Canadian Chiropractor Under Investigation For Highlighting Vaccine Dangers

Canadian Chiropractor Under Investigation For Highlighting Vaccine Dangers

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

Canada has never been one for Free Speech but the last few years have become incredibly more oppressive in terms of what is allowed to be said and who is allowed to say it. We could write a lot of things about the hypocrisy of claiming to be “free” and “tolerant” while censoring and punishing certain speech and rewarding others, but at least Canada is as consistent as a country can be when it tries to crush free thought and expression.

The latest victim of Canada’s “Democracy” and “tolerance” is Halifax chiropractor Dr. Dena Churchill who is now being “investigated” (translate persecuted) by “regulatory authorities” for speaking out about the dangers of vaccines.

Dr. Churchill operates Oxfor Chiropractic Inc. and is an author, public speaker and blogger at the website DrSexyMom.

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On her website and her personal Facebook page Dr. Churchill has repeatedly posted material discussing the negative side effects of vaccines such as autism, a link which has been repeatedly demonstrated.

As a result, John Sutherland, the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors has confirmed that a formal complaint has been filed by the college’s Registrar against Dr. Churchill.

As CBC reports,

After being advised of the complaint, Churchill has 10 business days to respond before a committee reviews the case to determine next steps, which range from the ability to levy a fine to suspending a licence. The matter could also be referred to a hearing committee, said Sutherland, where there are the same statutory rules as a Nova Scotia court.

Vaccination is not within the scope of chiropractic practice. The college even goes as far as posting a notice on its website saying it “recognizes that vaccination and immunization are established public health practices in the prevention of infectious diseases.”

It goes on to note “the appropriate sources for patient consultation and education regarding vaccination and immunization are public health authorities and health professionals with the scope of practice that includes vaccination.”

The purpose of the statement, Sutherland said, is to give “guidance to the members.”

“We take that guidance seriously, and if need be, we’re prepared to use our discipline process to seek compliance with the college policy,” he said.

Of course, if vaccination is “not within the scope of the chiropractic practice,” perhaps the college should keep its mouth shut when it promotes vaccines since, by its own admission, vaccination is “not within the scope of the chiropractic practice.”

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Nevertheless, it seems Big Pharma has its man/woman in place at the College of Chiropractors. Either that or the Registrar is just a typical vaccine nazi who becomes apoplectic at the thought of anyone questioning “god needles” and medical “authority.” Perhaps the Registar is unfamiliar with the concept that some people disagree with one another and should have the right to do so. Perhaps the Registar is unaware that some people may disagree with “experts” or that they may actually have evidence to back themselves up. Or perhaps we are being too hard on the Registar. It may simply be that the poor Registar is terrified of Big Pharma and does not have the guts to stand behind the free speech of its trained professionals.

Either way, Dr. Churchill has not been accused of wrongdoing, just “wrongthink.” If she isn’t careful, Canadian authorities will have to arrange her a personal meeting with O’Brien.

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