Free Preps — Doing These 5 Things Won’t Cost You Anything

By Mac Slavo

Often people assume prepping or getting ready for an emergency is expensive, and it certainly can be.  However, there are still some things that can be done before the SHTF to help raise your chances of survival that don’t cost anything.

1 – Save Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls

Those paper towel and toilet paper rolls could come in handy.  They can be used as fire kindling, and even smeared with a little Vaseline to help get a fire going when you need one.

2 – Store your Dryer Lint

Most of us just toss this messy stuff away. But dryer lint is definitely flammable, so saving it could also help you get a fire going if you need to.  You could even put some lint in a few toilet paper rolls you’ve saved to help get a fire going in a pinch.

3 – Reread Any Preparedness Books You Have

If you already own a book on prepping, take the time to reread it!  Absorb valuable information and keep a notebook and pen handy to write down things you’d like to save up for in the future. You will also most likely get even more ideas about free things you can do in addition to what is on this list. Brainstorming what you might need and how to respond in certain situations is the first step to becoming more prepared, and it costs nothing!

4 – Re-use Tin Cans

Preppers often recycle and reuse. They are inventive and sustainable, for the most part, and metal
cans are the perfect free prep! You can use them to store dry goods or hardware, or you could turn them into a “hobo stove” – an emergency stove. Here is a tutorial if you are interested: How To Make A Hobo Stove.

5 – Start a Compost Pile

Use one of your tin cans to save your vegetable and fruit scraps for compost. Once it’s full, take to an outdoor compost pile.  Choose some kind of a bin, on with a cracked lid or that’s broken is perfect.  You’ll need holes in it anyway. Start your outdoor pile with just bare earth and put down newspapers, twigs, or straw.  Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to create a compost bin.  You can get creative and use what you already have to make it for free though, so keep that in mind! This is a great way to turn trash into treasure.

With these free preps you should be able to boost your survival skills and begin on the path of preparedness.

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