Why You Get MORE Robocalls When You Opt Out

Why You Get MORE Robocalls When You Opt Out

By Heather CallaghanEditor

When “Do Not Call” Does Not Work, When Opting Out Brings More Calls

The baby is crying. The dog is lifting his leg. Dinner is burning and the repair man is knocking on the door. You are waiting for a phone call from the hospital to hear if there’s any more news about your mom before your next trip back to her bedside.

Your smartphone rings…It’s a number you don’t recognize, but you know it’s fake. It bears your area code but it’s no one close. It’s really a control panel with buttons in a dank building thousands of miles away. And the relentless battery of calls day and night from the A.I. machine is making your life a nightmare.

What sultry sounding robo-babe is it this time? The one that tells you about a Microsoft virus? How about Google local business listing? The IRS needs your social security number…Or perhaps a vague survey that segues into a sales pitch.

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When telemarketers got a hold of cell phone numbers and no longer worried about long distance fees – all hell broke loose. Congress passed the National Do Not Call Registry which helped for a time but exempted surveyors, charities, and political organizations. What’s more, the list was designed for legitimate telemarketers…

But shady scammers aren’t going to purchase the list or abide by it. What’s worse, when you “press 2” to be put on a robocaller’s “do not call” list, your number may be sold to multiple other scammer groups. If you get more calls after opting out of robocalls, that’s the main reason why.

Some people have even noticed that if they put their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, they get many more robocalls – until they remove their numbers from the list.

What can I do about robocalls?

Sadly, the reason the robocall phenomenon is allowed to occur is because the Telecom industry simply doesn’t care. They are bloated. Everyone needs a phone and they do not think they are losing customers. They don’t invest in technology that makes your life better unless there’s a way to charge you for your misery. Heck, they don’t even care if you get cancer.

You might try finding the NoMoRobo app for your smart phone, but it costs $1.99 per month. TimeWarner (now Spectrum) may still have a downloadable app that would block robocalls from your home phone through your account. And apparently Verizon has a multiple-step process to block these types of calls. Virgin Mobile allows a “reject call” for repeat numbers, on its LG models, but unfortunately this doesn’t stop voicemail from piling up and the constant notifications from them.

You can file complaints with DoNotCall.Gov, but don’t expect to hear back from the FTC. They have gone after scammers, however, and won over $130 million in lawsuits. If you get a sales call after your number has been on the Do Not Call list for 31 days complain to www.donotcall.gov, or call 1-888-382-1222; it’s toll-free. I’m taking my chances being off the list.

The Best Way to Beat Robocalls

Simply do not interact in any way. Don’t pick up if possible. Be a “dead” number. Hang up if you find out it’s a telemarketer or robocall. Definitely do not engage conversation or listen to any schemes. Do not press any numbers to “opt out.” Doing so may be taken as “consent” to use and sell your number to other scammers.

It goes without saying to never give any personal information, identification or financial details.

You may want to tell your phone carrier why you will be leaving them the next time you go phone shopping for a company that allows you to block robocalls. If that’s even possible with the apathetic Telecom Industry.

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