Amazing: A Global 5G Protest! More Amazing: Few People Seem to Know What 5G Is (Bullet Summary)

By Peter Tocci

Author’s Note: This Summary lists discussion points in the article What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”? (majorly revised and updated). The full text is strongly encouraged; but two Summaries have been published for fast-trackers. This more detailed one, for those who’d rather pick and choose, and a Text Summary for those who prefer a more general sweep. Both provide a means for seeing “5G” more clearly, and quickly accessing areas of particular interest.

Introduction to Full Text

When you say, “5G” or ”Stop 5G,” please be sure you haven’t been misled about what it is, what you are opposing – or want. Most “5G” opposition presents more hysteria than fact.

“5G” (in quotes) indicates the lack of a critical distinction that forms the basis of this article. Although “5G” and its implementation are confusing enough (not even the Industry has settled all details), compounding the problem unnecessarily is the output of most opposers, which suggests they don’t really know what it is – or aren’t saying.

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Opposition includes erroneous information, omissions, sometimes propaganda – and sometimes utter nonsense – alongside some truth – even from those who should know better, such as “concerned scientists”.

The “Stop 5G!” mantra irresponsibly leaves environment, people, and communities in greater jeopardy than do the ominous facts. This article attempts to raise some ‘dust’ and clear the air at the same time.

Because carrier rollouts and stories of harm are major opposition concerns, much detail is given to show how “5G” hysteria makes things worse in various cases. Safety testing, history of official awareness of harm, and opposition priorities are also discussed.

“5G” confusion revolves around some technical things, but non-techies need not be intimidated. Easily understood basics are all one needs. Like musical notes, the signals to and from devices and towers are just vibrational frequencies. Comparison ends there, however, because telecom/WiFi frequencies are microwave radiation like in your microwave oven, not acoustic.

Many people are familiar with frequency designations used in telecom/WiFi. But for a quick and easy ‘course’ in frequency (and wavelength) if needed, please read the first 4 paragraphs of The Physics section of Wireless Technology: The Plain Physics & Biophysics (the section and article need key revisions in certain specifics, but the principles remain).

Natural microwave radiation of vanishingly low power comes to Earth from the universe. It’s called the ‘cosmic background level’ – what life has evolved in. Like man-made microwave, this energy wave has electric and magnetic properties and is called an electro-magnetic field (EMF). Opinions vary on its frequency range, one being that it covers the same range as artificial microwave, 300 MHz to 300 GHz – the top section of the entire manmade radio frequency spectrum (3 KHz to 300 GHz).

Telecom/WiFi microwave is greatly amplified compared to the background. It’s also digital. It’s an artificial, amplified, digital, polarized, modulated (pulsed) electrical and magnetic force.

All biological systems have electrical and magnetic properties as well. Thus, why you can be electrocuted; and why magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) does what it does.

Despite “5G” hysteria, all telecom/WiFi signals are fundamentally identical: Life-negative.

Their electromagnetic force interferes with critical functions controlled by the very low-power, highly sensitive electrical/magnetic properties of living systems — regardless of frequency or any power level, including far below what would ‘microwave’ (heat or cook) you.

If an electrical device causes static or otherwise interferes with a radio (as in static), music system, or any electrical circuit, it’s called “radio frequency” (RF) interference. The FCC strictly regulates this.

Wireless telecom/WiFi radio frequency interference gives living systems inaudible static. By embracing scientific fraud, the FCC very poorly regulates this. One reason is, it can’t be properly regulated anyway – and they know it.

While acknowledging that 2G-4G is seriously harmful, even ultimately fatal (but only if not properly ‘managed,’) opposers argue (with a straight face) that “5G” frequencies and infrastructure will make a terminal situation worse. More fatal (no laughing now).

Instead of “Stop Wireless!” they emphasize the “new” threat. Which it is not, fundamentally. Several ploys are ‘em-ployed’ to ‘make cases,’ as we’ll see.

The horrendous threat that opposition hysteria warns of is not “5G” per se, but wireless ‘techn-all-the-G’s’ per se. Wireless epitomizes the long-standing willingness of techno-adults to wreck the planet, poison the kids, and create illness in numerous ways, for money, convenience, and entertainment — the three main selling points of wireless ‘technolo-G’.

With few exceptions, “5G” opposers cling to the fatal hope of continuing with 3G/4G wireless – via proper use and management, of course. There have been appeals by scientists to (corrupted) official bodies, asking for what can’t exist – safe, safer, or biologically based exposure limits. This is discussed in more detail in the ‘physics’ article above.

