4 Chemical-Free Solutions to Hair Loss

Hair loss is common in adults, particularly men. Women may also experience hair loss based on genetic or hormonal factors. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re losing your hair.

Unfortunately, the world of hair loss is riddled with chemical solutions, but those aren’t the only ways to solve the hair loss epidemic! Though we have missed one, platelet rich proteins (PRP) an emerging treatment offered by some clinics such as Sydney hair loss clinic, consider this list of chemical-free solutions for thicker hair and less loss.

1. Low-level Light Therapy

Low-level light or laser therapy (LLLT) has been used for several decades as an effective method for promoting hair growth and preventing loss. A 2019 study from the Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University in Bangkok indicated that hair growth worked well using LLLT devices.

They specifically noted the use of a helmet-type LLLT device, saying, “…the novel helmet-type LLLT device appears to be an effective treatment option for AGA in both male and female patients with minimal adverse effects.”

A popular, easy-to-use device that fits the parameters of the study is the Kiierr Laser Cap. It’s a relatively stylish baseball-style cap with low-level lasers inside. You wear it for just 30 minutes a day every other day, and it’s supposed to improve the thickness and strength of your hair dramatically.

2. Specially Formulated Shampoos

Usual shampoos and conditioners are designed to give existing hair a clean sheen. However, they do nothing for those struggling with hair loss. In fact, some shampoos can worsen hair loss because they contain parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals that can damage follicles.

Natural-based shampoos with hair-promoting ingredients can work wonders in restoring bald patches and improving your look. One popular and effective shampoo is MONAT, a naturally based sustainable formula designed to reduce hair loss. It works by targeting the roots that are thinning and rejuvenating the follicles for healthier hair.

It’s particularly popular among women who have lost hair due to hormonal changes, like after having a baby. It can restore temporary bald spots and prevent thinning before it occurs.

3. All-Natural Oils and Supplements

As you shop for all-natural products to complement your hair routine, consider various oils, supplements, and natural ingredients that can stimulate hair growth. Replace your chemical-laden products with new ones that contain these powerful components.

  • Jojoba oil: This natural oil moisturizes a dry scalp, helping hair cells reproduce faster without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Aloe vera: The calming properties of aloe vera create a less aggravated, healthier environment where hair cells are able to replenish and flourish. It also cleans up sebum that can clog follicles.
  • Biotin: Take a biotin supplement regularly to promote healthy hair follicles. Look for biotin among the ingredients in your hair products as well.
  • Licorice root: Along with alleviating dryness, licorice root can strengthen weakened hair follicles. Rather than applying to your roots, take it orally via a supplement or tea.
  • Coconut milk: This popular ingredient also works wonders for hair loss. Massage into the follicles for hair health.
  • Vitamin A: To promote hair growth from the inside out, take a vitamin A supplement daily. You can also eat more eggs, orange and yellow fruits and veggies, and dark green vegetables.
  • Cayenne pepper: It might surprise you to learn that a cayenne pepper-based hair mask makes an excellent remedy for hair loss. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, boosting hair growth.
  • Safflower oil: This oil rejuvenates dried follicles and reduces dandruff. It can help to create a better environment for hair growth.
  • Rosemary oil: Flaky scalp, dandruff, and infections on the scalp all contribute to hair loss, and the antiseptic properties of rosemary oils can reverse the effects.

4. Change Your Styling Habits

Your styling habits may be contributing to hair loss more than you realize. Many people are unaware of the damage they do to their hair daily.

Along with changing your shampoo to a more natural formula, reduce the amount of heat used in your daily style. Hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can damage follicles and prevent regrowth.

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