/currency have in common? As with so many things in this psychological operation we call society, it matters not what they are, but what people believe they are and their corresponding behavior.

With things like U.S. states declaring states of emergency over single cases of COVID-19, and Governor Cuomo trying to call out federal troops, this media-borne Virus-Fear episode has taken on surreal proportion against the particulars on the ground.

It’s been suggested rightly that few certainties exist about the COVID-19 pandemic. Accuracy of statistics particularly have been in question. Faulty testing either up or down, and potential deliberate biasing play into the picture.

Most remarkable for me, as implied, is the huge disconnect between numbers, accurate or not, and perceived threat. At this moment, 228,784 cases globally. Flu would be millions by 3 months into a season. Coronavirus 2 is not precisely flu, but there are similarities. It’s at 135,160 active, with 70,535 recovered in China. Praise societal programming and the media.

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Certainly, no secret, economic impact is becoming cataclysmic, regardless of the intensity of the pandemic. How many would global economic collapse kill – in so many ways?

Silly me, I’ve not questioned “COVID-19” being used to refer to the virus, whereas, it’s officially the “disease” caused by what was 2019-nCoV, but which is now referred to by the US CDC as “coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)” No more year or “n”.

Later we’ll analyze information from two highly regarded ‘insider’ luminaries. The first is University of Illinois Professor of Law Francis A. Boyle, noted for drafting the US Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989. Reports have misconstrued that history, as we’ll see.

The second source is China-born Jennifer Zeng, top journalist and blogger with a large following. Both insiders hold, among other things, that a virus causing the COVID-19 epidemics and pandemic is a bioweapon that ‘leaked.’ And, in Ms Zeng’s case, that things in China are much worse than officially stated.

Given the outstanding history and credentials of these two, one is tempted to accept their views without question. But for this writer, certain aspects merit scrutiny.

There’s lots of speculative ‘fun’ to be had within the expansive sphere of possibilities. We’ll hopefully shed some light on the ‘funnier’ examples along the way, while looking at some key details rarely considered.


I’m not absolutely certain about other countries, but history shows that US “health” agencies – NIH/CDC under HHH – are overseen by, and serve — one could say are “operating arms” of — Big Pharma-Medical. With ’Pharma Cartel’ wielding global power, and standing to profit immensely, one might have to be a bit naive to think official sources elsewhere are ‘innocent’.

Test kits recommended by the FDA/CDC use the “PCR” method, or Polymerase Chain Reaction. It’s basically ‘amplification’ of an unidentifiably small amount of genetic protein, to make enough to then be identified.

CDC page says test kits are “…intended for use by laboratories designated by CDC as qualified, and in the United States, certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) to perform high complexity tests” [emphasis added].

After initial delays especially due to a faulty batch of kits, finally on 3/12/20 81 state and local public health laboratories in 50 states and the District of Columbia have successfully verified COVID-19 diagnostic tests and are offering testing. CDC removed the statement: “The test will not be available in U.S. hospitals or other primary care settings.” But it seems that’s the case, as the labs are taking over.

CDC: “The test kits also will be shipped to qualified international laboratories, such as World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Influenza Surveillance Response System (GISRS) laboratories.”

GISRS? Who knew? Influenza – serious biz.

Quite interesting, then, is that CDC-approved kits will be sent via the International Reagent Resource (IRR), formerly named Influenza Reagent Resource (IRR) — an agency established by the CDC. One wouldn’t be blamed for surprise and thinking that the WORLD Health Organization would be the one directing all this.

But it seems that CDC fingerprints are on the testing program at every step. Does this suggest to anyone a global “funnel” effect?

PCR accuracy is plagued by two issues. The first is false positives caused by something called “crossover contamination”. This is a major problem in “…using amplification techniques routinely, as in a regulatory agency such as the Food and Drug Administration…” not to mention labs doing corona tests.

Secondly, the test is excruciatingly complex, containing multiple points for potential error. First, just scan this page. Then take a look at the procedure.