There is also every manner of device, gadget, clothing, shrouds, paint and metal to protect humans from a pathological threat that shouldn’t even exist. This is considered sane and clever. And does it make business.

While business is being made, the worst threat by far proceeds – ecosystem damage/collapse. It gets mentions in the hysteria, but rarely the keen, priority-one emphasis it demands.

Some assertions below are solid, others “depend,” some are of necessity speculation. Things can change rapidly. Therefore, anyone having verifiable information clarifying, enhancing, correcting, or, especially, refuting anything said here, PLEASE share via Comments. The goal is truth.

By reviewing this material, the reader should be well equipped to evaluate the output of pundits/scientists, websites, forums, summits, writers and reporters stressing the “5G crisis”.

Bullet Summary

Corresponding Section titles precede the bulleted items.


  • Like previous “G’s,” the “next generation” wireless – “5G” – is dangerous by itself. But so is the hysterical “Stop 5G!” campaign.
  • By careless use of the very term “5G,” opposition hysteria creates dangerous confusion.
  • One thing opposers mean is that “5G” is its extremely high frequency (EHF) range of microwave radiation, often called “millimeter wave” (MMW). This is inaccurate, confusing and dangerous.
  • EHF and “5G” EHF are specified.
  • At least 4 Important distinctions exist, especially one between the two 5G’s – high frequency 5G and mid-band to low-band 5G (more below in 5G Rollouts).
  • Some terms are suggested for discussion. “5G millimeter wave” (5Gmmw) for high frequency; “5G mid-/low-band” (5Gmlb) for traditional 2G-4G frequencies being called 5G. “Enclosure” houses antennas. A “fixture” is a mounted enclosure.
  • Common, confusing warnings debunked: 1) “5G small cells are not small”; 2) installations can be “hundreds of pounds, right in your front yard”; and 3) antennas will be densely located — “every few homes.”
  • “FLD” is for fixture location density. Common warnings about implementation are in serious question at this writing (more later).
  • “Small cells” are not antennas and are small, but not new, not created for “5G”. There are traditionally three kinds.
  • From the outset: Saying “5G” to indicate only “small cells”/MMW is irresponsible, misleading. Typically careless statement quoted.
  • “The skin’s sweat ducts act as receiving antennas for 5G” is speculative, based on a stretched interpretation of an Israeli study (details reviewed, including important discussion of test-bed frequencies).
  • Wording of study’s “warning-flag” applies conceptually to all G’s. Harm was known decades before 2G (see History of Official Awareness).
  • Based on frequency, insufficient correlation to say sweat ducts are “5G” antennas. Making cases?
  • “5G is a weapon” is another ‘stretch’ based carelessly on the military’s ADS system, that heats the skin. No correlation with commercial 5G mobile.
  • MMW is no more weapon than 2G-4G. 2G was military stealth-weaponry adapted to telecom. Entire wireless telecom system is a potential weapon.
  • All telecom/WiFi wireless frequencies, 2G-4G, will cook you at sufficiently high power levels. Telecom 5Gmmw at commercial levels will not.
  • A powerful Air Force radar system, Pave Paws, will cook you in a nanosecond at 450 MHz, so forget “5G weapon” rhetoric.
  • No ADS power range found, but did find military “directed energy” study. ADS adjustable enough to be lethal.
  • Power of microwave ovens and towers/phones compared. ADS configuration chosen to limit penetration depth (see Reports of Harm).
  • No wattage output for 5G MLB or MMW antennas found, but did find Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of a 5Gmmw antenna for 28 and 38 GHz and compared with FCC standard.
  • SAR discussed – useless for assessing radiation absorption or comparing phones.
  • “5G” per se opposition creates dangerous false sense of security encouraging continued use of ecocidal, pathological 3G/4G/WiFi wireless systems.

Safety Testing

  • “5G has not been safety tested” is a ploy. That the FCC and Industry openly admit this is sometimes tossed into the pot of “5G” atrocities, whereas, the basic issue is wireless tech per se.
  • In 1996, FCC finally adopted ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992, covering frequencies from 3 KHz to 300 GHz, in which range all MMW is included. The latest is ANSI/IEEE C95.1-2019.
  • FCC assertion that “5G” poses no risk and needs no testing is same fraud adopted in 1996: “No heat, no harm.” This author warned of this response to “Stop 5G” in 2/2019 article.
  • Huge volume of science beginning in the 1950’s brings up question whether *proper* testing was ever done.
  • FCC discredits or merely dismisses existing science. This blatant criminality is clearly revealed by older historical documents (see History of Official Awareness below).
  • “Current FCC exposure limits are outdated.” All official testing is fraud, can’t be “outdated.”
  • “Outdated” always comes with the even more irresponsible suggestion that “safe”, “safer”, or “biologically based” exposure limits are needed, when no such thing can exist.
  • More detail on the original testing cited two in sections of Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Criminally Instigated. Terminally Pathological.

