Paramedics Realized This One Thing About 911 Calls, Drastically Reduced Them With Genius Program

By Heather Callaghan

When you want to find answers look for a pattern – always look for a pattern.

For instance, the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule is a theory that 80 percent of the output from a given situation or system is determined by 20 percent of the input. Example: 80% of results come from 20% of the employees. Or, 80% of sales come from the same 20% of customers.

This pattern is great for companies and startups – but also great for scanning a pattern associated with a percentage of calls that pose a problem. 

In this case, it wasn’t 80% or 20%, but a sizeable 7% of 911 calls in Milwaukee that came from the same 100 people each year.

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GNN reports:

This impressive program in Wisconsin is having a huge impact on chronically ill citizens and the first responders who used to have to answer their calls.

In 2015, the Milwaukee Fire Department was surprised to find out that 7% of the roughly 63,000 calls for emergency medical services that were received during the previous year — which is about 4,300 calls — came from the same 100 people.

That’s because the patients who had a consistent track record of dialing 911 were all people who suffered from chronic illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

What if there were a way to prevent the emergency in the first place?

Milwaukee Fire Department Assistance Chief Daniel Berendt told WITI in 2015:

They call 911, and we go back and go through the same process again — taking them to the ER. It’s very expensive, very time-consuming.

But chronically ill people need help, so the fire department devised a plan. Meet the Community Paramedic Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program: “an initiative that employs a separate group of specially-trained paramedics to take care of chronically ill patients before they ever have to dial 911.”

GNN writes:

34 paramedics assess the health and homes of the patients so that they can use preventative care and guidance to prevent the illnesses from resulting in a trip to the emergency room. Over 300 patients have participated in the program free of charge since its launch in 2015.

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Did the program for chronically ill people work?

  • The trial period resulted in a 26% decline in emergency calls from chronically ill patients in 2015
  • By 2016, the 911 calls from chronically ill people dropped by 56%
  • 2017 saw a whopping 62% drop in 911 calls from chronically ill patients

Capt. Michael Wright, the department coordinator who spearheaded the project, said:

We’re serving the most at-risk citizens in a proactive way – I see it first-hand. People are getting better.

We wish to applaud the paramedics for initiating a solution that doesn’t let the community fall through the cracks of the system. They solved the problem of call burden and didn’t leave anyone out.

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