The End of Mandates

By Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

In the name of implementing vaccine mandates across the nation and around the world, governments are going to great extremes to intimidate citizens into submission and of giving up their naturally endowed rights to choose for themselves.

In Europe, the real power of a mandate has not been found in coercing reluctant parents to vaccinate children against their will; but in sending a signal to the wider, ignorant, population that vaccination is a vital part of public health. In this sense, the momentum generated by the debate on mandatory vaccination, as well as the mass hysteria, is intended for broad acceptance and compliance.

In the United States, state governments that claim to protect the rights of the people are removing vaccine exemptions in the law. Where vaccine mandates are in force, they apply only to childhood vaccination. However, vaccination is a condition of employment in some institutions – notably in healthcare facilities. While there is no legal mandate per se, it is a form of discrimination accepted in several jurisdictions and for all ages.

How do governments get away with it? Is there a path for the people to end mandates to preserve Rights?

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Strategies that trigger the end of exemptions inside the U.S., include: 1) declaring national or state emergencies, and 2) reported infectious disease outbreaks (swine flu, measles) whether real or not. The official reason? To protect the public health and safety, and U.S. borders. Note: As of October 2014, thirty states of emergency remain in effect, one reaching as far back as the Roosevelt Administration:

United States, Senate Report 93-549 states: “That since March 09, 1933 the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency.” Proclamation No. 2039 declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 9, 1933. This declared national emergency has never been revoked and has been codified into the US Code (12 U.S.C. 95a and b).

Rights Ignored As Standard Issue

In Wisconsin, the first Democrat-sponsored bill to remove vaccine exemptions was introduced in 2016, and failed.  The same bill was reintroduced in 2019 and failed again.

Now, local County health boards in Wisconsin are going around the law to recommend an end to the state’s vaccine exemptions, specifically, the Personal Conviction Waiver and the Religious waiver.

However, County health boards do NOT have general ordinance making authority. As a general rule counties cannot adopt ordinances. Municipalities have more authority powers than counties, and can adopt police power ordinances. These ordinances get thrown out by judges when challenged.

Both California and NYC have succeeded in mandating vaccinations by removing vaccine exemption status. On June 13, 2019, in the recent New York case, the Speaker of the NY Assembly was caught on videotape directing a committee member to change his vote in order for the mandate legislation to move forward. Twenty million new Yorkers lost their right in five minutes. See the overt heist operate in real time here.

Under Democratic party leadership, the right to religious and philosophic vaccine exemptions has been voted away by legislatures in California, New York and Maine. Recently, New Jersey became the site of massive protests against a mandatory vaccination bill.  At this time, the bill does not have enough votes to pass. But that will not stop it from being reintroduced against the will of the people.

In states such as Wisconsin, the only thing preventing the end of exemptions is a Republican majority in both houses. Momentum appears to be picking up to meet a deadline for the Healthy People 2020 Act, which will compel compulsory vaccines for all adult citizens, nationally.

However, all politics is a ruse and a distraction when it comes to the true origins of Rights. What is the commonality in states that attempt to revoke rights? Arrogance and ignorance.

Arrogance And Ignorance

Arrogance  comes through politics where politics is a game played at the individual’s expense. Ignorance of individuals allows for rights to be dissolved.

Further, under UN Agenda 21 and 2030, Globalists are consolidating their power to eliminate borders to create a One World Order, One World Government, and One World Religion. The U.S plans to dissolve borders with its north and south American neighbors, much as the European Union has dissolved their borders. America is a country created under the guise of freedom and set up to be destroyed under the oath of freemasonry, Order out of Chaos.

An End To Mandates

How do you end mandates when exemptions are set up to be destroyed in a country set up to be destroyed? Today, people who speak about vaccine awareness are censored. People who choose sides in the anti-pro vaccine debate are caught up in a PsyOps. Why get caught up in a debate designed only to distract you from simultaneously giving up your rights?

Time to think in new ways, starting with exemptions.

