5 Survival Uses For Tarps & Why You Should Stockpile Several

By Mac Slavo

Tarps can be essential in a prepper’s survival gear.  They are more useful than many realize and a great item to consider stockpiling and adding to your prepper supply.

Not only do tarps have several important uses if disaster strikes, but they could be a valuable barterable item as well.  I don’t have to tell you that being able to trade something of value after the SHTF will come in very handy!

Obviously, you can create a makeshift shelter if you are in a hurry with a tarp and some paracord. A “tarp tent” can be created by tying paracord to two trees and simply draping the tarp across the cord. But here are 5 other ways you can use a tarp in an emergency situation.

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1 – Create a Shower Stall or Private Bathroom Area: You can create a small, private area to take care of your bathroom needs. This could be using a toilet or taking a shower.  To do this, tie the two end grommets along the short edge of the tarp to an overhanging branch to create a U-shaped curtain around a toilet. Drape a hose overhead for a shower stall.

2 – Build a debris raft: If you need to create a raft, use wind brush, saplings, and vines and create a large doughnut shape with them. Place this on top of the tarp, tie the corners of the tarp up, and secure with wraps of paracord.

3 – Make a Stretcher: If someone gets injured, it will be useful to be able to fashion a stretcher. With parachute cord and two long poles, you can easily make a stretcher to carry an injured companion.

4 – Gather Water: Funnel rain into a bucket using a tarp to increase your water supply. A light rainstorm caught in a 5×7 tarp will produce a couple of gallons of water.

5 – Added Warmth: a larger plastic tarp can keep warm! Don’t wrap yourself in a tarp as this will make you sweat, and you should avoid getting wet because you will only get colder. Instead, put the plastic tarp between two blankets. Then wrap yourself in the blankets. This sandwich will help you retain body heat.

These are only five of ways a tarp can be useful in survival situations. There are many more things that can be created and made with tarps that make them worth owning as a part of your prepper gear. Many of the uses for tarps involve the use of paracord too, so don’t forget to grab some of that if you haven’t already!

Preparedness is about finding many uses for your items and keeping those items that you know can be used over and over again.

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This article was sourced from SHTFPlan.com

Image credit: Pixabay

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