5G Rollouts

  • Heavy emphasis from outset on millions of new, closely spaced fixtures nationwide, but things developing differently.
  • A new “5G NR” international wireless standard covers two frequency ranges, FR1, FR2. One, 5Gmlb. Two, 5Gmmw. Public WiFi remains as is for now, but Verizon offering MMW home Internet in 4 cities.
  • 5G NR defines new protocols for MLB, providing at least 35% more 4G speed, while being called 5G without distinction.
  • 5Gmlb can use same towers as 4G, has same range and penetration, but new antennas.
  • 5G NR entails several new technologies needing only a mention, including “MIMO” antennas for small cells and beamforming (more later).
  • Plans in place to market 5G in an unlicensed 3.5 GHz band of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service. MLB called 5G.
  • Apparently, current smartphones can be updated to process 5Gmlb; but 5Gmmw will require new (expensive) phones.
  • Two independent field tests: Samsung Galaxy S10 (good shot of 5Gmmw antenna/node in first article). Both advise ‘holding off’ on new, 5G phones.
  • Two possible motives behind “5G” hysteria are addressed.
  • Two dissections of news stories displaying 5G rollout confusion – the UK’s 6/26/19 Glastonbury Festival and a notable 9/21/19 protest in Bern, Switzerland. Neither report clarifies which “5G” was involved.
  • Glastonbury protest article laced with dubious statements, notably the wearingly repeated hysteria that “5G” constitutes a “massive experiment on all species”.
  • Implied is that 2G-4G were not experiments. Paradox: They were and were not. Distinctions must be made (more below).
  • Crucial to keep in mind that all deleterious effects of EMF/RF were well understood by the wider scientific community, the UN/WHO, militaries and governments by the mid-1970’s.
  • Decision made long ago to put life/people at risk (see History of Official Awareness). Thus, thus the yes/no experiment is not IF harm, but when, and how the explosion will play out.
  • “Good” news: Human health collapse could be prevented – by ecosystem collapse. Race is on.
  • What’s happening ‘on the ground.’ The two 5G FR setups can be illustrated by looking at plans of three carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.
  • T-Mobile has announced a nationwide 5Gmlb rollout at 600 MHz.
  • Sprint’s plans are the 2.5 GHz band using “massive” MIMO (more below). No MMW at all.
  • Verizon’s “5G Ultra Wideband” (UWB) aka “Verizon 5G Home Internet” (5Gmmw) is being run in four cities.
  • Verizon “…will also deploy 5G technology on lower frequency bands including 700 MHz-2500 MHz frequency range…” (5Gmlb)
  • Sacramento a most enthusiastic victim host. Website features Verizon UWB installation at citizen’s home, City officials attending. Sacramento also a proud “Smart City” (more below).
  • Verizon’s 5Gmmw, for mobile, is being offered/tested in urban areas – could be its final destination.
  • Santa Rosa typifies cities forestalling “5G” for precautionary reasons. Right move, very wrong reason, with 3G/4G still operating. Again, the danger of “5G” hysteria.
  • Forgoing rollouts are all called 5G. This puts hysteria about millions of “small cells nationwide into serious question.
  • Report on new Qualcomm smartphone 5Gmmw antennas also covers antennas for MLB “… designed for larger cell 5G coverage…”
  • Internet of Things (IoT) specific to 5Gmmw? Two Israeli Qualcomm techs say 4G (probably 4Gmlb) can handle it.
  • Some opposers say MMW isn’t needed for car-to-car communication (so – 4G then? Hysteria?)
  • Deployment of smart utility meters on (4G) WiFi supports what Qualcomm techs say.
  • 5Gmlb makes sense for IoT, if IoT’s exclusive to MMW, and if that won’t be everywhere (on the ground), it trashes the concept.
  • Rollout info suggests FLD only populous areas. Readers who’ve seen this anywhere are asked to share in Comments.
  • If FLD is occurring outside major cities or populous areas, question arises about purpose.
  • Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams said in an interview that FLD is “…one of the myths about 5G…” True, but not the whole truth.
  • McAdam touts 5Gmmw for smart cities, driverless cars and virtual reality.
  • “Smart” technology is foundation for managing/controlling every aspect of daily life, no matter the 5G version. The Real Reason for the Wireless “Season?”
  • Things can change. MLB rollout could be precursor to an FLD/MMW invasion or satellite saturation in outlying areas.
  • Speculation on MMW future and interface between ground and satellite purposes and services.
  • Parenthetical discussion of Sacramento-City web page showing total-surveillance/human-control system rapidly gestating under auspices of “Smart City for public safety/benefits.”
  • Sacramento promises “STEM,” the nationwide programming for turning kids into corporate plug-ins.
  • STEM promises techno-shiny future — to advantage or disaster. Former hasn’t begun to “justify” sum of latter. Imagine potential chaos in Smart City from hackers.

