The Healing Crisis: See Challenge As Opportunity

By Rosanne Lindsay, ND

If you are alive during this time, you are bound to experience the challenge that rocks your world. It’s inevitable. It is part of the contract that landed you here. You may come upon it unexpectedly, or you may see the challenge blowing in like a hurricane, off in the distance. But don’t bury your head in the sand.

Shift happens.

This shift corresponds to the Law of the Healing Crisis. This Natural law goes back to Hippocrates, and happens when a disease, which has been suppressed, is re-experienced, either mentally, physically, or both. Homeopathic doctors call this “aggravation.” Elimination pathways are opened and the body begins to send out all the pent-up toxins that had been suppressed. The crisis moves in a direction from inside to outside and from top downward under another Natural law called The Law of Direction of Cure. It is the re-emergence of the disease, after which the person is cleansed. This works when homeopathic remedies and herbs are used because it is a process of Nature.

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The law of the healing crisis correlates with what is called “body memory.” There is no true healing until the trauma remembered by the bodily intelligence is eliminated. … until the body can relive the trauma fully through the healing crisis and be released from its sleep of enchantment.  – Matthew Wood, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism

In trying to make sense of any crisis, your mind may become a battleground of contradictions and swirling thoughts. You may second-guess, question, and argue with yourself; your mind vs. your intuition, your ego vs. your Spirit.

And your body will reap the side effects. Your stomach will tie itself in knots reducing your digestive system’s ability to nourish your cells. Emotions drive biology. Unbridled emotions can be the Trojan horse that causes pain to hamper your zest for life. But you do not have to succumb. You always have a choice.

The Direction Of A Spiral

Every challenge is an opportunity from which to learn and move yourself forward like a spiral. The spiral is Nature’s mystery symbol which appears in repeating patterns called fractals. The Golden Spiral, also known as the Fibonacci spiral, is a numbered sequence where, after two starting values, each number is the sum of the two proceeding numbers. A true Fibonacci spirals outward as the numbers continue to increase. For math nerds the sequence looks like this:

F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2)

The sequence is illustrated in the sacred geometry of an atom with its orbiting elections, a plant with its spiraling leaves, a fingerprint, a pinecone, a conch shell, a tornado, the milky way galaxy, and your DNA. Sacred geometry is the language of the universe. It also shows the evolutionary course of humanity and the growth of the soul, if not held back. The spiral is said to satisfy both the left-brain’s desire for logic by its structure, and also the right-brain’s desire for intuitive connection to the whole.

Swirling thoughts are normal. But know that you are not your thoughts just as you are not your body. You are more than the sum of your parts. You are in control. The ego-mind may hold the reins that controls thoughts and emotions because that is the ego’s job. But Spirit is ever present.

Ego & Spirit

As all things in a world duality, ego and the Spirit are made to be antagonistic. The ego seeks happiness in the guise of more money, power, prestige, success, and love. The Spirit is content with what you have. The ego feeds on prevailing opinions. The Spirit looks within. The ego is a know-it-all. The Spirit is all-knowing.

The ego isn’t the enemy but it does seek attention—your attention. It can hold you hostage and stall you out with questions that take you backwards to the past, questions that don’t have answers…. did you handle the situation the right way? What if you had done it differently?

Time spent focusing on the past keeps you living in the past. Life happens NOW. Because you are more than your ego, you can question your ego right back. Spirit can remind the ego that the past is past. And the future never arrives. It is the present moment from which change takes place. A gift.

In the chaos of a good crisis, you may be afraid to question what is really happening now, afraid to awaken to the truth that has revealed itself. It is often easier to feed false impressions and maintain an image rather than to dig deep because inside you know the truth will shatter the grand illusion and take you in a direction out of your control and toward pain and suffering. After all, the ego is in this struggle to survive, not to be squandered.

Though pain cannot be denied, it does not have to define who you are. Pain can inform. Like the ego, pain asks you to pay attention to what you are experiencing. There have been no mistakes. All is experience. If up to the challenge, you can reshape and transform the pain into wisdom. This is the point of awakening. Upon an awakening, new truths are revealed and the ego is changed. Note: those who seek to stop the truth push the PR term conspiracy theory, a weapon against the awakening.

The Healing Journey

Life challenges represent healing on multiple levels, body, mind, and soul. All healing is a wake-up call to bring you out of your comfort zone and take you in a new direction.  A healing crisis offers a choice to either continue in the same direction, or to breakthrough to new ground. It asks the ego to step back and allow Spirit to come in, so each balances the other. Choosing to purposely alter your path is done at great risk of the unknown. It is a journey into the Self, from the surface to the depths, from the physical body to the soul, from the seen to the unseen, in order to experience a breakthrough.

All challenge is opportunity in disguise. To move from the inside out and forward like a spiral, is to flow in the direction of Nature. No one is immune to life’s challenges or to Nature because the life journey connects us all. Don’t be afraid to express the pent-up feelings. The life journey is the healing journey.

Rosanne Lindsay is a writer and Naturopath under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is President of the National Health Freedom Coalition and co-administers Wisconsin for Vaccine Choice. She is author of two books, including her latest book based on her own story of thyroid disease reversal: Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Consult with her (Skype or Zoom consults available) at Subscribe to her blog at, where this article first appeared.

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