7 Advantages of Shaving With a Straight Razor

If you’re like 60 percent of men who use shaving products, you shave on a daily basis. It’s a ritual for you, and a crucial element of your routine. You’re interested in making it as efficient as possible, not only reducing the time it takes for you to finish shaving, but also increasing the closeness and comfort of your shave.

There are thousands of companies making thousands of different products, all with the intention of making your shaving easier. But one of the products often seen as the most challenging may be the one most likely to improve your morning routine: the straight razor.

The Hidden Benefits of Straight Razor Shaving

Companies like Shave.net are starting to put a greater emphasis on straight razor products. Straight razors are rising in popularity because men are starting to realize the massive benefits of straight razor shaving:

1. Precision
Electric razors and multi-blade razors can be comfortable, but they tend to be bulky. A straight razor is both very sharp and very thin. Accordingly, you’ll have much greater control of your shave. If you want a specific facial hair style or if you sometimes have trouble navigating the curves of your face, a straight razor can greatly improve your precision. You’ll end up looking much more professional.

2. Closeness
Straight razors provide one of the closest possible shaves, assuming you keep the blade sharp enough. Electric razors aren’t even close, and even single-blade and multi-blade razors pale in comparison to straight razors. This means you’ll end up with a much smoother face, and if you only shave occasionally, you’ll need to shave less often.

3. Better skincare
Lots of people prefer to shave with multi-blade razors because they perceive them as more comfortable. However, the multiple blades actually result in more irritation; not only do you have multiple blades irritating the skin, but you also have an increased likelihood of experiencing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Shaving with a straight razor will mitigate, if not completely eliminate most of these problems, giving you much better skin health.

4. Lower costs
How much do you pay for your razors? If you’re like most consumers, you have a single razor, and you buy replacement cartridges on a weekly basis (or more or less frequently, depending on how often you shave). While individual cartridges are never very expensive, the habit of replacing them can get expensive quickly; you’ll be paying the same amount on a regular basis, possibly for the rest of your life. But with a straight razor, you’ll have to pay only once, so long as you keep the razor in good condition.

5. Environmental friendliness
Razors, blades, and replacement cartridges are often treated as disposable. While this is highly convenient for consumers, it’s terrible for the environment. It’s harder to manufacture complex razor cartridges, and disposing of old cartridges and blades results in more physical waste. A straight razor, on the other hand, produces little to no waste on a recurring basis, and is therefore better for the environment.

6. Ritual mindfulness
While it’s easy to view shaving as a chore, it can also be a good opportunity for mindfulness and reflection. Making shaving a thoughtful ritual can help you start your day with a clear mind and a good attitude. Having to think about your shaving strokes and spend a bit more time shaving can help you achieve this mindful state.

7. Confidence
Shaving with a straight razor makes some men feel more masculine, more capable, and more sophisticated. Even if you don’t, you’ll end up with a smoother shave and healthier skin. As an end result, shaving with a straight razor will make you feel more confident, which will bring you benefits in all areas of your life.

Shaving With a Straight Razor for the First Time

That said, if you’re used to shaving with a multi-bladed razor or an electric razor, switching to a straight razor can be challenging. Like most shaving processes, you’ll wash and clean your face, then apply shaving cream to the areas you intend to shave.

When your blade is ready, you’ll grip the straight razor in your dominant hand, hold the blade at an angle almost parallel with your skin, then shave downward (with the grain) with short, consistent strokes. Be very careful and controlled the first few times you do this. Rinse the blade periodically while shaving, and rinse your face when done.

One of the keys to straight razor shaving success is keeping your blade well-maintained. Make sure to clean it thoroughly after every session, hone it regularly, and sharpen it occasionally. If your blade is sharp, your shave will be even more comfortable, and you’ll never go back to shaving with a conventional razor.

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