Man in Jail Died of “Kratom Overdose” – Physically Impossible for Several Reasons


Man in Jail Died of "Kratom Overdose" - Physically Impossible for Several Reasons

By Markab AlgediNatural Blaze

At Florida’s Indian River County jail, an autopsy report released last week claimed that a man died from a kratom overdose.

People who use kratom understand that an overdose on the leaf material is about as impossible as overdosing on weed, but for the past several months and in particular since September 2017, several suspicious stories about kratom have circulated in the headlines.

The medical examiner for District 19 in Florida ruled that inmate Zacharriah Simmer’s cause of death was an “accidental kratom overdose.” Mind you, this was county jail not prison.

Just hours before his death, on April 4th he appeared before a judge and had court. The 42 year old man was arrested the day prior on April 3rd.

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This story is not only impossible on account of the fact that it’s physically impossible to overdose on kratom, but the amount required for such a hypothetical scenario would be so great, it would be completely impossible to smuggle it into prison.

The amount of kratom required to even experience symptoms like nausea, and never more severe symptoms, would be zip-lock bag sized, let’s put it like that.

A giant bag full of green powder, to even experience discomforting symptoms, even though a fatal or even mild overdose is impossible: that bag is what this guy would have had to get past jail guards and correctional officers for this to be even remotely plausible.

People don’t sneak giant green sacks of powder past jail guards and cops after court into a facility often. But you know what happens often? Police or jail guards kill people in prison and then blame drugs or give other excuses, that happens all the time.

This man was known to have an underlying heart condition, according to the autopsy. Zimmer was observed making “gurgling noises” by a cellmate who reported his condition to corrections staff, and they supposedly found him unresponsive. At the time he was already in the medical wing of the jail, so one might wonder how he got there. Then, they tried to perform CPR on him and you can imagine how the rest went down.

Since the DEA tried to crack down on kratom in September 2016, it’s been nothing but suspicious waves of bad news about it in the media. They’re boosting these bad articles about kratom on purpose, it’s obvious.

A crackdown on kratom is underway, because it is a damn good medicine that is cheap, plentiful, and very threatening to the pharmaceutical industry as an innocuous painkiller. That much should be obvious.

First it was the DEA trying to schedule kratom in the same category as heroin, schedule 1 in September 2016. Then after a series of events where the CDC, FDA, DEA and other agencies all criticized kratom and tried to rally support against it, a story about kratom contaminated with salmonella began to circulate.

Instantly, this kratom salmonella story was widely reported by the mainstream media. If anything is instantly picked up by the media and repeated across all the television news stations, be suspicious. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Last year and continuing until now, news reports and autopsies of people dying due to kratom have been circulating and each one is incredibly suspicious.

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