Reports of Harm

  • Mostly confusion in these reports, all implying 5Gmmw. No clear indication of which “5G” is involved in most cases.
  • People see new infrastructure and assume MMW.
  • All harms reported thus far are classic 2G-4G symptoms. Most are “Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) type (“EHS,” a misnomer, see Idaho story near end of this section).
  • RF meters used to support claims of harm, but can’t read MMW. Such meters are professional, expensive, technical equipment.
  • A true 5G phone would read MMW and MLB, but no distinction; so even a pro one wouldn’t reveal frequencies.
  • Long-term exposure and probably cumulative effect play into “5G” harm. Harm “verified” by ordinary meters proves 4G harm – LTE or 5Gmlb.
  • One hawker claims its ordinary meter can read “5G,” a ruse brought to you by 5G hysteria.
  • For most situations, meters not much use for most people – no safe exposure level (see History of Official Awareness below).
  • Meters sometimes useful for people using shielding, etc, but symptom improvement doesn’t mean harm stops..
  • Differences between MMW effects and long-reported classic 2G-4G effects can tentatively identify 5G frequency type.
  • MMW potentially threatens skin and eyes. A study irresponsibly (underhandedly?) cited in an article to prove “5G” has heart effects is exposed.
  • Study also implies that any microwave frequency at sufficient power can cook and kill you.
  • Possible, but still speculative, that 5Gmmw can cause MLB effects, because conductive body tissues can carry induced currents deep into the body.
  • MIMO (‘my-mo’) antennas used in MLB for more than a decade. New development is “massive” MIMO, or many antenna elements in one enclosure for aiming beams of radiation.
  • Question whether massive MIMO arrays themselves pose a greater threat than traditional antennas. It’s possible.
  • Also seems one could get caught in a ‘crossfire’ of beams, although a sea of radiation hardly seems better.
  • Focusing/aiming doesn’t necessarily mean higher power hitting you. Relaying beams avoids high power output per beam.
  • Hysteria often warns of outrageously high increase in power output with “5G” and “small cells.” For a few reasons, this seems unlikely.
  • Details of several typical news reports. Most demonstrate fatal error of thinking that shutting down or moving a tower will make people safe or “safer” in general (no one’s talking ecosystem). Three show the effect of 5G hysteria – one outrageously, and one, a general concern about wireless, per se.
  • Story of a Sacramento family alleging harm from Verizon antenna installed near home illustrates confusion. Testimony before Sacramento City Council, 6/25/19 – with mayor present.
  • Type of antenna not given, but probably a MMW fixture for “5G Home Internet”. Verizon 5G UWB launched 10/1/19 in Sacramento — again with the mayor attending.
  • Strange that testimony date precedes stated launch date. Maybe there were tests. Maybe the PR announcement date was carefully chosen for whatever reason.
  • Opening video display screen says, “Children Sick After 4G/5G Small Cell Installation…” What does that mean?
  • Incident suggests MMW effect, but still shows need to know what you mean when you say “5G” – or “4G/5G”.
  • Mother seems to understand the general threat of wireless (although commits the “outdated” faux pas).
  • Her suggestion that “shielding” solved the illness won’t be taken seriously by officials.
  • Typically too, she seems not to consider that power level below heating, along with antenna proximity, make little to no difference in terms of ongoing harm.
  • Even if new 5Gmlb antennas pose greater health risk, it’s academic, because the ‘pre-5G’ endgame is the same – fatal.
  • Outrageous opposition-induced hysteria from Gateshead in UK about “5G” from street lights. Dangers of LED lights cited.
