Natural Blaze is Being Censored! We Need Your Help

natural blaze censored

Independent media has taken a big hit recently and Natural Blaze is no exception. Virtually the entire independent media sphere is being censored and frozen out in a way never before seen in this country. More specifically, social media sites like Facebook have been censoring our posts and preventing our followers from being able to see them. Google has played just as big a role in censoring our information by “delisting” our website and essentially hiding our articles from anyone who isn’t already aware of the site. Facebook and Google have launched a massive campaign to eliminate alternative and independent media in order to protect the interests of the 1% and hide any dissent behind its great wall of censorship.

Unfortunately, these are the places where most people get their news and, for that reason, the censorship of these two platforms alone have had a drastic effect on our readership and the readership of other independent outlets.

This censorship began in earnest during the course of the 2016 elections when the term “fake news” was applied to alternative and independent outlets despite the fact that these same outlets had been and generally are more honest than anything in the corporate mainstream media. Next was the ridiculous Russia hysteria that has seen any form of dissent being attributed to the Russians. Now, in only two short years, Natural Blaze itself has been labeled “fake news” and “Russian propaganda.” At the time this first happened, we weren’t sure how reporting on the benefits of vitamin C was “fake” or “Russian.” Now, however, mainstream media and even the U.S. Congress is labeling people who oppose fracking, forced vaccination, and GMOs as either victims or perpetrators of Russian propaganda. Mass witch hunts and censorship never lead to good things and that is why it is more important than ever to support independent media like Natural Blaze.

Make no mistake, Natural Blaze has been targeted and censored.

Facebook is controlling what you see in your news feed and it’s not letting Natural Blaze through. Facebook is actively removing independent media and dissenting voices and we suspect Natural Blaze is on the short list. We have already had accounts associated with our page deleted and blocked from sharing our information. In fact, we believe our days on Facebook are numbered.

Google is also hitting us hard. For instance, our website is blocked on Google News. In addition, Google’s change of algorithms have made it much more difficult for people to see our articles on the internet. Many Natural Blaze articles can’t even be found on a Google search due to Google’s changes. As a result, we have seen our traffic and our ad revenue, which we depend on to survive, drastically reduced.

Here Is One Way You Can Support Us

Natural Blaze is looking for supporters who are able to contribute to us on a recurring monthly basis. We are shooting for 100 supporters to contribute just $5 a month. This will help keep us afloat as we do our best to innovate around this new form of censorship. If you’re feeling generous and want to contribute more, that’s even better!

Lastly, we know that times are hard for everyone and that’s why we waited as long as possible to ask for any financial assistance. So, if you’d like to donate and if $5 is too much for you to commit to, we want you to know that any amount is appreciated, even if it’s just $1!

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