Meanwhile, another test exists that shows potential. It’s called ViroCap: “With this test, you don’t have to know what you’re looking for,” said the study’s senior author… “researchers evaluated the new test in two sets of biological samples – for example, from blood, stool and nasal secretions…” How much simpler can you get?

Apparently, it’s not expensive, so you won’t need an “Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast DX Real-Time PCR Instrument with SDS 1.4 software” $$. Could this slow down its acceptance? 🙂

Alas, it seems both tests suffer a similar deficiency in that they detect a presence (qualitative) but not the viral load (quantitative). This is key because of the ongoing presence in the body of very low levels of various microorganisms doing nothing, such as incubating. Viruses in such a state don’t make symptoms and can’t be transmitted. Example: herpes has to flare up. Don’t confuse this with “asymptomatic transmission”.


There are a number of incidence “trackers” on the Net, one being U. of Virginia’s COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard. It has coincided closely for the last few weeks with the interactive map at Johns Hopkins University, as well as other trackers. It had been suspect in some minds because JHU School of Public Health and the Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 on 10/18/19, a tabletop pandemic exercise modeled on a coronavirus shortly before the outbreak. But it seems as accurate as any, except note how the red dots make things look like the world is on fire 🙂

There has been remarkable consistency in statistics across sources. We have to settle somewhere in the sea of doubt, so the two cited above will be used for discussion.

Lethality from the outset running around 3.4-3.6% with overall recovery hovering around 50%, including China. What reason might there be for Pharma/Elite controlled agencies to understate? It certainly doesn’t look like an attempt by central authority to overstate. Apparently, that’s the media’s job.

Societal Manipulation

Before getting to the analysis noted above, I’d like to share some thoughts from having also spent much time looking into a rarely detailed level of societal influence/control, the supranational financial power Elite residing atop a massive power structure (there might be a level beyond, but we won’t go there) before whom (infiltrated) governments and the corporate monolith genuflect, and whose policy they execute. That executed policy I call Drama, or symptoms of their manipulations. Drama includes the money factor (more below).

How power operates and to what ends is the complex subject of books. Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope is an example, as well as Antony Sutton’s Trilaterals Over Washington (with Patrick Wood), and America’s Secret Establishment (Sutton’s “magnum opus”).

But briefly, as detailed in Trilaterals, the structure consists, top down, of policy setters (the “Elite”), policy holders, and policy executors (where the Drama lives and includes banks, corporations, NGOs, individuals and more). Research has long identified a single-minded Agenda — total world domination and control, with many supporting sub-routines and tactics, including propaganda and media-control, which are carried out by the corporatocracy.

One Elite ‘specialty’ is the creation and reinforcement in society of beliefs and belief systems, as mentioned in the opening. These are often exploited to create fear and anxiety, two of the best control mechanisms. Thus, the coronavirus-induced shutdown?

A consistent occurrence in previous ‘world-killer’ viral outbreaks is the eventual money-flood. Billions are currently being deployed and proffered to “control” and “fight” COVID-19. From banks, it’s debt slavery, a variation on the “Economic Hit Man” theme.

On 6 March, “President Trump signed an $8.3 billion spending bill … aimed at fighting the coronavirus outbreak… The bill will fund the development of vaccines, medications to treat the disease and diagnostic tests… [emphasis added].

He said he didn’t think Americans were too worried about the coronavirus. “I don’t think they’re panicking,” Trump said at the bill signing. “It’ll go away.” Well, he should have been in the supermarkets to witness the Black Friday of food. Cowardly hoarders making sure they’ll be safe, ignoring the fact that their fellow human beings might be in need.

It’s like a dinner for 12 people, and three rush in ahead and eat 90% of it before the rest arrive. Reprehensible.

A week later, Trump money was up to $50 bn. Interesting would be to find out where most of it flows.