Exemptions are not rights because Rights cannot be legislated. Rights do not come from government or any “science. ” They are endowed by the Creator under “Natural Law.” Governments can only grant privileges, which can be restricted or revoked, and often are. Those who control the facts, control the conclusions. So it goes, no scientific foundation can be used to remove any of those Rights. All scientific submissions are irrelevant and not on point, because of this. Duping people into arguing science is an implied admissions that our Rights come from mortal, self-serving “science.”

How do you preserve rights when Globalists control the power, the media, the money, and the system? Remember the Golden Rule? Those who own the gold? Rule.


In America, under a republican form of government, an individual is a majority. An individual retains all Creator endowed rights that government was instituted to secure.


Our theory of government and governmental powers is wholly at variance with that urged by appellant herein. The rights of the individual are not derived from governmental agencies, either municipal, state or federal, or even from the Constitution. They exist inherently in every man, by endowment of the Creator, and are merely reaffirmed in the Constitution, and restricted only to the extent that they have been VOLUNTARILY SURRENDERED BY THE CITIZENSHIP to the agencies of government. The people’s rights are not derived from the government, but the government’s authority comes from the people. The Constitution but states again these rights already existing, and when legislative encroachment by the nation, state, or municipality invade these original and permanent rights, it is the duty of the courts to so declare, and to afford the necessary relief. The fewer restrictions that surround the individual liberties of the citizen, except those for the preservation of the public health, safety, and morals, the more contented the people and the more successful the democracy.”
– – – City of Dallas v Mitchell, 245 S.W. 944

Again, the rights of the individual/non-citizen are not derived from any document or government, but are Creator-endowed. However, once consent to be governed is granted, via citizenship, that endowment has been surrendered/waived by the citizenry. Why? Because mandatory civic duties abrogate endowed natural rights, natural and personal liberty, absolute ownership of private property. The hidden truth lies in the Declaration of Independence.

According to Jeff Ganaposki, pursuant to the Declaration of Independence, government has two jobs:

1. Secure rights, and
2. Govern those who consent.
Caveat: Consent waives job #1.

To restore your status and rights under the republican form of government, your remedy is to withdraw consent.

What to do?

1st step is education… and check local laws to verify the status of American nationals / free inhabitants domiciled upon private property. Also verify natural and personal liberty are still protected.

2nd step is to acquire a domicile (private property – not real estate) so one has a domain upon which to exercise natural liberty.

3rd step is to cease exercising any privilege associated with FICA, usury, socialism, submission, etc.

4th step is to correct the public record, where needed. For example, Form SS-5, application for a SocSec account and number is limited to U.S. citizens / U.S. residents. In contrast, American nationals / inhabitants are ineligible to participate – nor would they wish to.

5th step is to live free as our forefathers endowed us, with servant government sworn to secure our rights, and nothing more.

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Live Differently

  • Be self-aware, the Captain of your own ship. Know who you are. Rights are inborn. You must act free to be free.
  • Shine a spotlight on the corruption and control system to disarm it.
  • Speak truth in numbers. Like-minded numbers.
  • Do not vote against your best interests in a rigged voting system.
  • Withdraw consent for corrupt governments.
  • Withdraw your children from the public school system. Home school.
  • Withdraw support for corporations (food, Telecom, etc).
  • Fuel yourself with organic, real nutrition, food, herbs to protect your body’s immune system.
  • State what you want (positive) and refrain from stating what you do not want (negative).
  • Do not use a negation to state what you want. You cannot manifest what you want from negation. Stating the commonly promoted phraseology: “I am not anti-vax” is declaring a double negative, and part of a PsyOp that keeps you stuck.
  • Do not engage with negative thoughts or, likewise, with individuals who would pull you into their negative frequency. If it does not align with your desire, rebuke it. Disallow others from projecting their insecurities on to you.

There is a choice: the end of mandates or the end of Rights. Now is the time to know what you choose.

Rosanne Lindsay is a writer, blogger, and Naturopathic healer. She is the author of two books, The Nature of Healing: Heal the Body, Heal the Planet, and her story of thyroid disease reversal: Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her at Nature of Healing on Facebook. Consult with Rosanne to create a custom healing plan via Skype or Zoom or phone. Contact her at Subscribe to her blog for updates at and visit her podcast o archives at Blogtalkradio, and on Thursdays at 5 pm CDT.

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