These Affordable Plant Pods Can Grow A Half-Acre of Lettuce in One Room


These Affordable Plant Pods Can Grow A Half-Acre of Lettuce in One Room

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Another start-up has launched a product with the lofty goal of feeding the world. At the very least, you may not need to buy the main ingredient to salad for awhile!

We can’t say that Aggressively Organic’s “Plant Pods” can feed the world since the hydroponic-based system relies on soil-less pods. However, with all the world’s issues (pollution, disasters, radiation, etc…), we think hydroponic solutions should definitely be a viable option.

The makers of the micro-gardening system boast that it can grow more lettuce in a 10-foot room than on a half-acre of farmland. To top it off, indoor gardening is nearly hands-off because planters only need to water the pods every few weeks.

GNN reports:

Not only is this beneficial for busy people who forget to water their plants, but it is also better for the environment. Planting lettuce in the ground requires roughly 25 gallons of water to grow; the pods, on the other hand, only require about 16 ounces.

While hydroponics equipment can often cost thousands of dollars, the pods have been designed so that they cost “less than the price of a large pizza”.

The pods are built using cardboard liners, a coconut coir disc in which seeds are planted, reusable netted cups to hold the plant, and a nutrient solution that nourishes the greenery.

The precise price is not known yet, and they are still in the manufacturing process. But the company claims to be more affordable and they claim that their lettuce is more nutritious than commercial lettuce. This is because “lettuce looses 90% of it’s nutrition within 24 hours of being harvested,” they say. “Now you can harvest when hungry and know that you’re getting the most nutrition from your food. We call this plant-to-plate freshness.”

If you are interested in their next round of Beta testing, check them out. NOTE: Natural Blaze has no affiliation whatsoever with the company, none financially or otherwise.


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