  • News reports from Cincinnati and Ripon, San Joaquin County, CA show dangerous thinking about shutting down/moving tower making them safer (no one talking ecosystem).
  • Cincinnati shows folks in the dark about 5G, thanks to hysteria.
  • Ripon shows better awareness of wireless threat.
  • An RT America report on Cincinnati, based on the original story, is cited as accurate example of common confusion, misleading information and “5G” hype sprinkled with fact.
  • Original 9/20/19 Cincinnati story (now includes update) a case of “new infrastructure” hysteria.
  • No one upset by 4G wireless or towers previously. It’s a “mystery tower” people fear will soon be sending out “5G signals”.
  • 9/27/19 update shows interview with concerned nurse. – “5G-hysteria” victim lacks understanding of wireless, will feel safer when tower with ‘unknown effects’ goes away.
  • Tall, new-look tower with cylindrical fixture (shown in picture and video). Looks nothing like Verizon’s 5Gmmw antenna seen in phone report in the 5G Rollouts section.
  • Update also says it’s a Sprint tower, so can’t be MMW. “5G” fear an assumption driven by hysteria.
  • What’s in cylindrical fixture and its specific functions are anyone’s guess.
  • Update also notes shorter, cylindrical black towers are popping up — Verizon’s.
  • Verizon spokesman confirms they’re small cellular towers currently broadcasting 4G LTE, but convertible to future “5G”, meaning what?
  • 3/12/19 San Joaquin report also concerns tall tower with cylindrical fixture “too close to school.” No 5G fear, more general awareness of wireless danger. ‘Cluster’ of cancer victims.
  • Ripon: Three teachers, four students with cancers since 2016. Also 22 year-old former male student. No mention of whether teachers and young man were exposed to any other towers/devices. Just that nasty tower…
  • Ripon case interesting for several reasons. Independent expert contradicted official assurance that tower tested OK.
  • Expert shows common ignorance: “…kids are still developing and shouldn’t be exposed.”
  • Sprint shut tower down, agreed to relocate. Good PR, suggests industry/towns will back down.
  • Two more reasons: First, overlooked threat of imminent disaster due to long-term exposure and probably cumulative effect (see History of Official Awareness below).
  • Second reason, bogus antenna advice ‘distance is your friend’ — the argument for slow death over quicker death, or futility of “reducing exposure.”
  • Greater distance can make things worse.
  • Any antenna to which any living thing is exposed is too close.
  • Reducing exposure comes in two forms – usage tips and lower exposure limits. Both futile.
  • Clever warnings for humans worsen ecosystem damage.
  • Reliance on power level to determine safety is largely a convenience, not science. Several other factors make determination too complex. They keep it simple-y deadly.
  • Harm stories indicate people seem to think it just happened. Fatal error. No way of knowing they weren’t ‘due’ anyway.
  • Stories wherein affected people or animals regard symptom abatement when the source is removed as complete recovery. More fatal error.
  • (Dear reader, based on what’s been shared here, see what you think of this short Verizon promo)
  • An organization called EHS Idaho collects reports on incidence and effects in the Idaho population of electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Term misleading. “OES” – Overt ElectroSensitivity – suggested.
  • An estimated 35% of the Idaho population suffers mild to moderate symptoms, with 3% to 10% “devastating, life-altering.”
  • Estimated 100 million suffer ‘OES’ globally. As bad as this is, it’s not nearly as bad as things could quickly and easily get. Call this “pre-terminal disaster.”