For many analysts, “follow the money” answers all questions. It’s suggested this applies only to a point in the power structure. For the psychopaths at the top, money is not primary. Control is. Not that they don’t gain financially, because that’s just how their creation – the system – is set up.

But is money a primary motive here? Is it what drives policy? Is it a fundamental goal or a manipulative mechanism? Drama, in other words?

As suggested, the top level, operating above the law, sets policy, while lower levels hand it down and execute it. Lower levels are more visible, often regarded as “the perps.” It works much like Mafia contracts vs. triggermen. So greed is exploited at the Drama level to elicit/influence choices and actions that advance the overriding global Agenda, whether players are aware or not. And many are not.

What follows the money-flood this time is the main concern: The pattern has been that once the dam breaks, the world-killer threat begins to fade. Fizzle time. A big difference here has been the level of panic and extreme isolation practices created for this one almost out of the gate. Question is, will the draconian policy fizzle, and if so, will it do so in time to revive the dying global economy.


Again, though coronavirus 2 is not precisely flu, there is much in common. Flu “season” is roughly the cold part of the year geographically. Let’s give it 6 months. Though there are flu ‘waves,’ most seasons are in full swing by 3 months from onset.

A look at the history of flu pandemics is instructive. Scroll down this page to the “Influenza pandemics” chart. Note the Name, Date, Subtype and Deaths Worldwide columns.

Totaling the rough death estimates conservatively, we see that “flu” has killed around 57 million people in the last century or so. Over 7 million per pandemic on average. Of course, “Spanish” heavily biases the average. Least deadly was 2009 Swine flu, a new strain, at 151,700 low estimate; most, the “Spanish,” at 100 million, high estimate. ‘Halfway’ through SARS-CoV-2 ‘season’ (3 months), we have now a worldwide total of around 9,321 alleged deaths. These must be parsed as well, because relatively few die of the virus itself (more later).

Despite awareness of the rapid spread and large number of flu cases (in spite of the poison needle), no great panic, lockdown/shutdown and threat to collapse the global economy has even been suggested.

Yet, as coronavirus 2 was a mere couple of steps out of the gate, panic generation began in the media, with a sharp rise in that curve later in the young ‘season.’ panic intensity has increased since then, for numbers that just don’t warrant it.

Of course, we have no sound data point now, due to draconian stupidity now in progress. It might eventually be given the credit for saving lives while creating a living disaster that could easily more than make up the difference. Alsoi, corona 2, a new strain, certainly hasn’t stood up to its predicted 15-17% lethality. It’s been under 4%, which cannot be attributed to stupidity.

Why has authority ‘accepted’ flu death in a sense, but gone hysterical over a pandemic their own incidence statistics show to be a pussy cat? Thus, the most important question of all arises, as others have asked: “What is the ultimate purpose of this manufactured Fear-of-Virus episode?” We might be nearing the point of finding out — at least about what step this is toward the global-fascist system.

China’s lockdown procedure has been praised by WHO and President Trump. China has set the bar and governments, national and within nations, won’t hesitate to “do the responsible thing” in the face of a threat, real or not. Widespread lockdowns/quarantines could be a preamble to the introduction of any number of additional totalitarian unpleasantries, including “gunpoint” vaccination.

A major tactic cited to facilitate full implementation of the control Agenda is a third world war, bringing nations to their knees, preparing for acceptance of the ‘Global Solution.’ Another tactic is global economic collapse, which could be caused without a virus. Response from the ‘Belief-Corona’ eminently serves the latter, as we see looming, and perhaps less directly, the former. Power has repeatedly shown its ability to concoct and orchestrate war. Just pick any major one.

Instability is built into the rigged and crooked economic system, which can easily be influenced to create booms and busts (e.g., housing bubble): The Great Depression resulting from the Stock Market crash was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence….The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all. – Louis McFadden US Congressman (R-PA) 1915-1935, Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee. Poisoned in 1936.

