New Research Shows Cell Phone Radiation Linked to DNA Damage Brain and Heart Tumors

 radiation DNABy Paul A. Philips

A recent U.S government-funded study conducted by the NTP (National Toxicology Programme) a division of the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) provides even more ammunition for the case that cell phone EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is linked to cancer by causing brain tumours. However, contrary to popular belief, the new findings indicated that the harm was not brain cancer, per se, nor was this the primary cause. The study, one of the most extensive yet, found that above all, cell phone EMF radiation was linked to DNA damage and heart tumours.

As subjects, the study involved some 3000 rats and mice. Male rats were the most prone to developing heart tumours. DNA damage leading to cellular and heart tissue damage was found in both male and female rats, but not mice. However, both species suffered from tumours in the liver, pancreas and prostate during frequent and excessive long-term exposure to 2G, 3G radiation emitted from cell phones’ antennae (What About 4G and 5G??).

On finding the DNA damage in rats, the research challenges the preconceived idea that non-ionizing radiation from cell phones does not cause harm.

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Interpreting these findings: How does this relate to humans?

In spite of the findings, John Bucher, Ph.D., the study’s lead researcher, said that they were unable to place much confidence in their research, because:

*The animals had the high exposure rates of 9 hours cell phone radiation per day for 2 years (rat’s average life expectancy). He basically said that it would therefore be difficult to extrapolate these high exposure rates and relate them to how the cell phone radiation would affect humans.

As a response, I consider this statement to be a serious oversight. These animal exposure rates are not that different to many humans, particularly when comparing the younger generation: Used by over 90% of the adult U.S.A population, many people are in constant proximity with their cell phone. Between the cell phone being in their pockets during the day, and then sleeping with it at night, some are in contact 24/7. Remember, whether it’s used or not, the cell phone, if kept on, constantly emits radiation.

*John Bucher further went on to say, again, in so many words, that the brain-damaged tissue through the cell phone radiation exposure did not principally follow the pattern of a malignant tumour in the animals… For example, the male rat heart tumours had similarities to a benign tumour (acoustic neuroma) found in humans through cell phone use associated with an ear-to-brain nerve, a point made in The New York Times.

Again, as a response, I find no comfort in this. Cancer or no cancer, there’s was brain damage! No comments were made over the fact that the research showed evidence for systemic mitochondrial and cellular damage which could lead to many health problems including life-threatening illnesses.

For instance, other research has shown that cell phone radiation causes a leak in the blood-brain barrier. Toxins find their way through the weakened barrier and then into the brain. The toxins can go on to permeate other cells throughout the body.

* In reflection of the research, the researchers could only conclude that the cell phone radiation was a “weak” carcinogen, providing their results could be confirmed.

There have been many studies to implicate cell phone radiation as a carcinogen. For example, earlier preliminary animal research from the NTP led them to conclude that there was a clear causative link between the cell phone radiation and cancer.

Also, previously from research, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared cell phones to be a “possible Group 2B carcinogen…”
For more supporting evidence from further research go, here.

It’s not so much about brain tumours…

As mentioned earlier, the NTP research showed that the harm was not brain cancer tumours, per se, nor was this the primary cause. Bear that in mind when considering the number of heart disease deaths (787,000 in the U.S.A) is a much higher ratio than brain tumours (80,000 diagnosed in the U.S.A). Instead of being confined to brain tumours shouldn’t the research on cell phone radiation harm be extended to heart tumours and other related problems?

While independent researchers have acknowledged this and produced evidence from the broader perspective, government and corporate sponsored mainstream science has generally confined their research to the much lower ratio of brain tumour incidence. This, in effect, has allowed mainstream science to make the misleading claim that cell phones are relatively safe because they only produce a low incidence of brain cancer.

Cell phones are safe – pure propaganda

To say that the EMF radiation from wireless technologies such as cell phones pose no threat is nothing more than propaganda designed to protect the manufacturers’ profit machines, while the government rakes in the respective revenues.

The mainstream media will not publish independent non-governmental research revealing unequivocally the potential dangers of wireless EMF radiation. That’s because they don’t want to tread on the toes of their major sponsors such as the cell phone industry…  Thus, many people believe that cell phones are safe because if they weren’t they would have heard about it in their mainstream media.

Will the same research manipulation and cover-up scenario be played out effectively if/when 5G technology rolls out?

Ways to protect yourself and your family

There have been a number of excellent articles that provide advice on what you can do to protect yourself and your family from not just cell phones, but other wireless applications and their excessive potentially dangerous EMFs. Here’s just a small handful of those many excellent articles out there:


Here’s a related video from Jerry Day on smart meters.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site

Image credit: The Anti-Media

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