Could Holistic Hair Care Be The Answer To Faster Growth?

Our hair goes through a lot and as the pressure for healthy, luscious locks becomes more and more prominent, many of us are seeking unique ways to give ourselves the results we want. Whether through picking up a hair mask at the supermarket, or finding a provider for hair transplants in the UK and abroad, combating hair loss and damage, the challenge seems never ending – but what if natural remedies were the answer? We’re looking into whether holistic hair care could be the solution for faster growth, below.

The Power Of Oils

For many, the idea of rubbing oil into their scalp and hair is a nightmare waiting to happen. If you already suffer from an oily scalp, you may be wondering just how more oil could help; in reality, it could be the hidden solution for faster growth.

Rosemary Oil

One of the best oils for rapid growth is rosemary oil. This all-natural alternative boosts the blood flow to the scalp, enhancing the strength of your hair by helping the follicle get the nutrients much faster. Not only does this have an amazing smell that remains even after rinsing from the hair, but it is a sure fire way of ensuring that your hair is as healthy as possible without the need for harsh chemicals.

Sesame Oil

Another oil that is beneficial to hair growth is sesame oil. This relieves the scalp of impurities whilst nourishing and conditioning follicles to boost growth and leave the hair with a natural shine. By applying this oil to your scalp once a week, you can boost vitamin E, thus leading to improved and faster hair growth. This can also help to remove dead skin cells around the scalp to help reduce dandruff and scalp irritation. This is key as this can stunt the growth of the hair and leave it looking flat and damaged.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

You may be surprised to know that there are a number of everyday kitchen essentials that can help boost the growth of your hair. Two of the most effective are:

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a common component in most people’s kitchen cupboards but it can be used for much more than just cooking. For hair growth, all you have to do is warm the oil on the scalp and massage it in. Leave this in your hair for 20 mins and then rinse. This will leave your hair feeling soft and will help to boost the vitamin E in your scalp in a similar way to sesame oil.

Red Onion

One of the more unusual elements of your kitchen that can be used for stimulating hair growth is the red onion. Although this may sound like an unusual option, bear with us, as you may be surprised with the results. This acidic ingredient should be blended and the juice applied to the scalp with a cotton ball, before being left for 15 mins. When the time is up, it is important to rinse this off with a mild shampoo to calm the scalp and remove the smell.  This unusual method boosts the collagen production in the scalp and helps aid the hair to grow.

Other Alternatives

Although natural remedies are often one of the safest ways of stimulating your scalp, the results may differ from person to person. If you find that natural alternatives are not working for you then you may have to opt for a hair transplant or other form of medical solution to solve the underlying issue causing your hair loss or weaken. Whether you decide to opt for a natural alternative or a hair transplant to help you achieve your hair goals, there are a number of ways that you can have healthy hair that suits your lifestyle.

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