For 30 Plastic Bottles You Can Get A Free Subway Ride In Rome

By Mayukh Saha

Starting now, it might be beneficial for you to pick up and store plastic bottles as you go across Rome in a metro. Well, unless you want to start ‘plogging’, then it is a completely different ball game. As the news proclaims, the transport authorities of Rome are trying to see if swapping plastic bottles for metro fare would be economically and socially beneficial enough for the population.

This program has been instituted in 3 metro stations across the city, for a period of a whole year. People or commuters would receive 5 euros each, for a fixed number of bottles that they deposit. The Local maintains that this amount can be exchanged for a metro fare, as it keeps accruing until it hits the €1.50 mark. For those still confused, one metro ride is going to cost you around 30 bottles, and it also means the expulsion of 30 bottles off the streets of Rome forever. This program is called ‘Ricili+Viaggi’, which roughly translates to ‘Recycle + Travel’.

Although this does seem like quite an innovative idea, one should mostly try for reusable and sustainable bottles and consume less plastic. But in case you have no other alternative at hand, you can always apply for this scheme, as Sergio Costa, Environment Minister mentioned.

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Like most Italians over the course of a millennium, the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi didn’t forget to diss Istanbul when she mentioned that this was the first instance when such a program was implemented on a large capital of Europe, knowing fully well that Istanbul also had such a system in place. Istanbul’s system involves a reverse vending machine, since 2018. This involves passengers receiving or getting credit for every plastic bottle that they swap. In Surabaya, Indonesia, one can easily swap bus tickets, with 5 bottles of plastic.

The metros providing this service in Rome are Line A Cipro Station, Line B Piramide, and Line C San Giovanni.

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Rome should serve as yet another reminder for us to take care of our planet. Let’s do our bit to save the earth.

Photo Credit: Francesco Borrelli

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This article was sourced from Truth Theory.

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