Well-intentioned and courageous as he was, McFadden apparently didn’t realize banksters, or Elite families, had been ruling (manipulating) the roost for centuries, and royalty/aristocracy long before that. That episode was just a major transfer of wealth.

One of the ‘planks’ in the psychopaths’ control-system platform is the cashless society – a lip-smacking Elite liberty killer. We know China destroyed a huge amount of cash to ‘stop the spread.’ And folks are generally being advised to use digital/plastic exclusively to ‘stop the spread.’ Conditioning for what’s planned?

One of the more clever Elite tactics is called the ‘reverse psyop’ (RP). It operated in the CO2/climate change controversy. From the outset, everyone, especially CO2 believers, reacted to fossil-fuelers and associates as being in “climate denial,” a term intended to skirt reason.. Thus, ‘denial’ by the earth-wrecking evil ones reinforces the desired belief. Even if it’s untrue. The Bad-Guy Reverse psyop.

Previously, the global government/control-system, often called the New World Order, looked like it would operate supranationally via business structures (e.g., trade zones), but the MO now seems to be virtual hive-mind domination in the technosphere. “You will be assimilated.”

The control-system foundation is wireless technology per se — “5G” included, not “5G” alone, which nonsense constantly bombards us. This is a theme in the writings of this author. See section The Real Reason for the Wireless “Season”? in Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Criminally Instigated. Terminally Pathological.

COVID-19 and the “5G” crisis have something else in common – concocted hysteria. For the documented evidence on “5G,” please see also What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”? (Revision/Update 1/24/20) and Geneva Telecom Antenna Map Illustrates How the “Stop 5G!” Campaign Misleads Supporters.


In an InfoWars®/Alex Jones interview (transcript here), Professor Boyle says he’s been attacked “… for being a conspiracy theorist [also intended to skirt reason] and fake news and I’m a nutcase and a nut job and everything else. … And indeed, as I told you before, I’d been completely censored out of all the mainstream news media here in the United States.”

NOTE: There is no intent by any means to ‘accuse’ Professor Boyle of collusion. Just saying his work may ipso facto be playing into the hands of any possible fear-mongering-perpetrators in a Good-Guy reverse-psyop-like way, because the bioweapon hypothesis carries additional weight if the persecuted one says it’s true. Still, the case merits scrutiny. It’s not cut and dry as presented.

We should be aware, for example, that the complete title of the 1989 Act is: An Act to implement the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction, by prohibiting certain conduct relating to biological weapons, and for other purposes.

In other words, “An Act” to implement an international resolution previously signed by over 100 countries — in 1972, effective 1975. While weapon research raged, it took only a mere 14 years for the Good Guys to comply. Reports have said incorrectly that “Boyle’s Law,” if you’ll excuse the pun, was ‘adopted globally.’ In the interview reviewed here and in two others, no attempt was made to clarify this.

A related historical note is that the resolution became lip service — a de facto PR smokescreen. The purpose attributed to the research changed from offensive-weapon to the whiter lily of “defense.” Other than that, not much changed. None of the big players ‘trusted’ the other guy’s adherence. Secret research has been a threat since. Military facilities with “internal” budgets being the best venues. Elite controlled.

The move recalls for me how, after WW I, leftover organophosphate WMDs virtually had the labels changed and became the wonderful new chemicals for industrial agriculture.

“Virus-Fear” becomes amplified and is exploited, whether ‘the’ virus is weaponized (which term itself can vary in meaning), or not – despite what science papers are interpreted to mean. As we’ll see, even ‘bioweapon’ can have different connotations.

A key point rarely mentioned about infectious pandemics/epidemics is that they’re inherently life-cyclic. Individuals may perish, even in large numbers, but it seems there’s a failsafe mechanism built in. Examples are the Black Plague, Bubonic, and the “Spanish flu”. Although many perished, the three burned themselves out without any help from conventional medical wizardry, thank you.

