From Vaccine Propaganda to Health Freedom

By Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

Panic Propaganda is predictive programming. Its purpose is to keep people in a state of fear. Fear is the lowest frequency on the emotional frequency spectrum. It is the default frequency of the Matrix program. Propaganda keeps people ignorant that they are free will beings living on a free will planet.

As vibrational free will beings, what we believe, think, and feel are frequencies that determine how we act, or whether we act. Fear keeps people is a state of flight, fight, or freeze. Fear keeps people stuck and afraid of acting on their own behalf and for their own best interests.

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In a state of fear, people are unlikely to remember that they are the true authors of their lives. “We, the people” are told that “We, are the government.”  We believe elected officials must get permission from the people. Yet, when elected officials are s-elected and mandates are enacted without the will of the people, it is easy to forget that legislators work for YOU. It is much easier to see that the people live under a rogue government.

Have Americans forgotten the words of Thomas Jefferson, written in the Declaration of Independence?

— That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Undo The Conditioning

Americans have taken on the conditioning of the public school system and the programming of the media to believe that rights come from government and you have no say over your life because all decisions must be made to protect the “Public Health and well being.”

People are made to believe that “Public Health” exists. However, “the Public” is like a forest. A forest does not exist without the integrity of  individual trees. Therefore, “the public” does not exist except for the integrity of individuals who make up the public. When it comes to health, wealth, and happiness, it is not “the Public” that is affected by mandates. It is individual integrity. Government, as Protector, does not exist unless individuals have a choice.

The Ruse of Exemptions

It is important to understand that ANY/ALL exemptions for the government vaccine program, whether medical, religious or philosophical/personal belief, are fundamentally illegal, because they transpose an inherent human RIGHT into a PRIVILEGE, on the presumption that you acknowledge, and thus forfeit, your natural born “freedom of choice” to an external authority.

The American government fails to disclose that it does not grant rights. It can only grant privileges, which can be altered, restricted, and abolished. What happens when individuals believe they are “the Public” under new mandates that eliminate exemptions?

  • the complete isolation of critical thinking individuals in favor of a group mind.
  • the erosion of the family unit and parental rights in favor of State policies.
  • a transition to a U.N. Transhumanist machine-human model where the state patents and owns your body.

By asking permission to opt out from any imposed health mandate issued by an outside authority, you consent to grant government authority over your body. This method of entrapment is known as color of law. Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act that may operate in violation of law.

The Will of the People

Under United Nations policies, governments around the world are merging national laws into one law. If true government is granted power only by the will of the people, what has happened to the people’s will?  Beginning in 2020, under the Healthy People 2020 Act, all citizens will be made to take a shot in the arm for the sake of “Public Health and wellbeing.”  In order to attain an education, maintain a job, enter a hospital or clinic, shop or travel, or function on any practical level within society, you may be required to catch up on mandated vaccines because the government says so. Need to renew a license? Show your vaccination record.

Rights Are Not Gifts From Government

State by state, when governments accept federal grant money, that money always comes with federal strings attached. The denial of parental rights by State governments, as well as medical kidnapping, has become more intense over the past five decades. The ruse of Children’s Rights gives more power to the State.

As long as the people fail to speak out for the freedom to make decisions for themselves, they will gradually fall into a predictive pattern of compliance. Instead of reacting with fear, people must actively become their own leader and declare what they expect for their own bodies.

People will have to move away from the medical and government systems. These systems are a network of deception, using Pharma-sponsored studies to outright fraud. The current generation sets the stage for what is to come. Your Government is ready to sell your rights and freedoms to the highest bidder of the Vaccine Industry with the legal means to force-vaccinate anything that breathes, just as the state of Ohio did when it air-dropped 800,000 doses of rabies vaccines for the raccoon population. This level of tyranny is determined by your actions.

Where Does Freedom Live?

When you decide to un-condition and de-program from falsehoods, you find that freedom is not granted by government, or presidents, or kings. Freedom lives in individuals. You are born with inherent rights.

In order to experience freedom, you must practice it and express it through your choices. Without choice there is no freedom. Avoid the “pro” vs. “anti” propaganda that is set up by social engineers to divide-and-conquer. While you are bogged down in endless debate (pro or anti), mandates are rolled out. Totalitarian rule is established.

Do not rely on the self-proclaimed leaders of any movement, the ones who shine the spotlight on themselves. Do not allow them to speak for you unless you are asking for what they represent. Their message is often convoluted. Leaders, themselves urge people be compliant with the CDC vaccine schedule by their own example. They claim they can work to “make a safer vaccine.” Ask yourself if there such a thing as a “safe vaccine.” Know what you stand for.

Some people are able to stop bad legislative before it becomes law. But what happens when the legislation ignores the will of the people as it did in California when government removed all vaccine exemptions, non-medical and medical, alike and violated the doctor-patient relationship? Such a mandate effectively shuts down access to waivers for kids who could be harmed by vaccines, which carry known risks, or who require a waiver for other medical reasons.

The government giveth and taketh away because government can only grants privileges. Rights are inborn. You came here with your rights in tact. You only need to acknowledge them and act on them. Everyone will be faced with a choice. What will you choose? How do you reclaim independence? Ask yourself, do you want to preserve your privileges or retain your rights? Ignore the panic propaganda and raise the frequency of freedom by your actions.

Rosanne Lindsay is a writer, blogger, and Naturopathic healer. She is the author of two books, The Nature of Healing: Heal the Body, Heal the Planet, and her story of thyroid disease reversal: Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her at Nature of Healing on Facebook. Consult with Rosanne to create a custom healing plan via Skype or Zoom or phone. Contact her at Subscribe to her blog for updates at and visit her podcast on Blogtalkradio, Thursdays at 5 pm CDT.

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