Natural Disasters are Treated like Festivals by the Media: Honing in on the Negative

By Markab Algedi

This has been bothering the shit out of me for a long time, probably even subconsciously before it was articulated in this article.

Why the hell does the media treat natural disasters like festivals? Every negative, unnecessary detail possible is turned into a headline. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Want to check your email? Prepare to get bombarded with headlines.

This is pretty much the assurance that has to be made with the observation that the media treats disasters like festivals: it’s good that people are hearing about the victims, and it’s good that people are paying attention to what is going on, but the mainstream, particularly tabloid media, exploits that to the fullest and they hone in on unnecessarily negative details instead of focusing on better or more important things.

It’s as grotesque and negative as will get clicks, that’s the tabloid media for you. It’s important to point this out too: I don’t want shocking tabloid headlines or negative content to be banned, ever. I don’t want that to be regulated and it never should be. It’s up to people to decide for themselves what kind of content they want to support.

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Facebook has an excuse to censor content that is “shocking” or “extreme” if people believe in regulation or control of information. Absolutely no control of information that goes past peaceful suggestions to others, could ever be a solution to a problem such as a flood of negative tabloid headlines.

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Facebook would love to censor and ban alternative media pages under the guise of controlling shocking content, they would love to tap into the point I’m making and abuse it to try and accomplish a completely different agenda (more of them, after the purge they already committed against sites like the Free Thought Project, the Anti-Media, Police the Police, ect.)

Anyway, right now those fires are filling Northern California with smoke. In Sacramento where Edge Canopy is based out of, it’s not a pretty sight. People need Hepa masks, and who knows what is being sprayed in the sky on top of the smoke. If you’ve been following Edge Canopy/Era of Wisdom for a while, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

People who understand how the world works can’t help but theorize about the possibility that these fires were started intentionally. People theorize about directed energy weapons and fires that destroy structures but not trees, and they are wise to delve into that and research to their heart’s content.


What I know for certain, is that Northern California has been doused with aluminum and barium for years, because the skies have been sprayed to excess in the region. Since 2016, there was an escalation of spraying activity, and that’s why we captured this video, the photo you see below was captured over Sacramento in 2016, where rain tests at the exact same time found 100x the legal limit of aluminum in the rain.

(Image credit: Edge Canopy)


So the people who know some things understand that California might be more prone to fires, because aluminum is in the environment, and that has been confirmed by multiple rain tests taken to accredited and certified labs.

Aluminum could cause a spark that starts a fire. They also speculate that, for a reason such as clearing out nature to build new cities or property, an “Agenda 21” type of thing, someone may have intentionally started the fires.


It is odd to think that such extreme fires would start at the exact same time in completely different, distant locations in both Northern California and Southern California.

People do realize Nevada and Oregon are closer to Paradise, California than Malibu, in Southern California, right?

(Image credit: nbcnews)

Now here’s something that goes deeper. It feels like the media is trying to scare the shit out of people: it feels like there’s an agenda to promote terror, pure negativity, through detailed descriptions of people being burned alive and things like that.

It feels like the most horrifying imagery possible is being honed in on, and it’s not necessary.

Paying respect to the victims and acknowledging the tragedy that is unfolding does not have to involve gawking over ultra-detailed, repeated descriptions of suffering.

(Image credit: nbcnews)


It’s not like people need to be puritan and never be exposed to such a violent reality, but the way the media reports on this, it’s something different.

It’s like a festival or celebration, they just keep talking about it in the most negative type of way.

If it’s not pure detailed negativity the media is reporting, it’s herding people straight into some agenda. Watch out for some untrustworthy charlatans presenting solutions to these problems, and watch out for what is founded in place of Paradise, California. They want smart cities and technocracy, not nature, so naturally people theorize.

This article appeared first at Edge Canopy

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