Syria Installs Cat Feeding Stations to Rescue War Torn Animals

Syria Installs Cat Feeding Stations to Rescue War Torn Animals

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

While the United States, Britain, France, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC continue to fund terrorists in Syria, any attempt at relieving the conditions of the Syrian people on behalf of people of good will in the invading nations is consistently blocked by their governments and corporations as a result of Western sanctions.

The West now has the mantle of having caused over 400,000 needless deaths and the destruction of a wide portion of the entire country. Those in the West who oppose such insanity are even prevented from doing anything on their own to alleviate the suffering. But with the human toll so high, one aspect of the war that is never discussed is the toll it has taken on animals.

While many Syrians owned pets (it is quite common to see cats and turtles in Syrian homes), the West’s war against the Syrian government has created not only a human refugee crisis and human internal displacement, it has also caused a similar crisis for animals. As Western-backed terrorists took over more and more communities and installed their brutal Sharia law, the Syrian government was forced to liberate these areas by military means. Many Syrians were either killed by terrorists or caught in the crossfire and many others still had no other choice but to flee the conflict. Most of the people who fled had to leave their pets behind.

In April, 2018, I wrote an article entitled “PayPal Nixes Donations To Animal Rescue In Syria But Our Money Still Funds Terrorists,” where I discussed how US-instigated sanctions, already crushing the Syrian economy, have ramifications that reverberate all the way down to the individual and even small animals. STAR (Syrian Team For Animal Rescue) unfortunately had its ability to receive PayPal donations restricted by the organization due to Western sanctions, thus putting the animal rescue team in peril in terms of its ability to continue to rescue, feed, and house so many animals displaced and injured from the war.

As the Syrian government gradually liberates more and more areas across the country, particularly in areas surrounding Damascus, however, life is returning to normal as best it can, even for the animals who have also suffered under seven years of Western-backed warfare aimed at destroying the Syrian government and deposing the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

That same Assad government which has been the target of an intense Western demonization campaign has recently launched a program in Damascus that has placed small food and water stations installed for the street cats commonly seen around the city.

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Of course, the first step to ending the suffering of animals in Syria is the end to the Western-backed war against the Syrian government and the Syrian people. This includes the removal of Western and Turkish troops, the immediate halt to supplying weapons to terrorists, and the removal of sanctions.

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