Canadian Company Develops Eco Leather Made From Apple Peels

By Amanda Froelich

Being vegan doesn’t always mean being a responsible advocate for the planet. For example, some “ethical” eaters rely on food shipped from other countries (such as bananas, papaya, and mango) to subsist. Others regularly buy plastic-based attire (such as vegan “leather”) to avoid the real deal. Fortunately, it is now slightly easier for animal advocates to look great and live mindfully.

In Toronto, Canada, a small company has developed vegan leather made from apple peels that are recycled from the juicing industry. The two sisters behind the fashion line SAMARA launched their Mini purse, which is the first object made out of the new “apple leather.”

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The sisters say they were inspired to develop their product to replace the petroleum-based materials that are typically used to make vegan leather. During an interview with TreeHugger, the designers admitted that they are currently using polyurethane (PU) as a binding agent. However, they reassured readers that the glue is still a more eco-friendly material than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is commonly used in the textile industry.

“As the vegan leather industry is growing, we decided that it was time to raise the bar and start experimenting with other plant-based materials,” reads the SAMARA website. “We’ve been hard at work over the last year, aiming to create our best seller—the Mini—out of apple-based leather.

“After many iterations and quality checks, it’s finally here. Made from apple skins that are by-products of the juicing industry, and some PU that acts as a binding agent, we’ve designed our newest addition to the Mini Collection: our Apple Leather Mini.”

The Mini is now on sale at the SAMARA website. For $50 each, they are not cheap. However, a portion of every purchase made through the company’s website helps to send a “solar-powered backpack” to a child in East Africa.

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Amanda Froelich — I’m an RHN, chef, writer, activist, and entrepreneur who lives in Colorado. I share healthy plant-based recipes at Life in Bloom and cannabis-infused recipes at My Stoned Kitchen. Read More stories by Amanda Froelich.

This article was sourced from Truth Theory.

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