5 Benefits CBD Oil Has on Your Overall Health

CBD oil has made quite an impact all over the world, and with its recent legalization in 2018 (via the Farm Bill’s removal of hemp and hemp-based product restrictions), we’ve seen businesses all over the U.S. creating new and improved CBD products. What does CBD do, anyway, and how is it good for your health?

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, but it’s important to note that it’s not the same compound as THC, which is psychoactive. In fact, CBD can reverse the effects of THC and provides similar benefits without the classic “high” that comes from THC. Without further adieu, here are five benefits CBD oil has on your overall health.

1. Mental Health

We often overlook mental health when we discuss overall health, but make no mistake; mental health is just as important as physical health. The two are simply halves of a larger whole and need to be considered with equal care. One of the most promising benefits of CBD oil is its effect on mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

While the research is only just starting to catch up with the new demand for CBD products, there are still promising preliminary results. Certain studies have found that CBD oil actually helps reduce anxiety and social anxiety symptoms, and may even be able to be used to help manage depression symptoms.

These results are quite exciting, given the current state of antidepressant medications. Besides physical side effects, some antidepressants have been found to actually increase the patient’s risk for suicidal thoughts, behaviors, or the act itself.

Many patients report increased depressive symptoms as well. A natural remedy derived from CBD oil could be a long-awaited answer to the question of safe-to-use antidepressants. The mind is a fragile thing, and it’s prudent that we put the right things into it; including what we take to make it better.

2. Pain Relief

With the opioid crisis now considered a national health risk, many people suffering from chronic pain are looking for a better way to manage it. Prescription painkillers are often the gateway to opioid addiction, with prescription abuse opening the door to more powerful substances like heroin or cocaine.

CBD has been found to have natural pain-reducing properties, as well as reducing inflammation (and therefore pain) in patients suffering from conditions like arthritis. Not only would using CBD oil for pain be a more affordable option for many people, but it’s also infinitely safer, as CBD oil isn’t a substance that is addictive in any way.

CBD oil has also been found to be useful in alleviating the effects of withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. This can help speed up the recovery process for people suffering from addiction, and make the withdrawal period much easier to navigate.

3. Epilepsy

CBD is so effective at treating certain epileptic conditions that the FDA recently approved a CBD-based drug called Epidiolex for certain rare seizure conditions. The CBD seems to help even out neuron activity in the brain and reduce the chances of a severe seizure; something prescription drugs haven’t had much success in doing.

Not to mention, synthetic prescription drugs almost always have side effects, and CBD’s side effects include things like dry mouth and diarrhea.

4. Heart Health

Some studies have linked CBD oil to improved heart health in adults, and with heart disease listed as one of the top killers of US adults, this is great news. CBD has been shown to help with high blood pressure and other heart-related issues, without any major side effects.

Stress is something that puts a lot of strain on the human heart, and CBD can help alleviate stress and its related symptoms; thus, helping the heart to recover and maintain its health. The future looks promising, and as more research develops, we’re sure to see even more heart-related benefits from taking CBD oil.

5. Acne Reduction

Studies have shown that using CBD oil can actually help reduce and prevent acne, which is caused by genetics, bacteria buildup, and many other factors.

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and may even prevent the buildup in the skin’s sebaceous glands that leads to acne breakouts.

Since acne is a common skin condition, there are thousands of topical applications for it,  but results vary. CBD is showing some pretty promising results so far, so we’re crossing our fingers for everyone out there suffering from frequent acne breakouts.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil is produced by companies all over the world, but it’s important to buy oil that’s been sourced from USA-grown hemp for the best results. As the research continues to grow and improve, new benefits of CBD oil are being discovered. As a natural compound with little to no side effects and plenty of health benefits, CBD has a very promising future.

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