Government Calling the Shots: The Ruse of Exemptions

Op-Ed by Rosanne Lindsay, ND

Exemptions are privileges. What the government giveth, the government can taketh away. Rights are not gifts from government. They are inborn. – Nature of Healing

The latest assault on health freedom comes in the form of ‘H.R.2527 — Vaccinate All Children Act of 2019 requiring students at elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated:  

A BILL To amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes.

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When government calls the shots, there is tyranny. Tyranny happens when industries capture government to do their bidding. In America, tyranny began when doctors and nurses were first encouraged, and then coerced, into work-place directed ultimatums: Get a flu shot or get the boot. Examples were headlined in the news:

Under Martial law, mandates could require you to show your vaccination papers or lose your job, or lose your ability to travel.

When we understand that hospitals are failing, nurses are expendable, and rising infectious disease rates matter not, we see how vaccine makers, such as Glaxo Smith Kline, function from inside government, and how governments are all connected under the United Nations Treaty laws to homogenate all laws on Earth.

What about exemptions?


It is important to understand that ANY/ALL exemptions for government vaccine program, whether medical, religious or philosophical/personal belief, are fundamentally illegal, because they transpose an inherent human RIGHT into a PRIVILEGE, on the presumption that you acknowledge and thus forfeit your natural born “freedom of choice” to an external authority.

Governments do not grant rights. They grant privileges, which can be altered, restricted, and abolished. Privileges are the foundation of the Marxist collectivist model now being rolled out worldwide. The result will be:

  • the complete isolation of critical thinking individuals.
  • the erosion of the family unit and parental rights.
  • an increase in disease rates from the direct adverse effects of vaccine ingredients.
  • forced drug dependency.
  • a transition to a U.N. Transhumanist machine-human model where the state patents and owns your body.

By asking permission of governments to opt out from any imposed health mandate issued by an outside authority, you consent to grant government authority over your body. This method of entrapment is known as color of law. Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act that may operate in violation of law.

Under United Nations policies, government is allowed, only by the will of the people, to tighten the noose around the necks of all countries, and ensure the end of freedom of choice. In order to attain an education, or maintain a job, to enter a hospital or clinic, to shop or travel, in order to live within any community, or function on any practical level within society, you will be made to get your shots. Need a license? Show your vaccination record.


Mandatory vaccinations are being phased in incrementally, by stealth, through media fear porn, and through laws, on the assumption that people will accept the dictates without question. Stealth also comes in the form of Controlled Opposition from leaders who claim to stand for freedom, but instead talk in circles with a contrived narrative that focuses on a “safer vaccine” or double negatives that twist the language to claim “I am not anti-vaccine” which means “I am pro-vaccine.” There is no such thing as a “safe vaccine.”

Historically, leaders of movements are often hired actors, set up to herd the people into a box. Were the people who originally introduced exemptions into the States actors? Marge Grant installed exemptions in the state of Wisconsin to get “the immunization requirement waived” under certain conditions, allowing government control over your choices. Understand that under exemptions, you are requesting permission from government to make a choice.

Further, the language of legalese sets people up to believe that “vaccination is immunization” and that this medical procedure is a requirement. Let’s get two things straight: Vaccination is NOT immunization because immunization confers life long immunity whereas vaccination may only confer temporary immunity. According to Nature and the body, the only requirement for real immunity is natural infection.

Secondly, governments do not grant rights. They grant privileges. Why are politicians such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leading a movement for free choice when he himself has stated that he is “pro vaccine” and that his kids are “compliant with the CDC schedule?” Was this politician planted as part of a PSYOP that led to the introduction of the recent federal bill in Congress which requires student at pubic elementary and secondary schools to be compliant with the CDC schedule?

Words matter. You must analyze the narrative being used to determine what is being stated. Then, analyze if it matches your own.

When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies. – Ron Paul

Rights Are Not Gifts From Government

State by State, when governments accept federal grant money, that money always comes with federal strings attached. The denial of parental rights by state governments, as well as medical kidnapping, has become more intense over the past five decades. The ruse of Children’s Rights gives more power to the state.

As long as the people fail to speak out for the freedom to choose, they will gradually fall into a predictive pattern of compliance. Instead, people must actively be their own leader and declare what they expect.

Do not rely on the Golden Boys of American Royalty to speak for you unless you are asking for what they represent. Their message is to be compliant with an untested CDC vaccine schedule. Know what you are standing for.

People will also have to move away from the medical and government systems. These systems are a network of deception from Pharma-sponsored studies to fraud. The current generation sets the stage for what is to come. Your Government is ready to sell your rights & freedoms to the highest bidder of the Vaccine Industry with the legal means to force-vaccinate anything that breaths. This is the essence of medical tyranny, and the outcome will be determined by your actions.

Refuse to Consent

Law or no law, the power of NO always applies as long as you can voice it. Now is the time to seize your courage, to wake up, rise up and find your will as a proactive participant in this cause. People are waking up to stop bills in the legislative that remove the right to choose what you inject into your body. But what happens when the legislation ignores the will of the people as it did in California when government removes all exemptions, non-medical and medical, alike and severs the doctor-patient relationship?

The government giveth and taketh away because government only grants privileges. Rights are inborn. You came here with your rights in tact. So ask yourself, do you want privileges or rights? As always, freedom lives in you!

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic doctor, writer, Earth keeper, Health Freedom advocate, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and at her website at Natureofhealing, where this article first appeared. Consult with her (Skype or Zoom consults available) at Subscribe to her blog at and at her podcast Thursdays at 5 pm on Blogtalkradio.

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