Factors To Consider When Seeking Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

At a time when there is a global drug epidemic, it is no surprise that scientists and doctors have stopped at nothing when it comes to seeking better treatment alternatives. This has been propelled by the failures of the traditional rehab therapies and the ever-complicated face of addiction that has proven to be a tough nut to crack. Individuals battling addiction who do not want to be held back by constant relapses have equally broken out of the norm and are at the forefront of seeking new therapies. This has resulted in a paradigm shift that has pushed the industry to expand their horizon when it comes to the approach to addiction treatment.

In the bid to offer better and more effective treatment therapies, researchers and drug addict experts have been exploring new concepts that are safer and more natural in addiction treatment. One such treatment that has rapidly gained popularity in recent times is ibogaine treatment, which is a form of interruption therapy. The outstanding results from individuals who have undergone the therapy have been its greatest strength as it has elicited a lot of attention both by researchers and those battling addiction. As such, there has been an increased demand for treatment by ibogaine as everyone who wants to break from the negativities of extreme withdrawal symptoms, and cravings consider it to be the ultimate therapy.

However, as with all other drug addiction therapies, ibogaine treatment comes with its distinct limitations and risks that must be factored in for successful treatment. First things first, ibogaine is a psychedelic drug, which are generally known for their hallucinogenic properties, a primary reason why there has been a tough battle to have it fully legalize its use by the Food and Drug Administration. It is classified within the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) as a Schedule I drug, and despite its incredible capabilities in addiction treatment, the following aspects must be taken to account;

Never go for self-medication of ibogaine

There are lots of dealers in the market looking to make a quick profit by selling you hope for a better life in the form of ibogaine drug. In the age of e-commerce, you have to be aware that not only are there lots of scams lurking in every corner but the fact that not all ibogaine products meet the required quality, medically. Also since it is a psychedelic drug without medical supervision, there are lots of risks as the dose for a patient to take is dictated by several factors, which only a doctor can prescribe after analysis of your condition. To have the benefits of a safe and effective therapy, ibogaine treatment should exclusively be handled by certified doctors in a treatment center.

Treatment centers that over-promise is a big no

In the search for the right treatment center, it is easy to be convinced by the exaggerations that some centers have resorted to as they look to earn more clients. Outrageous claims on what holds ibogaine treatment for patients has resulted in a lot of illegitimate information that has to be avoided at all costs. A treatment center that is worth their salt will stick to the facts about the drug as an addiction treatment therapy and how it can help in reclaiming of an addict’s life. This includes a focus on the entire program right from the pre-treatment to the post-treatment and case studies on past cases handled. Suggestions that ibogaine treatment can reverse aging, as well as cure Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or diabetes are baseless and are used for marketing the drug as the magic cure you deserve.

Stick to professionals who have a record for their interest in ibogaine treatment

While ibogaine treatment has garnered lots of attention, and there are lots of treatment centers that currently offer the therapy, not all of them provide the same quality of treatment. As an individual battling addiction, you are better off relying on experts who have been dedicated to discovering and promoting the use of ibogaine for opioid addiction treatment. Renowned drug addict experts who have sought to learn about the abilities of the drug and address all assumptions or negativities about its use will have better knowledge to handle every case. This is largely because they will have the know-how to tailor each treatment and carefully evaluate the progress through each stage for a long-term solution.

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