One might reply that those weren’t bioweapons, although the case has been made that the “Spanish flu,” though ‘officially’ blamed on Chinese slaves laborers working behind the lines in WW I, resulted from massive vaccination of US troops sent into WW I. If so, it had that tint of artificiality.

The most important fact, however, is that it was neither Spanish nor flu. Bacterial pneumonia killed the vast majority of people. And this is an important lesson on flu pandemics in general, because most flu victims don’t die of it. Abstract: “…data from the subsequent 1957 [Asian] and 1968 [Hong Kong] pandemics are consistent with these findings.” It’s been published that the virus has been identified (H1N1), but somehow the killers – pneumo, strep, and staph – don’t get the same respect. See also.

The following is from a 2/29/20 CDC Telebriefing Update on COVID-19. Dr Duchin: “…people who are having the most severe impact of this disease are those who are older, those who are medically fragile, for example with chronic underlying health conditions — and I’m talking about the same conditions that we’re used to hearing about with seasonal influenza, chronic cardiac disease, lung disease, diabetes and other conditions…” Do we need to shut down the world to protect this sector of the population?

Thus, though COVID-19 symptoms vary somewhat from flu, its impact on underlying conditions seems to be quite similar.

The cyclic quality of infectious pandemics is not stressed by advocates of the poison needle, because during the ‘classic’ period of pandemics, it helped create the illusion of efficacy by introducing vaccines on the later downside of the cycle.

CDC page on the 2009-10 flu (“swine”) pandemic: “While a … vaccine was produced, it was not available in large quantities until late November—after the peak of illness during the second wave had come and gone in the United States.”

Keyword: peak. And guess who knows when that is.

For a short discussion on immune function, please see OK, Let’s Talk Immunity.

At any rate, a few questions do come up about particulars of the bioweapon construct, as well as some significant missing possibilities.

For example, Boyle to Jones: “Today in USA Today, Tony Fauci admits that the lethality rate of MERS is about 36%, whereas SARS is 10%. This Wuhan is 15% to 17%” (British medical journal Lancet said the latter).

As noted, it’s just stunning that the level of hysteria we’re seeing can be worked up with such mediocre numbers in our face. Back to the bioweapon drawing board? More below.

Among four science papers Boyle has traveled with as evidence of bioweapon work, two intriguing ones stand out for me. I acknowledge that Abstracts and stated purpose can be formal rhetoric/propaganda covering evil.

“Cleavage” Study

One paper is entitled The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade [“clade” is a group of organisms believed to be evolved from a common ancestor] Published here.

No access without paying, but the Abstract says, “…we discuss the possible functional consequences of this cleavage site in the viral cycle, pathogenicity and its potential implication in the development of antivirals.” [emphasis added].

Dr. Boyle states that this study shows the Wuhan virus to be a bioweapon because of this unique cleavage and that the text says, “…may provide a gain of function to coronavirus for efficient spreading in the human population—”

Three things strike me about this. First, the word “may”. It’s not “does.” May and might are generally interchangeable. It would seem the scientists are speculating about something not verified in the study.

Also, below the the Abstract it says under Research data for this article:

Data not available / No data was used for the research described in the article

Not sure what that means. You’ll see ones where data isn’t released.’ ‘Used’ is a bit different. Data includes protocols, procedures and methods. Hopefully, there’s some in the text.

Key distinction to consider: Does “efficient spreading” necessarily indicate virulence/lethality? Could a mild virus be GOF’d to spread more efficiently? Mildly pathogenic agents can and have spread efficiently when released on the uniformed public for observation.

With SARS-CoV-2, however, it seems we have a reverse: Relatively mediocre spreading (with a few exceptions) relative to flu, for example, but a higher lethality rate. Unreliability of stats notwithstanding, does this compute to a vicious bioweapon?

“Cluster” Study

A more detailed and useful discussion concerned an 11/1915 University of North Carolina study, SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence It was funded by many grants, seen under “Acknowledgements” (directory at right).

