Man Builds Epic Off-Grid Log Cabin to Escape the Stress of City Life

By Natural Blaze

Shawn James couldn’t take it anymore. A normal job in the city wasn’t for him. One day he quit working, cashed in his savings, and headed to the Canadian wilderness to become self-reliant. First, he needed a place to live. With nothing more than hand tools, Mr. James built an epic off-grid log cabin.

James retired from work at 44 years old. He paid off his debt and sold his home in the city. Now he’s living the dream! A wilderness lifestyle!

Now James makes an income from documenting his off-grid adventure on YouTube.

His Golden Retriever “Cali” keeps him from getting lonely in the forest.

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It’s amazing what one man can build with basic hand tools.

Here’s a look at the inside of the log cabin.

There is no wasted space. Even the side of the cabin acts as a tool shed.

Mr. James added an outdoor kitchen complete with a clay mud oven for baking. He used it to cook a turkey to perfection.

Watch the short video below to see how Shawn built the log cabin with hand tools.

Watch the full time lapse video of the cabin built from scratch below.

Follow Shawn James journey on YouTube and Instagram. Visit his website at

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