A Big Question

  • Illness caused by wireless radiation not new or unique to it, even though lists and categories of issues are attributed to it.
  • Question: how much of today’s ecosystem decline and rampant illness – all known prior to wireless era – is attributable in whole or part to wireless tech (or even the whole range of RF we ’bathe’ in)?
  • If officials know (doubtful), they’re not telling. No one knows (although perpetrators might), but it’s almost certainly huge.
  • For sick users — much habituated, obsessed, and addicted — seeing and feeling nothing doctors attribute to wireless, there’s little incentive to quit 3G/4G.
  • But quitting 3G/4G – at the retail level – must be done for survival, and that’s how to beat 5G — on the ground, anyway. Allowing 4G to continue, with any level of exposure, potentiates eco-collapse and massive *overt* health crises.

It’s going to explode, folks.

  • Manifesto: Anyone who understands the fatal threat but still uses wireless technology – for whatever tiring, self-involved ‘excuse’ – or for the promise of safe exposure limits and exposure reduction – is irradiating our source of life and fellow humans directly, with devices and by supporting the tower system ‘bathing’ everything 24/7. Such a user is an accessory before and during the fact to criminal behavior leading to ecocide and slow genocide. And, some researchers say, global enslavement in the technosphere.
  • If we don’t stop 3G/4G, welcome all 5G. Surrender will mercifully hasten an end to the coming agony.

History of Official Awareness

  • One official document acknowledging harm the FCC denies is 1981 WHO report, Environmental Health Criteria: Radiofrequency and Microwaves. Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation: Proceedings on International Symposium 1973.
  • Long report covers frequencies from 100 KHz to 300 GHz, but telecom/WiFi harm for last three decades has come from digital 2G-4G frequencies.
  • Quotes from document Summary given, revealing ruthless deception. It’s all most people need to read. Section 1.1.6. admits safe level should be “…close to natural background levels”.
  • Critique of Summary, facts and figures reviewed, showing how little power needed to be a threat.
  • Natural background microwave is analog, not artificial, digital, polarized or modulated (pulsed). So there is a safe, “biologically based” limit after all: zero.
  • Notes and quotes from a presentation at 2009 Whole Health Expo reveal knowledge of harm since the 1950s. No indication in Summary if 1973 Warsaw Symposium or 1981 WHO reviewers were aware.
  • No indication in Summary that Symposium/WHO were aware of military microwave stealth-weapon research begun in 1950s. What eventually became 2G.

Examining Priorities

  • Worth repeating: The most dire threat is to ecosystem, not humans. No exposed living thing is immune.
  • Environment suffers in hysteria background.
  • No form/amount of human protection protects Nature. False sense of security from “solutions” or “tips” intensifies threat.
  • German study cited suggests insects in alarming decline globally.
  • Threat to planet isn’t just about radiation, but about the entire process involved in creating it. One thing is certain about most technology, regardless of benefit – its toxic.
  • One thing is certain about most technology, regardless of benefit – its toxic.
  • From resource acquisition (especially mining) to disposal, technology is toxic to planet and biosphere. Wireless covers the whole process.
  • “Wired” systems will not stop this assault.
  • The attitude revealed in the WHO document about safety – “not technically feasible” – hasn’t changed.
  • If one isn’t careful, one might conclude “5G” opposers think humans can do quite well without the planet.
  • Most hysteria focused on ground antennas, while more than 50,000 new satellites are underway and proposed, a horrific threat.
  • Satellite threat considered sane because insanity unrecognized as such has become the norm in the culture of toxic-technomasturbation.
  • Heavy pollution produced by each launch, no concern for ozone layer, as well as massive removal of atmospheric oxygen. Dynamic graph linked.
  • Much still up in the air on satellites. Plan seems to be shoot them up first, answer proprietary questions later, dismissing anyone else’s.
  • In Europe there are calls for science papers on satellite/5G integration. There is an appeal to ‘stop 5G in space’, but popular emphasis remains disproportionately on ground installations.
  • Arrogant FCC has flatly dismissed legitimate concerns raised by NASA, NOAA and more. Does such arrogance suggest level of power beyond corporate/governmental?
  • Yet, NASA plans to participate in launch of massive 5G drone.
  • Might such arrogance indicate a certain level of supra-CorporateGovernmental power from which this atrocity originates? “Psychopathic” better word for it than “insane.”
  • Best way to beat 5G on the ground is to reject all current wireless (3G/4G) at the commercial level. This could well impact satellites also.
  • Outcry on satellites – and drones, for that matter – should drown out the ones on earthbound antennas.


  • Taking into account what physics and biophysics suggest about power levels and biosensitivity respectively; and what the WHO document (and other historical documents) report about effects and safe level; what’s known about unnoticed effects accumulating over time in living systems; and the fact that environment and humans have been exposed for almost 3 decades now, does anyone feel that 2G-4G wireless isn’t, of itself, a quite sufficient terminal nightmare?
  • The race is on between ecosystem collapse and human health collapse. Allowing classic 4G (or 5G FR1) to continue potentiates imminent disaster.
  • Experience shows that appeals, based on science, to governments at all levels; to national and international regulatory bodies, and so on is an exercise in futility.
  • It’s in the people’s hands. Give up wireless per se or give up the future – liberty first, then life. If not, then welcome all 5G. It will mercifully shorten the coming agony.

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He can be reached at [email protected]

© 2020, Peter G Tocci
All Rights Reserved

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