Having earlier said he thought a theft story was possible, he has changed his mind: “I think I have the definitive evidence where this came from and it came from the BSL-3 biowarfare lab at the University of North Carolina” [emphasis added].

On the basis of past research, I seriously doubt the ‘stolen’ notion in general (not to mention ‘leak’ and ‘escape’) − unless we think the designers of security for these facilities don’t give any thought to theft (more later). On the basis of history as well, we can’t dismiss the possibility of ‘field test,’ to put it politely.

Abstract describes research on a virus currently circulating in Chinese horseshoe bat populations to assess the potential for cross-species transmission.

Why don’t they just leave the poor bats alone. They never caused such problems until Dr Frankenstein ‘spelunked’ their homes and kidnapped and dragged viruses out of them.

Boyle: “…first notice who was involved in this DNA genetic engineering of SARS, which is already a biological warfare agent to give it gain of function activities.” Indeed, SARS was billed as a world-killer. Like others so billed, however, as discussed above, it fizzled  as a virulent and lethal ‘biological warfare agent.’

“And then at the very bottom of the list, who is involved? Zhengli-Li Shi, [Zhengli Shi – PT] Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China. So it’s very clear to me that this scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology got this gain of function [GOF – PT] technology for SARS from this University of North Carolina lab.”

“…scientists at the University of North Carolina took dirty money from China to allow that one of their top biowarfare experts from this Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan … and they permitted this Chinese scientist to work with them to give gain of function biowarfare DNA genetic capability to SARS” [emphasis added].

Boyle asserts several times that China “bought” this tech and brought it back to Wuhan. With due respect to him, unless one can prove the quite unlikely case that this “top biowarfare expert” didn’t already have such knowledge, and could even have brought some expertise to the table, doesn’t the conclusion seem presumptive?

This paper reveals that GOF has been a subject of discussion concerning whether the 1977-78 flu epidemic was the result of an accident. This suggests that the subject has been in the literature since the 1970s.

Wikipedia (OK for stuff like this) says: In 1974, the first report of a genetically modified virus that could also replicate and infect was submitted for publication by Noreen Murray and Kenneth Murray. Just two months later in August 1974, Marjorie Thomas, John Cameron and Ronald W. Davis submitted a report for publication of a similar achievement. Search “Genetically Modified Virus”.

How, then, do we conclude that China paid “dirty money” so Zhengli Shi could learn about technology that’s been in the literature in one form or another for around 50 years?

Boyle asserts that the technology used in the study (GOF) for more efficient spreading in the human population…” has absolutely “…no legitimate scientific or medical use…”

Both papers question, not the usefulness of such research, which is considerable from a particular point of view, but the danger of it.

Included in the stated purpose of this study was to test “…available SARS-based immune-therapeutic and prophylactic modalities…” which “…revealed poor efficacy…” Abstract conclusion: “Our work suggests a potential risk of SARS-CoV re-emergence from viruses currently circulating in bat populations.” Should they have added, “…including those hanging around in our labs”?

Even if lying about motive, would experts report in the open literature something that has no legitimacy? Especially after being so widely funded, and after getting special permission to go ahead? See first paragraph in Biosafety and biosecurity under Methods.

The U.S Government Gain-of-Function Pause document of 2104 says, Gain-of-function studies, or research that improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease, help define the fundamental nature of human-pathogen interactions, thereby enabling assessment of the pandemic potential of emerging infectious agents, informing public health and preparedness efforts, and furthering medical countermeasure development.

What about anticipating what an enemy might be doing (the Elite often play both/all sides) to see what defense might already exist and whether something else need be created? After all, who was blamed, though falsely, for the anthrax attacks of 2001? The country whose devastation was planned from the day Saddam was CIA-assisted to power in 1979, to have the war with Iran.

“Highlights” in the cleavage study says, for one thing, “Campaigns to develop anti-2019-nCoV therapeutics should include the evaluation of furin inhibitors.” For what it’s worth, the word ‘furin’ doesn’t appear in the  SARS/cluster study.

