Man Runs Backwards in Marathons to Save the Bees

runs backwards to save the bees

By Melinda CaffertyNatural Blaze

Farai Chinomwe didn’t set out to bring awareness to bee decline, but his life has changed drastically in the last decade.

He always enjoyed marathon running and eventually was inspired to run backward.

Meanwhile, he made one very life-changing decision that most people wouldn’t even think about…

Instead of eradicating a swarm of bees on his property, he took one small effort to safely relocate them.

Now, he has the opportunity to combine all his skills – and quite literally – save bees.

His organization Blessed Bees helps find new homes for lost swarms – and when he runs backwards, he instantly transforms into a bee activist! (Being a beekeeper helps, too!)

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GNN reports:

The South African beekeeper first discovered his knack for running backwards while returning home from a bee removal and his car broke down—with a crateful of anxious pollinators in the back seat.

As Chinomwe pushed his car, he found that he had more strength when he turned around and pushed the vehicle backwards.

From that point forward, he realized that his unique penchant for running backwards might be a way to coax people into think about honeybees.

Chinomwe has since run dozens of ultra marathons all while facing the wrong way – and for the record, an ultra marathon is any marathon that is longer than the typical 26-mile distance (42 kilometers).

Check out Blessed Bees!

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