Causes of Addiction

Not every addict wins the battle. Sadly, the number of deaths associated with drug overdose are on a dramatic rise. The startling statistics serve as a grim reminder of the seriousness of drug and alcohol addiction. If you are addicted, it is time to seek treatment now before it is too late.

Causes of Addiction

The exact reasons anyone picks up their first drink or uses their first addictive substance vary. It is almost always reported to happen in a social setting. Someone suggests using a drug or taking a drink, and it happens. One part of addiction that is true in every instance is that it takes continued use in most instances to develop a full-blown addiction. With some drugs, this window is tiny.

Caught In the Grip of Addiction

Once your body and mind begin to crave the drug or alcohol, you become caught in the grip of the world of addiction that is often unlike any you will ever experience again. All of your waking thoughts revolve around obtaining and using the addictive substance. You begin to funnel most of your finances towards getting the drug. Life begins to spiral downward, entirely out of control. It becomes increasingly hard to hide the addiction from those closest to you. At some point, it becomes obvious there is a problem, and relationship strife begins. It is at this point many of the people you love begin to walk away.

Sudden Drug Overdoses Spike Across the Nation

The first nationwide count of Fentanyl overdose deaths was completed in 2017 for the year 2016. The results were startling. It showed a 540 percent increase. Drug overdoses, in general, claimed the lives of roughly 64,000 Americans in 2016. It is a rise of more than 22 percent from the deaths in 2015. It is a frightening trend that shows no sign of changing anytime soon.

The Fentanyl Connection

Fentanyl is a synthetically created opiate that is more potent than anything that has ever hit the streets. Fentanyl mixed with the heroin supply makes it incredibly dangerous for the addict to use. Most people that have overdosed are completely unaware of the addition of this drug. As they portion out and take the standard amount of heroin their body is used to, they unwittingly overdose due to the stronger Fentanyl component. Unfortunately, the addiction to heroin and withdrawal is severe, and addicts cannot simply stop cold turkey. The Fentanyl additive makes daily survival for addicts a questionable affair. It has ramped up the urgency in seeking treatment.

Finding a Way Out

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need to begin searching for a treatment center that offers the safe environment needed to start the path towards recovery. The first step is to admit there is a problem. The second is to understand it will require expert assistance to break free. It took time to develop an addiction. It will take time to get an addiction under control. The sooner the process begins, the sooner you will regain control of your life.

Better Planning, Better Detox

Drug detox is allowing the current level of drugs to drop off until there is no more remaining in your body. It is helpful if you can begin planning for the detox process. The horror stories shared in online forums and such are often blown out of proportion. There are a few drugs that offer serious symptoms during withdrawal, but utilizing the services of a professional detox clinic reduce the impact. There are drugs you can take during the detox that help combat the withdrawal symptoms. You are made as comfortable as possible.

Why You Should Detox In a Clinical Environment

You should never attempt to detox at home. Withdrawal from some drugs can cause serious, if not fatal, symptoms. You can end up with highly elevated blood pressure, seizures, heart palpitations, or cardiac arrest. Take your time and choose a detox center you find comfortable so providing safe detoxification at a pace your body can handle.

Finally Feeling Free

Your treatment plan will include counseling to help cope with life after the drugs have left your body. You will learn how to handle cravings, improve your health, and methods of maintaining your sobriety. You will finally begin to feel free from addiction.

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