Among the many funders of this work, with any number of possible motives, was National Natural Science Foundation of China. This is considered suspicious, but international scientific cooperation is no surprise, especially considering that France sold the facility to China in the first place, and was closely involved in the setup.

Boyle declares SARS-CoV-2 was an accident because the lab had two ‘leaks’ before, and because Chinese scientists themselves confirmed it. Now we believe the Chinese? Might ‘escapes’ or ‘leaks’ be convenient for avoiding truth? Wouldn’t anyone ‘confess’ more readily to accident than release?

As noted, I seriously question ‘accident.’ Because nice old China would never experiment on its citizens — as the US military has many, many times on its citizens, at various scales, without public knowledge.

For security measures, see second paragraph, Biosafety and biosecurity. This is Level 3 — Wuhan, Level 4. Now consider whether even a bonehead could be allowed by the system itself to be sloppy enough for a leak or escape. I want to draw a cartoon of a virus visiting his brother in a facility and bringing a tiny cake with a file in it.

Another possible scenario is that the virus now in circulation could easily have been dropped on China. Why could it not have come from DARPA, for example, with several facilities in the region, and why can’t it be spreading via a series of drops? Microdrones would serve nicely.

Boyle: Pathogenesis means lethality and infectiousness… Not exactly. In this context, It means infectiousness (otherwise, it can apply to non-infectious disease), but not lethality necessarily. For example, E. coli can be the pathogenesis of a bladder infection. Usually not lethal, however.

Again, the prior health status of the deceased should also affect total deaths from SARS-CoV-2 or flu. How about lowered immunity due to excessive cellphone use. A good one to compare with total cases would be the impossible-to-specify ‘exposed but not infected,’ category. Or harboring, but not transmitting.

If we want to believe Chinese scientists, all 49 cases in Wuhan at the beginning of the media blitz recovered. Didn’t seem to slow the media down, though.

There are also studies saying ‘no weapon’ (here and here).

Top civilian investigator Jennifer Zeng has said it’s very difficult to get reliable information, especially on numbers of victims, because everything is so controlled by China’s totalitarian, one-party government. A truism.

I’d be most grateful, however, for an explanation of how this is much different, in effect, from what is handed down from Pharma-controlled HHH/NIH/CDC/FDA (and many Government agencies, like FCC)? This alphabet soup of corruption is no stranger to misrepresentations and lies.

It may come as a surprise to some that propaganda is even more necessary in the ‘free’ world than in totalitarian regimes. An entire, huge industry has grown up wherein a PR “…company crafted that news story you just watched then gave it to the network, with the understanding that they would put their own logos on it, identify it as real journalism and air it. … There are more PR flaks in the United States than there are journalists. Propaganda has become the primary means by which the wealthy communicate to the rest of society.” Again,

Based on information she has allegedly obtained directly from local folk, including on crematoria/incinerator staffs working to exhaustion, Zeng has surmised that China’s incidence numbers are very likely much higher than being reported.

What other reason, she has said, could there be for this volume of alleged death/incinerations. One thing comes to mind: A purge of citizens low on the ‘social credit’ totem pole.

Another – ‘drop-deads’ due to severely compromised immunity from a combination of several factors, including the radiation from Wireless technology and hitech environment in general.

Or, as Matt Agorist reported: …thousands of people are dying from the lockdown — not because they have the coronavirus — but because they are unable to leave their homes to receive treatment for curable diseases. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese officials have reportedly condemned thousands of other sick folks to death.

That would up the need for furnaces while recovery stats stay in place. Well, I guess we can feel fortunate that confinement deaths weren’t added to those ‘caused by the virus’.

A most interesting hypothesis is that major revolutions in EM technology in the age of electricity preceded each major pandemic. This is plausible, especially if you view flu as a major defense/detox process.

Speculation has emerged saying this crisis is caused by “5G” being heavily implemented in China’s cities, especially Wuhan, with higher Covid-19 incidence and deaths − due to lowered immunity, or simply deaths due to “5G” virus or no.

