Biotech CEO Injects Own Experimental Herpes Shot, Spirals Into Erratic Behavior

Biotech CEO Injects Own Experimental Herpes Shot, Spirals Into Erratic Behavior

By Markab Algedi

A certain kind of new field of biotechnology is coming up now, and it is receiving some significantly negative publicity. It is a CRISPR-type, “biohacker” scene that seems to originate from Silicon Valley.

At the Austin, Texas “BodyHacking Convention” earlier this month, the CEO of biotech company Ascendance Biomedical took the stage. Aaron Traywick paced around nervously. He was about to inject himself with an experimental herpes vaccine, and it was last-minute. One of his peers was originally going to take it, but Aaron actually has herpes so it was decided that he would fulfill the task for his company.

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On stage, he went on to inject his left thigh with the experimental herpes shot. It didn’t seem to work, because success hasn’t been mentioned and only negative press has followed the moment.


He “quickly spiraled into erratic behavior” after administrating the herpes treating product to himself, and within a week his biotech company was nearly destroyed, if not completely.

After the injection, the rest of the event went fine. Confidence was probably high, but for the next week, he became erratic, according to his peers. That is about the timeframe that vaccine injuries usually take hold following a shot, except for the HPV vaccine Gardasil which seems to have a several month long period of unfolding with its harmful effects.

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A week after the injection, he became the center of a situation where he barricaded himself inside a lab space in Florida for several hours. He reportedly changed the locks on the lab space maintained by his peers, behaving oddly.

The lab people had gotten fed up with Traywick’s “false claims and theatrics.”Either the guy is doing fraudulent work, or he devolved into an erratic, different state because of the content of his experimental herpes shot.

The description of his product implied it had been created using CRISPR-type technology. However, maybe it contained aluminum as an “adjuvant” or mercury as a “preservative,” as most vaccines do.

Perhaps a blood-brain barrier opening chemical was added such as polysorbate 80 or sorbitol, as most vaccines have. Other vaccines are notorious for causing psychosis, such as the Yellow Fever shot, required by several Western countries upon arriving back after visiting areas such as Africa or South America. It’s pretty evil how they push that vaccine.

According to Gizmodo:

Traywick’s stage stunt in early February in Texas, in which Traywick claimed the company may have created a vaccine and cure for herpes, attracted much ire from the biohacking community. Some people said such stunts and unsupported claims gave the DIY science community a bad name. Ascendance says it is working to cure cancer, herpes, HIV, and aging. It relies on volunteers to test novel therapies on themselves, a loophole that puts its activities outside of the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.

This guy doesn’t seem as greedy or evil as the people who really run biotech: the Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta-ChemChina, DOW-Du Pont type people are the real evil. I think this young CEO is just on the wrong side.

Activists who understand the damage being done by vaccines, pesticides, and certain things have a tendency to take an adversarial attitude with everyone involved in this. It’s very understandable, and the people who are complicit with poisoning people should always be held accountable: but for those young people with ambition who are trying to follow the footsteps of the oligarchs, we should offer love and ask that they join the side of naturopaths.

(Image credit: Ruptly/YouTube)

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