While a wireless/EMF correlation with illness if all kinds is a certainty, to blame this on “5G” alone is irresponsible, opportunistic and specious. Cities have long been irradiated, thus people sensitized, by 2G-4G radiation and numerous other EM fields. All things equal, even a moderate increase in the latter could produce a wave of illness/fatalities.

This speculation amounts to ‘making cases’ without all factors known and included. For example, China has some of the worst air in the world, and Wuhan the worst of that. Moreover, telecom/WiFi radiation synergizes with toxins, and each worsens the effects of the other. For example, heavy metals.

“5G” opponents are loathe to face up to the inescapable lethality of 2G-4G, preferring to rely on “tips” for reducing exposure. Telling the whole truth could create animosity and reduce the money being made off generated fear. Sound familiar?

Making cases is the very hallmark of the misguided “5G crisis” and bogus international “Stop 5G!” hysteria machines – a conglomerate of ploys and nonsense, two of the worst of which are focus on human concerns rather than ecosystem, and historically on ground antennas instead of the coming satellites. This is compounded by these opportunists not even knowing, or more likely not saying, what “5G” is.

What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”? || Geneva Telecom Antenna Map Illustrates How the “Stop 5G!” Campaign Misleads Supporters

No one, including hawkers of “5G” hysteria, knows how much of today’s ongoing ecosystem decline and overall rampant illness − that is, diseases described and named prior to the wireless telecom era − is attributable in whole or part to pre-“5G” telecom/WiFi radiation (or even the whole radiation gamut to which we expose ourselves).

If officials even know (doubtful), they’re not telling. I suggest no one knows (although policy setters might be more aware). Of the number of officials who listen, they have the misfortune of being ‘informed’ by the misguided “5G” campaign and EMF “educators”; by those who imply that we can live with 4G by “reducing exposure”; of being loathe to go against the flow; being blinded by the money of it all; and being disinclined to break their own dependencies and addiction.

But it’s almost certainly huge.

What we do know is that telecom/WiFi radiation causes inflammation, weakens immunity, disrupts brain function, breaks down the blood-brain barrier, and disrupts the endocrine system − for a few. Just the latter leads to a host of illnesses. Could chaos in the hormone system be having anything to do with increasing gender ‘differences’?

The first article linked just above contains the section History of Official Awareness.  It contains proof that governments, militaries and the wider scientific community were fully aware of the harm at least 20 years before 1G came out.


No atrocity is beneath the power structure. Its influence on governments, science, militaries, and media is a big reason why we can know so very little for certain about this outbreak. The Elite-serving wireless-industry cartel easily rivals its Pharma-Medical ‘sister.’ Their respective pathological products synergize each other.

Elite operations can have several motives at once. If this outbreak is deliberate, one of the ‘funnier’ possibilities, perfectly in tune with the psychopathy at the top of the power structure, is major distraction from other key issues, including ones gaining more attention such as the onrushing global surveillance state in the technosphere, the foundation of which, again, is wireless technology per se – “5G” included, of course.

The more we weave wireless technology’s artificial dependencies, fascinations, obsessions, addictions and illusory sense of freedom intricately into modern life, the more dominated, surveilled, catalogued, robotized and enslaved we become.

The irony in all of this, of course, and just the kind the psychopaths savor, is that programming has gotten people into dire fear of a relatively harmless virus while they embrace technology ‘infecting’ billions. It was criminally instigated and is terminally pathological. Wireless telecom/WiFi is, without remedy other than termination, one of the most devastating environmental and health threats—and threats to personal liberty—ever created.

Quitting wireless at the consumer level would be one of the the greatest blows people could strike against tyranny, and for survival, due to its terminal threat to Nature, immunity, human life, health, and liberty.

Or will we insist on ‘conveniencing’ ourselves to death?

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. – Goethe

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression.

Image credit: Pixabay

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